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  1. ***** no one gives a flying ****. You guys perpetuated a disrespectful representation of our fan base and now that’s all we’re going to be to the media. What do you want us to f**king say to you? Thanks for being an attention *****? GTFO with that ****.
  2. Those f**king idiots are making it all about seeing her rather than being there for support!! WTF?? I hate LA gays....
  3. TBH we really don’t know WHO’S pulling the strings here or what’s going on behind closed doors. We should only stick to the facts and not try to blame anyone yet before we know the facts. What we do know is that Britney has been essentially stripped of all her rights and has tried many times to get out of it, so campaigning for her freedom is needed. But come on guys we’re supposed to be here as support for Britney. Attacking her father only fuels the fire and paints us in a bad image. No one’s going to take us seriously.
  4. Scooter is literally trash he would ignore Britney for Ari or Justin any day. Someone else, please!
  5. Don’t forget that one of the main conservators left not too long ago. Maybe they’re going to appoint someone in his place? Or they might have enough evidence to end it for all. We can only hope for the best at this point.
  6. If Britney’s team REALLY wants to resolve this and put an end to the rumors, they need to address the conservatorship itself, the reason Andrew Wallet resigned, and clear the air about the contradictions in their stories (First she admitted herself, then they feared for her life, then her meds weren’t right? What is the truth?). Then and ONLY then will the Army listen to anything they’re saying. Instead, they’re not even addressing the issue and going after something totally irrelevant. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?
  7. Speak about the court records and conservatorship sweetie, no one’s here to discuss her mental health anymore. We’re here for her civil health and freedom!
  8. Why would they force her to record an album, do promotion, and go on a world wide tour a year after an infamous breakdown and only a few months after getting out of rehab? I don’t trust her team. Even if we ARE wrong and Britney’s mental state is really bad, there’s no excuse for making someone so mentally ill work like there’s no tomorrow, especially when she’d rather be doing anything BUT. Conservatorship is nothing but a money grab at this point, they clearly don’t give a **** about her.
  9. TBH the fillers aren’t even that bad. The makeup and hair on the other hand...
  10. Britney, this is a lipsync for your life. We need to see your lips. Take that thing off of your mouth.
  11. Come On Over is the superior song tbh but Oops impact/longevity>>>>>>>> Plus Britney never really was a “singles” artist to begin with
  12. Love these!!! Personally I would LIVE for her to do a more mature, sexed up version of I Can’t Get No Satisfaction but I mean her creative directors are flops so I doubt it’ll happen
  13. I don’t think that’s the case, she’s been performing ILRNR for a while...if royalties were an issue they would’ve scrapped this burn long time ago.
  14. I know most Stans would love to see classics like Hold It Against Me, Overprotected, My Prerogative, and others on the set list but so far I haven’t seen ANYONE gun for S&M. Not only is it her most recent #1 but it fits the theme perfectly and can easily be apart of a medley or even a transition. What do you guys think?
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