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  1. Private Show is by far her worst song imo. It's not even that the song is thaat bad, but the production is absolutely horrific. I cringe everytime I hear it.
  2. Circus is amazing, FF is amazing, BJ I could do without, Glory is decent. Just because they were all made during the cship doesn't mean that Britney didn't put her heart into them- at least some songs on each album. But I do feel like if/when she releases new music again after the cship it will be wildly different to everything she's released before.
  3. I think so, I look back on how the media was in the 2000s and I'm astounded they got away with how they treated people. Not just Britney, but look at how they treated MJ and Amy Winehouse too. People really thought just because these people are rich/famous means that they can be abused without limits. Very few people spoke up against it, people just treated certain celebrities like circus freaks
  4. Britney orchestrated the court appearance.
  5. It's so sad thinking of all the years these *******s stole from her with this scam conservatorship, years she will never get back
  6. Don't f**k no bitch dat fuckin wit cho dawg, dat law :drinky:

  7. Make ME is no.26 on Top 40 radio in the US rn, meanwhile Rice is at #45 :queenflopga:

  8. imagine Alien with Make Me vocals :crying4:

  9. Rise sounds like a flop eurovision song :rihcackle:

  10. Make Me is no.1 in Ireland, for once I'm proud of my flop country :tiffanycries:

  11. Just bought Make Me, let's get our queen a smash :myjam:

  12. put on a praaa-vit sho :myjam:

  13. Black Lives Matter :tiffhair:

  14. Happy 'Murica day to y'all 'Muricans :comingthru:

  15. why am i so hungry after i work out wtf 

  16. wonder if MJ really did molest dem kids :brityeah:

    1. BrittonJeanSpears

      OMG Angela, you can't just ask people that. #MeanGirls

  17. Stuck between wanting to wear guyliner and not wanting to look like a 2006 emo :nervousney:

    1. Magnet

      do brown eyeshadow :unbothered:

  18. want c*ck in my ass but dont wanna go out and find it :NYschool:

  19. loosen up ma buttons babeh :werk:

  20. #BanJordanMiller

  21. This site is fucking cancer :makesomenoise:

  22. Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams tbh :makesomenoise:

  23. I was as pure as a river
    But now I think I'm possessed   :kidcries:

  24. So baby come light me up, and maybe I'll let you onn it :werk:

    1. Britneybbhmm

      hey bitch! I love that song too!!:BBMAney:

  25. these Kuntriana Grande stans are having meltdowns cuz she debuted at no.2, giving me Blackout teas tbh

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