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  1. Exhale most hated member :staysalty:

  2. I love that my username got censored after all these years without my consent...

    1. Jordan Miller

      Jordan Miller

      Gave ya 300 points as a little olive branch :kyliecry:

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  3. I love that my username got censored after all these years without my consent...

    1. Jordan Miller

      Jordan Miller

      Hey, I'm sorry about that. I'm super sorry :(

      Google is penalizing us for pages where the b-word appears. Your username showed up on a lot of exhale pages, so we had to change it so the word wasn't in your username. 

      All usernames with profanity (I don't think it's a bad word but google disagrees le sigh) have to be changed.

      I can make your username something else if you'd like. Please let me know. I apologize for this. 

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  4. There can be a hundred people in a forum, and 99 don't like Britney Jean, and just one does. That is @PokemonSpears :gagasmile:

  5. me going from stanning britney to becoming a full time kpop stan :awkblink:

    1. Jordan Miller

      Jordan Miller

      Post a thread with your faves!! 

  6. hi Exhale, didn't know these were back :hiii:

  7. I haven’t been online in years...this new layout is confusing :sponge:

    1. Jordan Miller

      Jordan Miller

      Confusing in what way. I'm here to help 🙏 

  8. Spoiler

    Christina Aguilera Bionic 

    Hi Everyone ,
    ‪This year will be Christina Aguilera’s Bionic album 10th anniversary ! 
    I created a petition because the Fighters would love Xtina to rerelease it for June with the unreleased tracks 💖
    Some of the titles of the unreleased tracks : Powerful , Kimono Girl , Love For All Seasons , Love Will Find A Way , Lullaby . 

    That album deserves more visibility, appreciation and love and this is the right year to get a Bionic special treat because it would be a mistake to wait for 10 more years .

    It would be amazing if you could help me sign the petition and spread the word 💖

    1. Jordan Miller

      Jordan Miller

      Hey 👋 

      You posted this as a status in your profile 😉 

      Copy + paste and put it in the Music Discussion forum! 


  9. I can't edit my posts. Is it just me? :umomg:

    1. Jordan Miller

      Jordan Miller

      Hey there. Check this out: 


  10. Hello Exhale! OriginalRoxxy at your service!

    paris hilton good afternoon everyone GIF

  11. Sending you some good vibes x

  12. Why does Exhale look slightly different? The thread rating stars are spaced out vertically, and quotes don't have timestamps... It's weird.

    1. Jordan Miller

      Jordan Miller

      We did a little software update. Give us a few to work out the kinks ;) 

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