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  1. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/ZbguzoQ2hXvXyvxeA Made by yours truly. It uses the tracks Spazgasm/Father by Danja. I heard the tracks and wanted to do like an angsty alt-pop style song where there isn’t like singing but talking. I used the iconic “go to the light and see Jesus” rant, paparazzi footage audio of the night the 2nd 5150 happened, and a tidbit of her testimony. I wanted to make a track that told the story of how we got to where we are today (Free Britney). I purposely made it kinda hard to hear her as to allude to how no one could hear/was listening to Britney in those dark years. The most clear you could hear her is when the audio from her testimony kicks in and the beat drops as we can finally hear Britney clearly and perfectly (minus a paparazzi who chimes in, almost like he’s trying to interrupt her) I hope you guys like this! I’ve been wanting to share this for a minute
  2. Oops VMA is superior. To me it’s better than the official version and it’s such a shame it was never released. Gimme More FFT version is also so damn good. And the break the ice remix from TCSBS
  3. This. There doesn’t seem to be much “motivation” like in Britney’s case (ie money). If Amanda was still actively working and making profit I would see why it would be more enticing to look into this but the fact of the matter is that at least to me the conservatorship has only (for the most part) benefited her. If I’m not mistaken she’s gone back to school and accomplished quite a lot. Aside from that video where she complains about her insurance situation, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to be genuinely worried for her. I see a lot of videos and tweets that equate her situation to Britney’s but I really just don’t see the similarities. Everything pointed out is so circumstantial and based on so much hearsay/fans just wanting it to be like Britney’s. I never bought the whole “burner account” thing. but honestly at the end of the day I could be completely wrong. I just hope I’m not
  4. If im not mistaken her stories weren’t adding up. I can’t recall specifics but I remember her saying stuff like they did this in 2005/this specifically was recorded for original doll but when the songs in question were registered they were registered in 2003 which would’ve been for in the zone
  5. Where’s the source for this though? 99% of original doll info has no actual backing to it. Literally the only confirmation of its existence is the radio interview. Even Michelle bell’s comments from her leaks have been debunked
  6. Omg hi Caleb I’m apart of your charmed book group and always see your comments on Britney stuff. How is the internet so big but so small at the same time
  7. Britney’s music has never been personal though. Even Blackout was super impersonal. I don’t know how to describe it, but as long as Britney connects with the music she’s recording, that’s what makes it personal. There are no tracks on Blackout that are explicitly about what she was going through, but fans consider it to be so personal because if the general vibe of the album and how it connects with her
  8. I’m surprised so many people still believe this. This was confirmed as false a couple years ago by her stylist or someone if I’m not mistaken. I’m still unsure about the hair situation. Supposedly her hair stylist quit and they had to bring in Nelly Furtado’s(?) stylist who hastily put those extensions together, but the other rehearsal video has hair that looks just like the hair from the actual night. her extensions in this new vid are still noticeable, but her overall look is much better. At the end of the day, I think this performance was doomed no matter what. No one was rooting for this performance. MTV knew this. They knew it was going to get views and would be deemed a train wreck no matter what. Britney seemed to know night of that she was being set up for failure. Also….this choreography just isn’t it. She hits all the moves, yes, but the choreography itself is just so boring. The fact she looks so disengaged in the actual performance makes it ten times worse. Hair I was talking about earlier:
  9. 2013-2015 had some prerecorded vocals. You can hear them in the soundboard mix that leak. For some reason those weren’t used again in the revamp
  10. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/ode6xnpyNCbWq5GE9 i made this a few years ago and everyone slept on it because I used Myah Marie’s vocals basically I took Gaga, Beyonce, and Myah Marie and used them as BGVs for Britney. I took Britney’s “clear vocals” and remastered the vocoder demo and combined everything to get something a little more that sounded a little more polished. the only time it’s 100% Myah is the first “hello hello” because I can not STAND the way the auto tune sounds on Britney’s version right there
  11. Come on now. Don’t be delusional. This was a 15 minute interview meant to promote the Femme Fatale Tour. Do I agree her team overdoes the censorship on questions? Yes. But asking questions about her head shaving, if she feels old, and if she feels like her time in the limelight is up? Come on now. Any other team wouldn’t pre screen questions, but upon hearing them they would Immediately tell the reporter “that’s inappropriate. Next question.” No one is asking Mariah about her breakdown from years ago during interviews. Why is Britney always so scrutinized? This reporter was trying to get a hit piece in the wrong place. Everyone is always trying to benefit off of her story and the fact he’s sharing these questions now STILL shows his intentions. I think he’s viewing himself as someone who is “speaking out” but he doesn’t realize he’s shooting himself in the foot by revealing he wanted to ask such exploitive questions and also speaking up about this just barely. He had years to reveal this. If he was so forward thinking and outraged about the conservatorship where was his activism then? Give me a break.
  12. Very rarely do I give her team credit but let’s be honest, that was probably the straw the broke the camels back
  13. I read once that Britney was pushing for Hot as Ice, even starting to rehearse a Stronger-esque video but Jive was pushing for Break the Ice. When Britney was 5150’d they seized the opportunity to release a rushed animated music video and that’s how we got BTI as a single
  14. They’re on dbree. Sound like producer demos. Anyone know what they are? @CJMCH?
  15. I’m ******* crying please The era that never dies im deceased
  16. I noticed a shift in Britney the performer as well as the person in Femme Fatale. I was only like 14 at the time so I didn’t put much thought into it to be fully honest. Same goes for X Factor In 2013 I noticed how much more vibrant and happy she appeared. Her performances skills also got better since Femme Fatale. Not the same as 2001 but i was like “yeah, so what? She’s older now. She’s more mature.” I started to read more into her story. When I got to the part with the conservatorship I was confused. So I went on one of those Wikipedia tangents where you start reading about one thing and end up on five different topics all unrelated. But it was weird. I didn’t *get* the conservatorship. I also thought it was so strange that something so major was never really addressed and was only briefly touched upon on her Wikipedia. to be fully honest, it sounded super illegal to me even then. But the way my 15/16 year old self understood it was *Britney* was the one doing illegal activities. Like she was exploiting the system. Before I’m dragged, that’s kind of the way the tabloids put it for years. They always stated Britney loved the situation because she had “everything done for her”. I was like, “can’t she just hire multiple assistants? I didn’t get the scope of HOW controlled her life was otherwise I would’ve been more suspicious of those around her. But it made me weary of everything. when I joined exhale around 2014 I was surprised to see more people weren’t discussing the situation. It was like a secret amongst fans. No one really wanted to talk about it because it was “her business”. I felt the same way, but in the sense if we did make too much noise she would get in trouble for exploiting the system. I didn’t realize her father and others were getting paid from the situation. Then one night I went on Twitter and saw something about Britney’s conservatorship was trending. My stomach dropped. I was like “****. They found out something was off”. And then I listened to the voicemail. Yikes.
  17. I don’t think anything was done to those pictures. They’re just candid photos. Candid photos are always unflattering because, well, they’re candid. I think Britney has really bad body dysmorphia. Who could blame her? Years of being in the industry + her father probably affected her self esteem and image of herself immensely.
  18. After listening to the Toxic podcast I think about this more and more. Sam Lutfi’s sudden appearance is so weird. I’d bet money on the possibility that he was her team’s first scape goat. Every story needs a villain. The biggest mystery to me remains who the hell made the 5150 call? If he truly wasn’t apart of Team Con what kind of motivation would he have had to make that call? Nothing about that situation adds up to me. What’s sad is I don’t think we’ll ever find out the truth about that. What’s even sadder is I don’t think Britney even knows and she possibly never will.
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