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  1. 5 minutes ago, Musicandsoul said:

    Glory really is amongst her best work! I really hope we do get to hear more from the sessions. The albums kind of very mysterious and elusive to me, i really feel like the way they treated Glory and Make Me was the beginning of Britney getting her voice back. Britney is clearly extremely proud of it and i treat it as a Mariah Emancipation moment - especially with the new artworks and tracks.. Its criminally underrated within the fanbase and GP and if the rollout wasn’t so messy it could if been absolutely huge. 

    We needed visuals. Better promo tracks. Mood Ring as a single. SITS included and blended with Invitation in a beautiful pre-album release buzz visual… The promo was extremely good, and Britney was engaged, looking great and excited. Whatever happened behind the scenes must of been SIGNIFICANT. I feel Jamie found out about the OG Make Me video and album photoshoots with the house concept snd chains etc, and pulled the plug.

    So much should of been different and the album deserved soo much better. 

    Best tracks:

    Mood Ring, Make Me, SITS, Invitation, Man On the Moon, Just Luv Me, Slumber Party, Love Me Down, Hard To Forget Ya, Liar, If Im Dancing. 

    MTE!!!!! People say she’s so pitched but her vocals were GORGEOUS and the vocal production was phenomenal tbh. All the vocal layers were gorgeous. I LOVE SITS and it definitely deserved a place on the album. Hell, even Exaholic was a banger. I hope we hear more from the sessions. I wish they scrapped Matches and did something from the actual glory sessions instead 

  2. 3 hours ago, BritneyLVR said:

    So that makes it okay for Jamie Line to allegedly be staying at Britney’s homes partying it up without her there while she’s in a mental facility? Should the violins start playing because I don’t feel bad for her one bit! I don’t believe anything this woman says and perhaps she shouldn’t have been an irresponsible teenager. 

    These exact comments are what got Britney in her situation today. Y’all are shouting **** like “perhaps JL shouldn’t have been an irresponsible teenager” but you would be seething at comments like “well Britney shouldn’t have given the world so many reasons to believe she was abusing substances and putting her children at risk”


    I don’t like Jamie Lynn, but I’m not gonna mock her trauma. Britney said she didn’t come forward because she thought no one would believe her. I don’t doubt any of this happened to Jamie Lynn, but I’m not saying we should all cry her a river. Woman still needs to be held accountable for overlooking her sister’s abuse, but let’s not overlook the fact that all women in that family have been abused for decades.

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  3. This is genuinely really sad and I feel like the people shouting “liar” or “who cares” at her is really tone deaf. Abuse runs in this family so deep and if you come from an abusive family you would know how trauma only complicates so many things. Britney and Jamie Lynn’s relationship is genuinely really sad to me. I really hope one day these two women can fix their relationship. Yes. Britney is a victim of abuse, but so her is her sister.


    With all that said I would have more empathy in this situation if it didn’t feel like it was capitalizing off of her sister’s abuse, which she has yet to comment on and only talked down on. I’m sure JL has been through hell and back but she appears to only tear down her sister rather than support her

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  4. 6 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

    Not just Britney, but I wish all the main acts in general were dueting with one another back in the day when they were the biggest thing.

    Like, Britney and Backstreet Boys, ok, we got Matches, but a collaboration between them in 1999 or early 2000's would've been epic. Or if we got Britney and Christina, or Britney and Eminem or idk, Britney and Shakira, even other collaborations, like, idk, JLo and Pink or Gwen Stefani and Christina or something like that. 

    But I guess the egos are too big for something like that to happen, and that's a shame. 

    It’s really funny because I feel like main acts today are all about collabing not just once but multiple times. I feel like artists of Britney’s day were more about feuds and rivalries. That’s why I think Britney’s relaunch in 2010s was a huge misstep in not capitalizing off having her collab with others at the time

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  5. Like around 2004 do you wish the label would’ve allowed her to do stuff like Tilt Ya Head Back? Britney isn’t really featured on anyone else’s albums, except will.i.am.  Even in the 2010s I feel like pop stars were duetting left and right but Britney didn’t really take part in it too much (aside from S&M, S&S, and I guess Bangerz)


    do y’all wish Britney had more duets/collabs in her discography? If so who do you wish she would’ve collabed with back in the day and who do you wish she would collaborate if there is ever a future return to music? 

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  6. 5 hours ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

    That sounds like Selena, and frankly, I think she sounds good, very laid back for what is a dance track, which always plays to her strengths. I guess the key to how ended up being a BSB collab is interesting. 


    Matches is a very strange song in regards to how it was passed around. So we know it was recorded after Glory to be on B10. Justin Tranter wrote the song, then went into become EP on what was B10. I'm guess it was intended as a solo track in 2017-2018, and then the Britney Hiatus happened.

    It was then supposed to appear on BSB's 2019 album DNA, released in January 2019, as a collab, which explains how it came to be, but I remember one of the band made it clear that Britney wasn't involved so it seemed like it was a demo that was sent around quite a bit.

    At this point in time, 2019, b10 isn't happening and neither is a new BSB album anytime soon, so the demo was then passed to Selena, for Rare possibly, but it was then not used.

    The Sample, the Egyptian sounding strings, was then used by Zara Larrson in her song Love Me Land, written by Justin Tranter, which was released mid-2020...

    ...and then we got the Glory Vinyl, which I fully believe was a cashgrab as Jamie's Lawyer made it clear that they were looking for passive forms of income in 2020 given Britney's protest.


    So the common threads as to how so many people got this song are Justin Tranter and Lou Taylor, but I believe Justin is managed by Lou or was, so....


    There you go!

    What sample are you referring to?

  7. Honestly it’s not a bad album. Lots of vocal production flaws but if you are able to look past them for a bit it’s not the *worst* album pop music has to offer. Idk why so many people hate the robotic effect It Should Be Easy has. In my opinion it’s one of the strongest tracks on the album (plus it’s distinctly Britney the entire time, despite the vocoder effect being so heavily present). I think it would’ve smashed as a single. 

    Its biggest problem is that it lacks Britney’s personality. It’s such a bland album. It’s missing those special touches like random Britney adlibs of her moans, whispers, and harmonies that made all her albums before such stand outs. Even for the tracks she was present for, it’s almost like she came to the studio, laid down a single layer of vocals, and bounced before anything else could take place. 

    I know it’s a mixed bag for fans and while I agree it lacks any “personal songs”/lyrics that made Britney’s previous albums REALLY special, Glory was just a far better album. While the songs didn’t seem “personal”, the ones that were present were the embodiment of Britney’s fun personality that we just hadn’t seen in SUCH a long time. There’s so many special layers in all of the songs on Glory that make Britney Jean just pale in comparison. Plus her artistry for the eras were just so starkly different. I love that the David LaChapelle shoot was distinctly her idea and was the signature dark and **** Britney that we all got to know over the years. Also, the fact that Work *****’s video is set in the Vegas desert and it’s all like high fashion and a promotion for her residency is so funny when you compare it to the original Make Me video which is also set in the Vegas desert except here Britney is depicted as prisoner, and that was the video where she had more say.

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  8. Imagine if Britney had some songs with him like the Black Eyed Peas? Hell, even if she had a song like Feelin Myself that he did with Miley would’ve been so cool. We just got dance EDM. Don’t get me wrong, that’s fine, but was so generic and boring for the time. It didn’t even stand out. Such a disappointment because they had the potential to make real magic with each other

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  9. 17 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

    Exactly. The thing is that that was the point of the digital tools / internet promotion before social media arrived.

    Even since the original version of the website in 1999, it was a way to share news, promote upcoming performances, share bts pictures, Lynne's letters, it wasn't until later that Britney started uploading her now famous letters to the fans, but that wasn't the norm.

    As you say, the website, and then when there was myspace, Facebook, Twitter, it was always like sharing Britney Spears content in a third person way, like "her team" sharing updates to the fans. Even on Facebook, before there were "official pages", there was the Britney Spears page, and then there was a Britney Spears "personal account" that you could befriend (or try to befriend) until that one was made private or deleted or something.

    Even the early tweets were always signed by either Britney, Larry, Adam, Brett, etc. It was like a brand thing.

    In the following years there were other social media sites that they ventured in too, but those eventually flopped, like social cam or Google+

    Other platforms, like YouTube were also used in a weird way, again, before there were even VEVO accounts. And that's how her official channel now has videos like these


    But then VEVO happened, then there was like the official mark or verified mark added to Facebook, Twitter, etc, and suddenly there was like an standardization of all social media, posts were made across all the different platforms at once, etc.

    But I think it wasn't until Instagram happened, that people started considering artist's accounts as if they were the accounts they used personally. Well, there were many factors, also the spread of the smartphones across the population (as opposed to all Internet things being handled on computers in the past). Also the fact that this wasn't like Facebook Page against Facebook accounts, but they were like all the same, artists or public. Well, Twitter is that way too, but yeah, I definitely think IG had the most impact in how we perceive social media these days, especially in terms of the connection to artists or celebrities. And even in the very beginning we still had some posts on her IG like "here's Britney arriving at the X Factor audition" etc.

    And tbh, many artists DO use their official accounts nowadays, but that wasn't always the case, and even if they have access to them, they most likely have a team curating the content, or in charge of all the stuff regarding the promotion, etc. And I suppose they also have their own personal accounts they use to talk to their families and friends, at least like the biggest names. I doubt Beyoncé has her official IG account logged in on her phone, receiving millions of notifications all day, for example. Or the youtube account receiving a notification for every comment, like, etc.



    Also off topic, but speaking of being ahead of its time, the Bionic album... jk no, the Famos surprise, well, not the surprise, but the whole project of what Famos was supposed to be, THAT was really ahead of its time. This was before we had all those ads and paid promotion we now have on Facebook, IG, etc, and the idea was basically to pay the fans for spreading the word about what the artists were doing. So if the fans shared that they were attending a concert, or sharing a song, a video, etc, that was gonna be considered promotion for the artists, and fans were supposed to receive a payment for that, obviously I suppose it would be very small, or depending on how much people it reached, or how much engagement (i.e how many people bought tickets by clicking on the link that a given person shared).



    Thank you so much for this 💝 explains beautifully how social media has evolved and why the free Britney movement was so hard to really “prove” back when it first started. People were like “but she said she’s fine on Instagram?” And I was always like ….when the hell did we all just start assuming celebrities were ALWAYS the ones posting on their accounts?

    With that said upon seeing the title of this thread I was like “LOL remember when website relaunches were a big deal?”  It’s the equivalent of an artist today changing their PFP to black and archiving all of their posts lol

  10. 1 minute ago, Watch Me Work It said:

    the lack of mention of the movement stood out to me too. they show the people gathered outside the court and they didn't bother explaining why? 

    One could argue that since the documentaries are becoming saturated that they felt it would be pointless to rehash it. At the same time Babs has indicated there was some bad blood between them so what do you believe more, ya know?

  11. Clearly something happened with the BritneysGram girls. The fact there was no mention of them or really *any* part of the FreeBritney movement aside from the video of the rally at the end indicates some type of fall out.

    I initially squirmed at the sight of Sam Lutfi but how they used him and the woman who cowrote Through the Storm to show their differing arguments was interesting. But I feel like that’s what a lot of these documentaries are. Two opposing stories but none coming from Britney.

    The court document leaks were the most interesting part. To me they made it feel like they had TONS of info but when we approach 2018 the whole documentary felt rushed. Still grateful for those new tidbits of info. I wonder if the document aspect was what caused bad blood between these women and the BritneysGram girls as what happened between them and Lawyersforbritney.

    a good film for people who don’t know anything about the conservstorship. I wouldn’t say the movement as a whole as there was no mention or even a hint that there was a movement in place. I think the NYT Documentaries have been outstanding. I know “Britney” has said the first one made her cry and it was horrible because it rehashed her past etc, but I think that was especially needed for the GP. People needed to reevaluate what happened in those early years and see how those reactions caused Britney to be in the situation she is in today. Controlling Britney Spears was phenomenal as it really focused in on the details and people behind the conservatorship and brought to life so many shocking allegations. In my opinion it was just better journalism.

    But with all that said it was good for what it was. I wonder how Britney wil feel about it and if “she’s” gonna talk about it in Instagram. Also great job @Jordan Milleri hope one day to be crushed by your arms :demi_lipstick_flirt_red_pink_makeup:

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