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  1. They were smart enough to cash in on FreeBritney by using David LaChapelle’s photoshoot from 2016. And let’s be honest, it stirred up the fanbase. Let’s not put this pst then
  2. Saw this and was shocked. If I had to guess could this be the reworked version of Rebellion Scott Storch(?)/Jeff Dandurand did? It sounds extremely reminiscent to Blackout’s final production. It could very well be fanmade, if it is it’s incredible…but I have no idea @CJMCH @JackSProductions do y’all know what this is??? Related:
  3. This is so awesome! Is there a reason you chose not to include the guitar? I love it!!!
  4. This song leaked around my 18th birthday. I considered it a bday present lol i can’t believe it’s been that long!!! I love this song so much. It deserved so much more. Honestly the whole album is pretty solid. It was lowkey ahead of its time. Moroder said he wanted to “bring back disco” with this album (despite the album being more EDM-inspired). This aesthetic of course became really popular in 2020/2021 I feel like. This man was forward thinking!
  5. All these years later this is still such a mystery because we now know more details of the shoot and (some of) the photos have been released however they are mutilated/butchered don’t get me wrong I think they’re all gorgeous but we know the album cover image wasn’t shot on plain desert she was chained to a house and we don’t know any details regarding the SITS picture.
  6. I couldn’t give you a source but I was certain someone posted her new contract here in 2014/15 It stated how many albums were due and how Britney was going to be the person who has final day in what she wants to do. Then again, I suppose this is hearsay but I remember seeing the thread!
  7. It’s not uncommon for this to happen with artists. It happened the same year with Ariana Grande and Focus/Dangerous Woman. It happened sometime again with Camila Cabello with Crying In the Club/Havana
  8. I specifically remember Pretty Girls’ promo being all over the place. The single had a lot of buzz around it. Her website relaunched with a new look (when they used that link and white logo for her name) and there was the promo with Uber. The song went from being Iggy’s single, to Britney’s, to the lead single from Britney’s album, and then “just a buzz single”. After the song was released and the song was confirmed to neither be Britney or Iggy’s sole song but rather a duet, Larry did an interview where he said albums were no longer the main focus of the industry and the plan with Britney was to just drop a bunch of singles. Some time later Make Me dropped which started the Glory era. If I had to make a guess, Team B was ready to release “Glory” by 2015. I don’t know about the album sounding entirely different, but I feel like her team was ready to move ahead with the project. Who knows, the album probably would have had Pretty Girls as lead single and feature some songs like Liar, Exaholic, Clumsy, Man on the Moon, Swimming in the Stars (OG ballad version?). It’s hard to say. Say what you will about Pretty Girls, but I think Britney had a lot of fun with it. She looked into it and critics (and fans! Don’t think I forgot!) initially raved about how Britney sounded so alive and happy compared to Britney Jean. A new era was definitely upon us. Britney had increased public appearances, magazine shoots, she was everywhere. Then it all came to a halt when Pretty Girls tanked. The record probably didn’t take its final form until Make Me came about. That’s how we got to Britney’s initial vision with the video, the production delays, the “will this be her lead single?” And yadayadayada
  9. Lol Pretty World wasn’t a real album. The first album on the new contact was Glory. If I’m not mistaken the Oops B Side Remixes album counted as an album so if that’s the case I’m assuming Glory 2.0 did as well. There were rumors that UO wanted to do an exclusive release of B In The Mix vol 3 that would assuredly feature “new” content such as unreleased songs but there’s been no news about that
  10. I agree. I much preferred the version that was released when they first changed the album cover. It didn’t appear as edited (at first) and seemed much more natural. Her body wasn’t as wonky (look at the way her foot unnaturally curves for the vinyl cover) and I just much preferred the backdrop. The vinyl dover is also zoomed out further than the original nonsunset cover so there’s a lot of dead space in the photo, which is a clear indicator that there’s supposed to be much more in the photo. I hope the full shoot leaks one day. Honestly I was amazed when the OG video leaked (her team’s cut, anyway) and when the photos were released apart of Glory’s 2020 release. Super unexpected but I loved it
  11. This. He’s the one who’s reputation was most harmed during the Tati/James/Jeffree drama, which is crazy because the reasons he got cancelled are mostly unrelated to whatever happened. Doing bl*ckface, extremely disturbing behavior towards children, animal abuse accusations….I don’t think people are going to be too receptive of him. Him reporting on the movement will only hurt it in the long run
  12. What do you mean by next to no one? @JackSProductions @CJMCH can you confirm 🥺
  13. Ahhh I absolutely loved it! You totally nailed the vocal-style editing that Britney received back in the day during her choruses. I totally see what you mean by the song sounding like One Kiss From You! Also kinda reminded me of Crazy in some spots too. Great job!! Please do more! This might be a weird thing to request, but it might be fun! Next you should take a song with a distinct Y2K sound and try to bring it into the current day? I think Oops/Stronger would be really cool to hear like that
  14. I don’t know the details of this, but I’ve heard of it. It was in 2010 wasn’t it? Retrospect makes me wonder if there is some truth behind these claims? Maybe brit was trying to make the constant bodyguards uncomfortable to be around her with the newly implemented conservstorship? Lol we all know about the supposed 2010 breakdown with that said, the mysterious 2010 breakdown. The supposed original femme fatale album. Also Bli$$ feat. Iggy Azalea, Freak Like Me feat. Lady Gaga, and Alien feat. Lady Gaga does anyone also remember that rumor that Body Ache was supposed to be single #3 and they were going to film a music video? The rumor gained traction because of a supposed posting by the director (?) looking for choreographers who could make choreography for the dancers but also a “simplified” version of the dancers’ choreo for Britney akdjakfjaldkalflas
  15. It was during the filming for the I Wanna Go backdrops when she asked Larry if Alien could be single #3. But when they were picking out the set list Britney couldn’t remember the name of Passenger but she wanted to add it. She goes “oh shoot...brain fart....” and Larry how’s “Passenger?” And she says “yes!” And he laughs and says “idk why but when you said fart I knew which song you were talking about”
  16. This is such a weird song. It has all of the pieces of a song I would like but when I hear the finished product.....yikes. I feel the same way about Katy’s demo. It just sounds so clunky and strange. I love the intro, I absolutely adore the lyrics, and I think the melodies are interesting and cool but they just don’t sound good in the final product. supposedly Britney wanted to do this song for Domination but as a re-recorded version. She apparently loved the song and even wanted it in POM (I’m pretty sure she requested it in IABJ and stated multiple times she liked it). Idk. Maybe if I heard it re-recorded it would work better. But it just sounds so clunky and weird. I can’t even vibe with Katy’s version or Sia’s. The vocals in Britney’s sound so rough. I like the part acoustic version where it’s Britney’s interpretation of the high note (it’s more of this pretty falsetto note that she does), but the rest of the song still sounds so weird.
  17. It looks like the shot came from a screen grab (lol) of the MV that they later heavily photoshopped. Britney supposedly was covered in dirt but they really cleaned it up along with changing up the background I was so excited this day. I still think this is her record label’s way of showing support of the movement by releasing the chain pictures (albeit heavily altered). I still prefer the original cover than the one we got in the end. The sunset sky is pretty but the picture looks very edited now. You can see the difference in her foot (her foot now is EXTREMELY and unnaturally curved) and there is that god awful double shadow beneath her arm lol
  18. WE FINALLY HAVE CLEAR AUDIO OF THE REMIX He shared this video before but it was in ATROCIOUS quality. I can’t believe we finally have like 75% of the official studio version!
  19. What I wanna know is how we got from that demo to Britney’s Tik Tik Boom I love TTB. I know it isn’t everyone’s favorite but I do love it. I wish it was a single/ there was a performance. This demo sounds extremely 2009? It’s fascinating how it went from this to the almost trap-like instrumental we got
  20. It’s comments like this that Team Con wants. “BRITNEY LOOKS CRAZY!!!111111” she literally doesn’t. You mean to tell me you’re glammed up 24/7 and doing professional choreography? You don’t just get up sometimes and start dancing when no ones around? Give me a break. comments like this is the same **** that Britney endured in 2007. Paparazzi and the GP attacking her because she “looks crazy”. Log off, boo
  21. Holy crap I expected to hate these (Michelle Bell’s demos aren’t my favorite 😂) but I love them! They have a similar vibe to Charmbracelet Mariah. It would be cool if Britney did an album like that with these songs + Sippin’ On. At the end of the day still glad we got Blackout instead of R&Bney
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