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  1. I’m sorry but this feels so pointed. It’s gotten to the point where it now feels like a narrative is starting to be spun. I need to hear Britney confirm this is her before I even believe any of these posts. The moment she does I will come back and admit I was wrong but I just can’t believe this is her. Team Con is trying their hardest to use Jamie as a scapegoat and it now feels like Jamie Lynn is their next victim. Don’t get me wrong, both people need to be held accountable but to really only be shining light on these two individuals? Something doesn’t feel right. Britney called out EVERYONE in her testimony, yet these two family members are the only ones being called out on Instagram. Conveniently enough JLS is getting called out after she started trending and the GP is starting a hate train on her. It’s far too convenient
  2. I like SITS. matches can be deleted but **** y’all are being so mean to my song rn
  3. Random thought I had today. Do you think B will ever perform them (if she does ever perform again, that is)? She never officially acknowledged the tracks. I can see her doing a performance of SITS one day maybe. But Matches? Idk. What do you think? Yes? Or will she ignore these tracks?
  4. I liked zoey 101 growing up but just because it was a Dan Schneider show (gross in retrospect) but it was honestly my least favorite out of all the shows he made (I never watched Sam & cat, kinda outgrew Nickelodeon by then). I found it kinda awkward. I think it was the lack of a laugh track. But the opening song was a ******* banger. When she was being pushed out more as her own star in 2013 I started calling her Slaymie Lynn but genuinely didn’t check anything from her aside from her Instagram, which I found funny. I liked that she seemed “real” and relatable. It was kinda like being able to get a glimpse at Britney, who was nowhere near as active or interactive on her socials (I now know why). since then I’ve learned to call her Betraymie Lynn
  5. We should stream Brittany’s song Licky while we’re at it
  6. I think, like will.i.am, they might’ve been clueless about Britney’s situation. One thing I’ve learned about FreeBritney going mainstream is that the majority of people didn’t know her conservatorship was even a thing. They might’ve been completely oblivious to what was happening and just thought she might’ve had a really involved team/special medical needs
  7. Tbh. Plus midtempos were hot in 2016. Maybe if she released this in spring rather than summer it might’ve done a little better. But the song is quality. All of my non fan family/friends loved it. It harkens back to her days of Slave 4 U/Breathe on Me which was such a refresh after Britney’s music being so EDM centric for the last few years. It just needed better promotion and visuals. I feel like the David LaChapelle video would’ve shocked and made headlines. Scandalous/**** Britney headlines would’ve been back and it possibly could’ve ignited the Free Britney movement sooner, especially since the conservatorship was already a talking point that year
  8. Idk who leaked make me but these leaks are from Britney-Online. They’re doing it as a middle finger to team con. Also the messages about being free are more than likely on purpose with what’s going on lmfao it’s really not that deep
  9. I don’t feel guilty. When I bought stuff I was not doing it with the intention of finding her team but supporting my favorite artist. I bought stuff in hopes of lifting her spirits, even if that happiness was only short lived because they would come in and make it her hell after. While there’s been plenty of times where Britney has gone on stage and looked like she would rather be somewhere else, there were even more times where her smile was so bright and genuine and you can tell she loved being up there with her fans.
  10. Thank you for the leak @CJMCH!!!! I like the buildup in Britney’s verse in version 1 but ultimately I think I prefer the one that leaked. It’s not a bad song. It’s a cute bop. The radio edit sounds very similar to the one that leaked. I think the only differences are the alternate intro and the added instruments, right?
  11. I believe comments about that were promptly deleted. The hashtag never appeared in the comments
  12. Does anyone else notice that free Britney hashtags aren’t being removed?!
  13. What is this weird rule about caffeine? Without revealing any details (as I never got permission from the person to reveal these details that they gave me) I have a story I would like to tell regarding caffeine. Between 2015 to 2020 I worked at a popular resort destination that britney would often frequent. One employee was assigned to be with her while she was there (this was a service paid for, not affiliated with her team). This employee told me a story about one time where he went to go britney Starbucks and when he came back with it her team yelled at him and told him Brittney was not permitted to drink Starbucks and to always go through them first before getting her anything. Brittney asked for chicken nuggets and when he brought her than her team would not allow her to eat them because he did not ask them first. What’s this weird rule about caffeine?
  14. I don’t get why people are only theorizing on what would’ve happened with her career. It’s kinda weird how y’all are ignoring the cluster **** that was her personal life back then Britney was so over her career by 2007. She was so clearly checked out and it shows. Might I remind everyone when Ryan Seacrest asked what the promotion of the album would entail and Britney laughed and said, “this is it”? I know we all worship Blackout (for good reason might I add), but her involvement on that album was so minimal. While she may had been developing interesting material during the making of the album between 2005-2006, it’s become more clear in recent years that the final product was the byproduct of pettiness and revenge. Timbaland promised to work with Britney but after she turned him and JT down with Battle of the ***es he vowed to never work with her again unless she apologized, prompting Britney to hire the entire crew from Shock Value including Danja to produce her album. Career wise, I don’t think we’d see another project from her for a long time after Blackout. B6 (Circus) would happen eventually, but it’s hard to say when. As for her personal life I truly don’t know. To be completely fair, she might have died without any intervention. I’m not saying the answer was a conservatorship, but we’d be lying to say it didn’t benefit her in the first two years. But the restrictions should have never been as strict as they were or held on for as long as they were.
  15. This is actually true. SITS was an official single despite no radio play lol
  16. No one in this thread seems to remember the info about the 18 minute version except for me and one other person Larry and/or Jamie were not responsible for the cancellation. It was technically RCA. RCA didn’t believe that an 18 minute long video would do well in the age in streaming so they asked for a shorter cut. The version that leaked was Team B’s cut of the video. That’s why it’s so choppy. As we can see, there’s still tons and tons of metaphors packed into this video (I’m not just talking about the cage scene, it goes a lot deeper than that) so clearly they weren’t concerned about any “hidden messages”. If anything, I’m doubt they noticed it and just thought of the video as weird and artsy fartsy. David LaChapelle protested Team B’s edit of the video, but it was pretty much out of their control (they were being ordered by RCA). So to get David off their back they told him Britney didn’t like the video so they hastily reshot it. When you really compare the two videos, both have a similar “story”. It’s about Britney filming a music video and hooks up with one of the dancers. Obviously David LaChapelle’s video was filled with a ton of hidden symbolism and messages and Randee’s version is an extremely watered down version of that, but granted Randee’s video was hastily filmed/put together.
  17. Oh my god if this happened Britney would be SO FAMOUS Her biggest career moment since Circus. She’d be HUGE cus miss Jenner would put her to WORK! in all seriousness I hope this isn’t true. This would be a huge news story, for sure, however I’m sure it would also be a convenient way for Lou to still stay in the picture and lurk in the shadows
  18. Britney-Online has everything including King of My Castle, Tilt Ya Head Back, and OG Swimming in the Stars
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