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  1. Ugh I remember this. People weren’t necessarily being mean, but commenting how Britney hasn’t evolved as an artist in years. That to me was really upsetting, because I had to kind of agree. The performance was good, yes, but compared to performances other artists gave it really dulled in comparison. Especially considering it was her “comeback” performance. Also Glory, at least to me, was a defining moment in her career musically. I felt she evolved even more as an artist. However the rollout of the album showed a lack of competence not from her but her team and label. Truly, if you ask me, releasing the original music video and whatever they originally had planned for the album would have cemented the era more in the minds for not just fans but possibly the GP as well. Im not saying it would have been a Circus level or even Femme Fatale level era but it a shocking MV with outlandish imagery would have had much more longevity than what we ended up getting. I’m just saying my friends and family are always completely gagged at the cage scene with the body paint 😂 and that’s just her team’s cut of the video. Imagine if we got the original 18 minute version?
  2. Wow thank you! This is really cool. I can definitely hear the similarities to HATLM but I’d love to hear Britney’s version of this song one day
  3. During all the drama with Lawyers For Britney they posted screenshots with Babs and Tess where they allegedly admitted that the voicemail was from Cade and they made up the paralegal story to frame him. I agree it doesn’t sound like him (not that we have much to compare to) but it is entirely possible he got someone to speak for him? As to not have Team Con recognize his voice? idk how much to trust all that happened during that time but I do remember Babs and Tess were asking people to report their tweets for invasion of privacy or something, which I took as a confession that it was indeed Cade then again another thing that was admitted during that time was that the hackers who kept hacking into the court hearing were LFB. Idk man. I remember them being like “OH YEAH WELL BRITNEYSGRAM MADE UP THE PARALEGAL STORY IT WAS ACTUALLY CADE” and everyone was like …..so??? lmfao. If anything that made the story even better because that proved that someone from Britney’s inner circle finally said “enough” and here we are today
  4. It is also entirely possible that they were threatened with hollow threats. Britney spoke about being bullied and pressured with fear for years. She said she was scared they would sue her if she didn’t agree to go on the POM Tour. Is that even possible? Wouldn’t Jamie *technically* be the one being sued? Something tells me for years people have just lived in fear about speaking about this situation, just like Britney.
  5. This. She would always at least sing the ballads live up until 2004. This all changed post 2008. Coincidence?
  6. Okay but the recoloring on the OG make me video looks amazing pls release a full edit lol
  7. Yes! When Your Eyes Say It just fades out and Dear Diary just starts. There’s no interlude where theyre talking about the date they went out and Britney sees a cute boy
  8. I’m listening to my Urban Outfitters vinyl rn and it doesn’t include the Outro at the end of When Your Eyes Say It/the intro for Dear Diary. what kind of floppage?!?!
  9. Britney wore a short brown Bob during the first few runs of POM and I always thought she looked just like Lynne
  10. I remember when it came out I didn’t care for it. It didn’t help that it was the follow up for Blackout, I think. But something about it is just so….meh. I like the majority of the songs on their own but as a body of work it just isn’t very impressive
  11. Very briefly but it was included nonetheless! I don’t think these songs non inclusions are that deep. Just probably that they aren’t “big enough hits”
  12. This tbh I could see the same for My Prerogative as well. However both songs were confirmed for Domination
  13. I always forget you and I are the same age I remember feeling the same way. It was weird. I didn’t have any like actual opinion with any grounds to them. I just remember being like “this is gonna cancel zoey 101” (i learned many years later it didn’t lol) but I remember how turbulent this entire time period was for Britney and her family in general. I was all about reading tabloids that my mom and grandma would buy so I remember everything that was happening at the time. I just remember being utterly shocked. But it was funny cus even then I felt like there was a strong disconnect between Britney and her sister. I remember reading how she wanted nothing to do with her parents but didn’t understand the disconnect between Britney and Jamie Lynn. As a matter of fact, it was something I didn’t quite grasp until very recently
  14. I only remember the black skirt yall are calling it a “mandela effect” but back in my day we called this “being a flop fan”
  15. “This is a song I wrote that I was proud of” Can you imagine a show that she would put one if she were free from her handlers? Where she picked the songs and kept her mic on for as long as she wanted? Imagine being able to hear her speak about the stories behind the songs before she performs them? We’ve been robbed of hearing her voice for so long
  16. Britney called out EVERYONE in court. Why hasn’t Britneys Instagram made any comments on management, whom she said also belongs in jail? These JLS hate posts are coming right off the heels of a mass GP JLS hate train. It feels so scape goat-y. Where is the blame put on Bryan?
  17. I think Miss Cassie’s newest method on Instagram is to acknowledge the FreeBritney movement directly but to use it as a way to make certain individuals scapegoats. Notice how Britney’s Instagram hasn’t called out her management team once but Britney put an equal amount of blame on them multiple times while she was in court
  18. I’m sorry but this feels so pointed. It’s gotten to the point where it now feels like a narrative is starting to be spun. I need to hear Britney confirm this is her before I even believe any of these posts. The moment she does I will come back and admit I was wrong but I just can’t believe this is her. Team Con is trying their hardest to use Jamie as a scapegoat and it now feels like Jamie Lynn is their next victim. Don’t get me wrong, both people need to be held accountable but to really only be shining light on these two individuals? Something doesn’t feel right. Britney called out EVERYONE in her testimony, yet these two family members are the only ones being called out on Instagram. Conveniently enough JLS is getting called out after she started trending and the GP is starting a hate train on her. It’s far too convenient
  19. I like SITS. matches can be deleted but **** y’all are being so mean to my song rn
  20. Random thought I had today. Do you think B will ever perform them (if she does ever perform again, that is)? She never officially acknowledged the tracks. I can see her doing a performance of SITS one day maybe. But Matches? Idk. What do you think? Yes? Or will she ignore these tracks?
  21. I liked zoey 101 growing up but just because it was a Dan Schneider show (gross in retrospect) but it was honestly my least favorite out of all the shows he made (I never watched Sam & cat, kinda outgrew Nickelodeon by then). I found it kinda awkward. I think it was the lack of a laugh track. But the opening song was a ******* banger. When she was being pushed out more as her own star in 2013 I started calling her Slaymie Lynn but genuinely didn’t check anything from her aside from her Instagram, which I found funny. I liked that she seemed “real” and relatable. It was kinda like being able to get a glimpse at Britney, who was nowhere near as active or interactive on her socials (I now know why). since then I’ve learned to call her Betraymie Lynn
  22. We should stream Brittany’s song Licky while we’re at it
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