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  1. Britney created that concept. It was her project and her choices. She said she likes tacky, and that's what the movie is. I can't see where Gaga could be compared to Spears. Gaga won an Oscar. She is an A list movie star. Zoe Saldana stared in crossroads and managed to overturn her reputation as an actress even though she had this not so bright start.
  2. Can you believe this? Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda under Htlr. Roberto Alvim, minister of culture under Bolsonaro, who reenacted Goebbels' speech that arts should be propaganda at a cenario that resembled Goebble's. After that, he had to leave the chamber. I hope they get the same destiny their inspirations enjoyed. I don't know why Slobodan Milosevic came to my mind. I remember my teacher showing us beautiful Kosovo's landscapes and its castles. Then explaining that Milosevic spilled imense amounts of blood into the rivers to frigthen the communities around them. The dreamy sights, followed the manifestation of pure evil was too much to handle. That red river, I think I'll never forget. I am not in a place to tell another country's history. If I made any mistake, please correct me. If you want to share more of your country's history, that would be cool too. It's just the feeling of "the mess is real it never ends" that I couldn't hold in. And it all started with alleged Bebe saying this and that etc... I don't believe she said that. It could perfectly be just mkting strategy to promote her new music, with everybody and their mothers aware the story was gonna hit the sun or whatever.
  3. OMG, the mess. Htlr and WW2??? I have to ackowledge I didn't know that. But that's why I keep coming back to this forum. I have to make up for the classes I skiped. I must state that I'm Brazilian. I reserve myself the right to laugh at you guys. Now we even have an ongoing genocide to call ours. Sweet Bolsonaro made several references to little H too. Happily wating for the judicial proceedings to begin.
  4. You completely stole Tinasha's thunder. Are you aware? I mean, who in Exhell will remember the music aftr this? My eyes can't stop following.......... He is so in sync with my heartbeat. I truly feel we (me and him) have a conection that must be from other lifetimes. He is very talented. This thread should even be renamed after this. Jordan, please, do what you have to do. Thanks.
  5. What happened to Jason Trawick? Does anyone know? Dude vanished from the face of the earth. Hotter than the terrorist, though.
  6. How many people have you seen with golden yellow highlighter all around their faces? She sells ugly stuff, you should at least admit it.
  7. She wasn't kiding at all. People should stop buying her stuff, and next thing you know, she is releasing music to reconnect. I only stan Britney. Rihanna is entitled, just wants her money and made her fortune out of her minimum wage fan base that did and do what they can to support her. This is what they get. I've seen poor black people giving her their coins because she is blck and a black designer. What I say is support yourself. Rihanna couldn't care less about your a$sssssss. Have diginity and stop begging. PS.: I don't kno why seeing people begging and her being rude triggers me so much... PS2: Ugly expensive clothing line. Ugly tasteless undeware show. Not in this life time will you see me wearing her blue or silver eyeshadow. Uglier is her golden yellow highlighter. People bought all that to support her! She should be humble and gratefull.
  8. Maybe Britney is going through a maniac period. I've heard that she is bipolar, of course I don't know if it's true. Maybe there's no reason to point fingers at Sam ou her mother, as they are doing what they can stabilize her. Regardless, I'm still free Britney, of course. Cox said she is damaged for life. So many things added to bring things to this point. She was exposed in her intimacy multiple times by man, dehumanized, overworked, robbed, stripped from her freedom, and finally, they took he kids. And she never raised her voice. Just too much to handle.
  9. I wonder if Dina and Lindsay Lohan will ever tell their story. They could do it carefully and avoid any legal complications. Who knows how many more had to fight this woman.
  10. Many are speachless. What a sad situation if not even inside her home she has peace.
  11. Thank you for sharing this. You are talented! She is truly legendary. What a legacy.
  12. This! Britney didn't attend other hearings because it would cause her "irreparable demage". What changed?
  13. First of all, there was never a "we" in "we didn't like him". You should have used "I". Inghan didn't do anything because he was not asked to. that's it. Plain and simple. He represents Britney, court appointed. He cannot refuse to work if he is called to do so. He is a regular employee, just like you and me. The thing is men usually think they know better. Stop looking at this matter from the perspective of what you want, or how you wish it was. For one reason or another, Britney didn't fight the cship. Allow her to have her mind. Allow her to do what she wants, when she wants. Stop questioning her timing. This is the whole point of "free britney" that you still didn't get.
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