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  1. Why are so many people here talking about how much they hate her “baby voice”? That’s literally all of Britney’s music. I don’t know why you all pretend britney secretly has a voice like Mariah Carey. She doesn’t. Her lower register isn’t as strong. When she goes into her higher notes she is going into what you all call her “baby voice” anyway. You can hear it in the Whitney demo and you can still hear it in her Instagram videos (albeit when the pitch is properly adjusted) It’s a singing style. It’s the same singing style that made all of you britards stans in the first place The bottom line of this post is that Britney needs a new record label. I don’t even know if she needs a new team anymore because everything went downhill as soon as she was brought in RCA. Her team was fine up into this point. She needs a record label that actually cares, she needs management that pushes her more (look at mariah, as soon as her manager was fired after New Years 2016 homegirl is SERVING), and Britney needs a bit more encouragement. And honestly? If she got the two previous things, she would probably feed off of people caring and pushing her to her fullest potential
  2. I seriously miss them. No, she wasn’t allowed much room for creativity but when she was, we got smashes like Toxic. Rebellion and honestly the rest of the Original Doll/Blackout demos are severely overrated in this fan base. Yeah, Rebellion is a really rough demo and I can only image how it would sound finished, but that song just wasn’t it. And just an opinion of mine but I never cared for the bonus songs on britney (IE I run away) they handled her smartly. Given the circumstances of 07, they really did their best. RCA was the true death of her career. I’m so glad Glory was such an amazing album music wise, but it was handled so poorly
  3. I’ve genuinely never understood the hype around this song. It’s so incredibly dated and I’ve never liked her vocals in it. I remember when the album came out and everyone said they would’ve rather had Mood Ring instead of Private Show on the main album... i prefer private show instead
  4. Boys is clearly a favorite of hers and I’m clearly a miniority in thinking that the Boys remix in POM was super freaking cool. The performance was disappointingly lackluster, but i LOVE that remix if we’re getting a greatest hits show, all the songs are perfect (except BOM and TOMH, those are fan favorites NOT greatest hits. Love the performances but not what the GP wants). Really the only song I want gone is Do Somethin’. It’s clear that, like Boys, it’s one of her faves but I want her to perform another song from the My Prerogative era.
  5. He was the musical director for TCSBS and FFT. Over the years he’s given us the official remix of Gimme More FFT, MATM TCSBS (my personal fave), BFB Promo Tour version, etc etc but he always has some odd reason as to why he can’t give us more or comes up with some bullshit on how we can get some from him. He’s a weird guy. Like I said earlier in the post, he claimed in 2015 to have a remix of Work ***** and Circus that were gonna be used for the POM 2016 revamp. He posted them but they were never in the show. You can find them online but they’re not very good. He isn’t even the musical director for POM, Delcore was. Although lowkey hope Ellis returns for Domination. If we’re getting the same tired songs from POM, at least his mixes are always a fresh take on her older songs.
  6. I remember this. I found the whole thing odd because he wasn’t the musical director for piece of me at any point. I thought maybe they were gonna drop Delcore and have Simon Ellis remix everything but that wasn’t that case. Perhaps the remixes were made for POM but they opted for Delcore’s mixes instead? Ellis’ were pretty weird and not very good
  7. It was a welcomed change for me. I liked the original opening, as it reminded me a lot of the break the ice interlude during TCSBS. I like the imagery of Britney as a little girl but at the same time I hate that the majority of the clips were FFT. I still don’t understand the meaning behind it, translation or not, I think it’s random, but definitely cool. I like the “It is time” part lol
  8. I hate y’all. I remember posting this EXACT same thing when’s a pretty girls came out and y’all LAUGHED AT ME i found the intro to pretty girls similar to MATM and it got me thinking the same points you mentioned. Glory wasn’t out yet obvi but it did end up turning into her most experimental album since itz also, Larry did say Domination is going to be edgier and more urban or whatever. If there is an album in the works (which we have no knowing of) could the album possibly take this direction also? Finally culminating in BO 2.0?
  9. A bit off topic, but I think the true question is why did they handle her comeback the way that they did? Yeah, Womanizer is about a cheater (K-Fed) and Circus is definitely a metaphor for her life during that time, but if there was an era that would’ve been appropriate to step away from the pop scene and go more personal (no one is talking to you Britney Jean), this was definitely the one. They put her in the studio to keep busy. It’s the same way ITZ was born. Circus reminds me of ITZ in the sense that it’s a lot of random songs strung together, yet Britney’s heart wasn’t fully there. Larry was a marketing genius for Britney’s early years. It’s easy to sell a teen idol. It’s also hella easy to sell a comeback story, and he definitely did that really good. However, he’s not very good at selling Britney: The Person. I’m not exactly sure what I would have wanted to hear, but imagine an album of more personal songs like Everytime. Imagine more “screw the media” anthems like Kill the Lights and Piece of Me. Take the line from Unusal You “boxer in the ring trying to defend myself” but rather than applying that to failed relationships, apply it to an emotional Britney singing about her past rough year. I’m not asking for a song about her losing her children or shaving her head, I just wish we got more personal with her. I think if she went that route, the GP would have been more sympathetic. Save the questions about why she shaved her head for the interviews, just make the music more meaningful. then again, I know Britney isn’t very open. Her privacy means everything to her and that’s extremely respectful. I know she truly no longer cares about what the media or people have to say, but the events from 2005-2008 are still very apparent. I just wonder what would have happened if they handled her comeback differently.
  10. Her energy has improved incredibly in the last few years. It’s really cool. However, I feel like she’s lost her fluidness in the process. She’s not stiff, it’s jusr not like she’s completing her moves. She’s really focused on being high energy and not so much being on point with her moves now. She’s hitting the moves on time in this video, there’s just a lack of passion. i hope she finds a happy medium with the next show!
  11. You guys would have dragged her regardless. “I’m back! I’m so excited for my next show. It’s a huge labor of love and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.” Even if she said something along those lines yall still would be pissed, stop trying to pretend you wouldn’t be. I swear, the negativity here is so annoying. im giving them the benefit of the doubt that there was technical difficulties. The broadcast was delayed, the reporter was a bit confused, Mario Lopez was there but his role seemed cut short, and it looked like the men she was with were rushing her out. Something seemed off. whatever. It’s done and it’s over. Excited for the show.
  12. A bit confused here. What exactly is happening? Don’t really understand the article
  13. The point isn’t about the quality of the performance. The point is the song selection. The problem with this fan base is that you guys need to get the fact that Britney doesn’t want to be Beyoncé. She doesn’t want to be Taylor Swift. She doesn’t even wanna be like Xtina. It’s been fairly obvious since the start of POM that she is finally at peace with where her career is. Britney is very much happy with just staying in Vegas and performing her old hits. It keeps her closer to her kids and that’s very much obvious that is all she wants at this point. I wholeheartedly believe Glory could have been Britney’s 2nd Femme Fatale. Critics loved it. It was fresh and sounded like music that was out. Change Your Mind could have been released and fed into the Latin-pop sound that soon dominated pop music. But it didn’t. She didn’t invest into tons of performances or over the top impressive visuals that a lot of artists do. Britney’s name still exists in pop culture. She’s just not going out or her way to prove she’s still the world’s number one pop star. She’s been ready to pass the torch of being number 1 and just wants to do her own thing. I, for one, am very happy that she is finally able to do her own thing. Vegas isn’t really for the fans. It’s for the GP who like her hits. That’s what she’s performing. She sat down for Lucky. The drunken audience that is Vegas was excited. It’s a song they remember. There was a DEFINITE change in the audience the second time I saw her. The first time I saw her was in 2014 and the audience was genuinely pumped the whole show. They sat throughout interludes and ballads but remained loud. The second time was hit or miss. Breathe On Me, Slumber Party, Touch of My Hand, all the sound was coming from the pit. The audience sat throughout those songs. Anyways, the point is. The GP likes the hits. The fans, rn, aren’t the top priority
  14. Honestly, I’m excited. You guys are so critical. POM was a fantastic greatest hits show. In my opinion, I think POM 1.0 was a better setlist for the GP. Of course I love POM 2.0, but the excitement that filled the room during Lucky was unreal. Yeah, the performance was her sitting there and lipping, but the crowd’s energy was pretty wild. POM was a good start. The stage was a bit empty, and I wish they went with a bigger production. I have a feeling this show will be much bigger which I look forward to immensely. The only thing I hope for is that there’s new music soon. Let’s be honest, we’re all kinda sick of Work *****. do I think the show’s announcement/arrival was too soon? Yeah. The GP honestly didn’t even know she left. She at the very least should’ve debuted a new single to hype everyone up, but I imagine that will come closer to the show’s release date. Heck, I’m hoping we get a new album but Christmas for her birthday and the show can be 2 months after that!
  15. Y’all really don’t remember anything. You don’t remember the pre recorded vocals, you don’t remember how slayed af you were the first time you heard Pretty Girls but then immediately called it a flop when critics said it was bad and it sold poorly, you don’t remember how excited you were about the original MM video...I can go on Yes it did. It had quite a few. I made a thread about it a few months ago that everyone seemed to ignore. She changed the ones for BTI, Womanizer, WB pretty often. Most of them disappeared when the show was revamped in 2016, a decision I never understood. Work ***** (these were changed often, if you dig far enough, you’ll find posts that date back to when they were changed. It was pretty often) Womanizer (same here) 3 (I may be wrong about this one, but I think t had a few Adlibs) Me Against the Music (still uses this one. It had adlibs) Gimme More (entire song was pre recorded. Can’t tell very well in the **** videos from 2013, but I was there in person and it was pretty noticeable) Break the Ice (these were changed pretty often. It wasn’t really pre recorded till the end of 2014 if I can recall correctly, though) Piece of Me (this song was the unautotuned version, it sounded pretty good tho) Freakshow (still used) Lucky (some fans swear she sang live, I never heard it. They just used Britney’s vocal stem, no backings or anything, so it sounded unique hearing it in person. Again, videos don’t really do it justice. The fan mixes don’t match up at all) Stronger (same situation as Lucky. You can hear it pretty well in the soundboard mix) Crazy (I mean she said STOP live lol) TTWE (i might be wrong about this one, but the beginning but may have been pre recorded. Don’t quote me) i guess you can say Lucky, Stronger, and Crazy don’t count because it was the original vocals, just with Britney’s vocals and no backing stems. This show wasn’t entirely pre recorded like FFT, but some were definitely there.
  16. Does anyone else remember in 2014(?) when Britney signed a new contract or whatever it was revealed that one of the details of the contract was she would have final say in what she was releasing? I know we drag Pretty Girls but she seemed pretty happy with it, which would make sense if it was something she wanted to do at the same time, the Glory era seemed to be cut too short. Like something happened. Make Me was delayed due to production difficulties, the video was canned, and we only got two singles. It makes me wonder if that was all on her team’s part or Britney’s if she truly is getting final say.
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