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  1. Until the day Britney comes onto her Instagram and says the words “my dad” and “conservatorship” I won’t believe she’s running this account.
  2. I think everyone is afraid of being sued to the extreme. NDAs typically take like 10 years to fall off if I’m not mistaken. I wouldn’t be surprised if ones for Britney were fifteen. She’s had a lot silent supporters, but it’s time for vocal loud supporters
  3. That’s incredibly fascinating. So in a way, if Park MGM did wanna sue, Britney would be the one who takes the fall damage? Jesus. Christ.
  4. I feel like she fears she’s going to get into legal trouble regarding the show which I don’t think would be the case at all. I think they’ve convinced her that she is the one who will take major fall and can be sued if she were to speak out against anything
  5. Yeah it just doesn’t match their previous motives. Stuff must have been really escalating behind the scenes as this is around the same time Andrew Wallet left. Unless she was truly getting really fed up and finally put her foot down and started to refuse to abide by their rules
  6. Bear with me, please. After listening to Britney’s groundbreaking testimony yesterday, I slowly but surely started to realize the timeline given by Team B doesn’t add up with what Britney told us. October 18: Domination is announced. Britney tells us she us she was exhausted and did not want to do this show. November 5: Britney shares Scream & Shout rehearsal videos (The other rehearsal videos are gone form Instagram but I’m assuming they’re in between here) December 19: Britney announces she just finished putting up her Christmas tree and she can’t wait for the show. January 4: Domination cancelled Here’s where things got fishy for me: during her testimony Britney said her team told her it was okay to cancel the show. Britney agreed but feared of repercussions. A couple days later Doctor Benson says to her that he was told Britney wasn’t “cooperating” during rehearsals and put her on lithium. She said she wasn’t allowed to leave her house for a month and was alone in her home during the two week Christmas holiday. From what we can assume from her story since she doesn’t provide specific months/dates is that she must have officially tapped out of the show around later November, a little over a month after announcing. We can assume Britney was put onto lithium around this time/the start of December. We can also assume from her perspective and by what she was saying at her testimony that she was under the impression that the show was indeed off. so if that is the case, why was the show not officially cancelled until January? Also, why was the show being continuously promoted through released ads (albeit one teaser trailer) as well as Instagram posts? The December 19th video strikes me as particularly strange because Britney said she was on lithium and felt so extremely drunk over the two week holiday period. Not just that, but it kind of doesn’t make much sense to me for Britney to have only put up her Christmas tree 5 days before Christmas. This is typically done in households around late November/really early December. I’m not saying it is impossible, but given the timeline of what she was telling us it doesn’t make much sense. Britney doesn’t appear to be “almost drunk” in that video. for my next point, it is purely speculative and I have no actual backing. We only have so many videos of Britney rehearsing. In most of the short videos, she’s wearing the same outfit: white crop with black sweats. We have one video of her performing Coupure Électrique in a different outfit but with a mask on. Many people assumed she was wearing a mask as a stand in for a costume piece that would conceal her mouth because she “doesn’t know the words”. While this *very well* may have been the case, i don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility to assume this was one of the last rehearsals she was attending. My personal theory is that Team B was assuming Britney was feeling sick because she wasn’t “cooperating” and decides to take preventive measures against possible airborne illness by having her wear a mask during rehearsal before they came to the conclusion that her “medication stopped working”. If we take this theory into consideration, it would possibly explain why there seems (at least on a surface level) to be a lack or Britney rehearsal videos. Something tells me she only had appeared for rehearsals for the month of October/November but was completely absent for December. This could possibly explain the abundance of stand in rehearsal videos. My question still stands, why were rehearsals continuing if Britney was told she didn’t have to do the show? One could argue all the dancers/production team was alerted the show was off around the same time Britney cancelled, but if that’s the case why was NappyTabs promoting the show moments before they announced it was cancelled? Some people subscribe to the theory that Domination was an insurance scam. I always thought it was ludicrous and outlandish to assume that this was the whole show’s purpose, but looking at it now it is possible that was an element to the story. I know with the Piece of Me contract it said something along the lines that the only way they could get out of cancelling the show without having to pay a ton of money was if the conservator (Jamie) fell ill (if I’m not mistaken, that is). My theory is Team B felt Britney was “not cooperating” during rehearsals and initially thought she was feeling ill so they made her push through rehearsal but to just wear a mask (I mean they DID make her perform with a 104 degree fever). Once they “figured out” that her “medication stopped working” they pulled her from rehearsals altogether thinking they could “fix her” with new medication and convince her/pressure her to come back to Vegas (likely under the threat of legal action) after they told her she could cancel. I think when they saw “her condition” was worsening that’s when they decided to send her to the rehab home and hastily put together the “Jamie is sick” story in order to avoid lawsuit from the Park MGM (assuming her contract was similar to Piece of Me). Again, that’s all my theory. My question here is why was Domination being pushed forward with if Britney said from her perspective the show was canceled before Christmas? Was it something along my theory? Could it have been to fulfill contractual obligations with the Park MGM, NappyTabs, and/or the dancers? My last point I wanna bring up is that when the show was cancelled it was labeled as “postponed”. I can’t provide a receipt, but I remember very early on that the Park MGM teeter they were hoping to get Britney back in by 2020. We also have the insider from the podcast who said Larry was the one who said the postponement/Jamie story will be good for ticket sales for when they would eventually return to Vegas. If the plan all along was to return to Vegas (before Britney announced she was refusing to work), why were fans’ tickets refunded almost immediately? You would think her money hungry/cash grab team would keep hold of those ticket sales for as long as they could. It just doesn’t make any sense. What do you think? Thanks for sticking with the post if you’ve made it this far
  7. @ domination dancers/producers should share her rehearsal video of this and overprotected in support of today
  8. Agree with you mostly til the end. Even though I love the songs, Just Luv Me/Better have aged the worst IMO. They sound distinctly 2016. I think Better would’ve smashed as a single in 2016, but I’m glad it didn’t because looking back at it just a mere five years later the song has aged poorly
  9. I don’t *hate* his vocals on this, surprisingly. I don’t like BSB’s vocals on the track tbh. Wish Britney’s solo version would leak. I like her parts on the song
  10. The article saying Britney wanted to retire makes sense with the retirement rumors that circled around in 2014. The timeline just makes so much sense. is anyone else also confused by the “clean drug tests” that she supposedly can’t pass? Not that it’s any of my business but why can’t she pass them? Isn’t she surrounded by people watching her CONSTANTLY? What drugs could she be possibly taking?
  11. Hey Team Con more like team SLAY am I right? it’s me, studlygeorge, your friendly messenger from the inside of Britney’s fanbase I heard all the gays and girlies would TOTALLY be distracted by the following: Rebellion (the hip hop demo especially) The Circus Tour Proshot Footage The 18 minute David LaChapelle cut of the Make Me video more Glory photoshoot outtakes the Domination remixes (I would like to see those especially or any other Domination-related material) Britney’s demo of Whiplash Take the Bait Who Can She Trust Red is the Color Telephone Welcome to the Jungle with Britney’s vocals any of Danja’s demos from B10 or Britney Jean Any final master Blackout demo any final master Femme Fatale demo any final master Glory demo remember, an Instagram video won’t work! you wanna distract all the gays and girlies you HAVE to go this route! thanks for coming to my Ted talk boo tell Cassie and miss you know whou I said hey
  12. Ngl I preordered this when it was announced I’m a bit disappointed though. NECA stuff is usually super high quality. The face doesn’t resemble her all too well, which I’m surprised about coming from them.
  13. It’s genuinely my favorite album by her. It’s my go to album for everything. My love for it intensified when the re-release happened, which I didn’t even think was possible.
  14. MTE! I really like this instrumentation. Even if it is fanmade I hope it’s posted in full even if it’s just the instrumental. It’s really intriguing. I heard it and was like
  15. I know the one she was listening to here is a demo. It’s been said the song was reworked by Scott Storch to be more hip-hop influenced, which makes me inclined to believe that the instrumental I posted is that version. I don’t know how many people have it. Someone on here did tell me that whoever leaked Telephone back in 2010 also had the final version of Rebellion (the hip-hop version), so it is possible it’s out there.
  16. They were smart enough to cash in on FreeBritney by using David LaChapelle’s photoshoot from 2016. And let’s be honest, it stirred up the fanbase. Let’s not put this pst then
  17. Saw this and was shocked. If I had to guess could this be the reworked version of Rebellion Scott Storch(?)/Jeff Dandurand did? It sounds extremely reminiscent to Blackout’s final production. It could very well be fanmade, if it is it’s incredible…but I have no idea @CJMCH @JackSProductions do y’all know what this is??? Related:
  18. This is so awesome! Is there a reason you chose not to include the guitar? I love it!!!
  19. This song leaked around my 18th birthday. I considered it a bday present lol i can’t believe it’s been that long!!! I love this song so much. It deserved so much more. Honestly the whole album is pretty solid. It was lowkey ahead of its time. Moroder said he wanted to “bring back disco” with this album (despite the album being more EDM-inspired). This aesthetic of course became really popular in 2020/2021 I feel like. This man was forward thinking!
  20. All these years later this is still such a mystery because we now know more details of the shoot and (some of) the photos have been released however they are mutilated/butchered don’t get me wrong I think they’re all gorgeous but we know the album cover image wasn’t shot on plain desert she was chained to a house and we don’t know any details regarding the SITS picture.
  21. I couldn’t give you a source but I was certain someone posted her new contract here in 2014/15 It stated how many albums were due and how Britney was going to be the person who has final day in what she wants to do. Then again, I suppose this is hearsay but I remember seeing the thread!
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