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  1. Oh. I didn't know about the alternate ending. I just know about the deleted High Roller scene just before the actual lobotomy procedure. I'm glad i'm not the only one who sees the parallel between Britney and Babydoll
  2. Yesss ❤ You might wanna share your thoughts after your rewatch
  3. Oh yes! Too bad, so many people hated it because they just didn't understand it (the deleted scene with the High Roller was a really big wasted opportunity). By the way, do you also have the same thoughts as mine?
  4. I'm glad that i have a fellow Britney fan with the same thoughts. I agree with your thoughts about the weapons The ending is quite sad though. Babydoll lost 3 of her fellows (yeah, they died) just for them to attempt conquering freedom. And she also sacrificed herself in the "brothel" world just for the other girl to escape and be free. In the "real world" of the movie, Babydoll has also accepted her fate. For her, the lobotomy procedure was her freedom Because she no longer feels anything, no more pain. She's still alive but just "isn't there" anymore. I hope that Britney will not completely end up like this.
  5. Has anyone else here watched Zack Synder's 2011 movie entitled "Sucker Punch"? I know it's hated by many, but for me it's actually interesting. If you have, when you were watching the movie and analyzing the storyline, have you also remembered/thought about Britney? Especially in today's situation, you know what i mean? 😉 People who indeed watched the movie can relate to this post. Here are my thoughs: For those who haven't watched the movie, [Spoiler Alert] 1. Babydoll (the main protagonist) was forced into a mental institution by her evil stepfather against her will. She was framed for killing her younger sister even if the whole thing happened by accident; she was actually aiming the gun for her evil stepfather. She was never formally diagnosed of any kind of mental illness. 2. Babydoll, in the movie, has two layers of fantasy worlds as her way to escape the harsh reality. The first layer, she imagines herself in a brothel instead of being in a mental health facility. In her "brothel world" women were ***ualized, abused, gave services to their male clients. They were being forced to perform dances even if not all of them do not really like to. 3. Babydoll was asked to dance in front of everyone and she was hesitant at first. She then becomes motivated when she puts another layer of fantasy whenever she performs, called her "Dream Within a Dream" world which is a second layer of fantasy on top of her "brothel world". In this world, she met a wise man who gave her weapons like a sword and a gun to fight the monsters in the DWAD world (she was a like a videogame character who kicks *** and fights enemies physically in this world). But he also told her the most important things that she needed to get in her brothel world - Map, Fire, Knife, and a Key. Why did he guided her with all of these? Because she stated that she wanted freedom, she needed to "get out of here". 4. A fellow dancer at her brothel world (fellow inmate at the "real world") asked Babydoll what does "her dances say". She said that it means that she wanted to escape before the high roller comes. The high roller in this "brothel world" is her lobotomy doctor at her "real world". 5. Have you noticed Babydoll's look? Inspired by Britney? I know it's not exactly the same, i get it. But notice the pigtails/side pony tails similarity combined with a school girl uniform? Minus the weapons, headband of course. At least one other person in twitter have actually mistaken Babydoll for Britney. And i was shocked to see this tweet: What are your thoughts?
  6. I absolutely love the song This is special to me because i'm a fan of both Britney and Brian McFadden (one of the songwriters of Strangest Love). Just a little trivia, Brian was a former member of a boyband named "Westlife" (was not popular in the US but they were popular in Europe and Asia). This song was written around the time when Brian was recording for his first solo album. Luckily, Britney was also working with Guy Chambers (also one of the songwriters) around ITZ recording sessions and it the song suited her vocals. You're right that it also somehow foreshadowed Britney's future.
  7. Yessss here is his tweet: Our queen also gets support from Dylan Minnette, the lead actor in Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" (as Clay Jensen)
  8. Wait, how do we delete posts here? Shocks. I was mistaken. Heidi looks a lot like Britney in the pic 😓
  9. https://images.app.goo.gl/VYjEJgPPYAMGvK117 I cannot delete the post, i don't know how to. Sorry, my bad. I thought this was Britney, but she's not. I'm not very active here on this site. Update: @PokemonSpears has this great idea of making this thread as an appreciation thread for both Heidi Klum and Britney. I was really mistaken by the photo. Nice shot by the way 😄
  10. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing the video Yeah, you're right. So many men fancied Britney! Glad that you like some songs of westlife ❤️ By the way, where did you read that Brian had a crush on Britney? Was it on a magazine? I agree, Nick Carter was also cute!
  11. Wow! I'm glad to hear. I wish they became popular in US as well. I really liked Brian to be with Britney. LOL. I'm viewing the music discussions forum and there are no topics about Westlife, only about other female artists mostly 💔
  12. I just found this photo today. I can't find a better quality. Link: https://ibb.co/kDxw6Zf or https://images.app.goo.gl/T9irRPTWVfqc4nq6A Aside from being a Britney fan, i'm also a Westlife fan 😊 For those of you who do not know Westlife, they are a boyband who were very popular at the same time as Britney (late 90s-2000s) across the world except US. (They were banned from US radio because of the popularity of BSB and NSYNC at the time) But internationally, like here in the Philippines, they were very successful! A former member named Brian Mcfadden, left in 2004 but he's still my favorite ❤️ He follows Britney on twitter. By the way, Brian is one of the co-writers of STRANGEST LOVE! This is also for fans of both Britney and Westlife/Brian. I fancied Brian with Britney. He was very handsome during his prime, even more than Justin Timberlake in my opinion. He's just 1 year and 8 months older than her. I think Brian and Britney would have been a cute couple ❤️ I uploaded two additional pics just to prove how amazing they could have been, at least in terms of looks 😊 https://ibb.co/q0z1g4p https://ibb.co/1nx9yMM
  13. We share the same opinion on Glory, Brave New Girl, and maybe Chaotic 🙂
  14. Amazing! ❤️ You really did a great story The edit was nice too!
  15. It would certainly gained a lot of views. Youtube was released in 2005 (the same as Chaotic). If the videos were directly released in the platform, they would be considered as "Youtube classics" by now even if Chaotic was generally panned.
  16. Wow. Thank you for compiling this.. Reading the October-November 2006 portion makes me think that there was already something negatively going on between them (which was odd knowing how Britney was soooo clingy to Kevin) I highly suspect that Britney's post-partum depression from 2 successive childbirths (alongside other things) played a significant role in what happened in 2007. Kevin was such a huge part on how her life turned around. I wish that i would never meet a Kevin Federline of mine in the future.
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