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  • Hilary Duff Needs To Make A Pop Music Comeback (Fan-Demanded Version)

    Congratulations, you've joined the ranks of all the rest.

    Hilary Duff has created more glimmering pop gems throughout her near 20-year career than the GP cares to admit. Whether she likes it or not there’s a demand for more new tunes. The problem is… she doesn’t really want to create more of these precious bops. Why, Hilary? WHY?

    According to the Grammy nominated (hopefully one day) singer, her filming schedule is just too hectic. “[Younger] keeps me so busy. When am I going to tour? How am I going to make a record?,” she said in 2018. Even worse… in the beginning of 2016, Duff said she is “not going to be on a world tour and be the top of the charts because I don’t have the time to put in and that’s not what’s important to me.” Here we are three years later and still no closer to new music minus a couple of one-offs (“Little Lies” is that bop though).

    It appears Hilary wants almost nothing to do with the music biz, so we’ve decided to write a piece explaining just how great her music actually is and *hopefully* inspire Miss Hilary to reconsider.

    It's worth mentioning she hopped on a cover of Third Eye Blind's "I'll Never Let You Go" recently with husband Matthew Koma and RAC - there's hope!

    For someone who doesn’t seem to have a huge passion for making pop music, Hilary has a long menu of incredibly delicious pop entrees that gays and gals have gobbled up since the Lizzie McGuire era. If you didn’t memorize Lizzie’s choreographed dance routine to “What Dreams Are Made Of” did you even have a childhood? The film was the catalyst for Disney execs to reframe Hilary from tween queen to bonafide pop star, and they did it in a way where she didn’t lose her sh!t (or her clothes). Just a few weeks after Lizzie’s trip to Rome, Hilary dropped her debut album, Metamorphosis (I’m not counting 2002’s Santa Claus Lane and you will deal). It was bubble gum pop rock that was edgy enough for youngsters to feel like they could comfortably move on from Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century’s “Supernova Girl” (also still that bop) and into something more age-appropriate for a freshman in high school. That album put Hilary onto the map in a way we hadn’t see before – she wasn’t being recognized for her after school shenanigans with Miranda and Gordo – people who weren’t already following along started to take notice. “So Yesterday” was a self-assured song that oozed budding independence. It still reminds me to this day to let go of petty dramas constantly ignited by Internet comments or when I’m grilled in the besties group text. The record also birthed literally iconic theme songs for MTV’s The Hills (“Come Clean”) and Sweet Sixteen. Five bucks says you just pictured a mascara tear rolling down LC’s face and some little brat screaming about getting a Mercedes instead of a Bentley.

    Yea, Metamorphosis was cheesy, guilty pleasure pop music for tweens, and I still jam to it on occasion, but more importantly it grabbed our attention and paved the way for more flawless music to come. Hilary’s 2004 self-titled is arguably the strangest body of work she’s ever put forth (in music and film). She perfectly captured the rebellious angsts of adolescence in a bottle with songs like “Mr. James Dean,” “Dangerous To Know” and “Weird.” Normally, Disney starlets startle parents by stripping off their wardrobe, but Hilary decided to scream on a bunch of songs and get the kids fired up to throw down. Though Hilary Duff was defiantly bizarre, it contained a back-to-back 1-2 punch with “Shine” and “I Am.” The songwriting on this couplet was explorative – she discovers puppy love on the former and self-love on the latter. It was the stepping stone she needed to create her masterpiece…


    The leap from soda pop rock of the self titled to dark pop with Dignity is under appreciated. Hilary was finally channeling real-life situations into her music, disguising that manicured smile behind electro-tinged beats and icy synths. It’s one of the first instances in Hilary’s music where she flexed her vocal guns, pointed and shot mercilessly. She had a few unsuspecting victims in her crosshairs, and when the time was right… rained fire. It marked a pivot from shallow teeny bops to dance music with substance. Gone were the bratty guitar riffs and sugary sweet choruses – Hilary had an obsession with dazzling electric bangers a la “Play With Fire” and “With Love,” but she sinks her teeth into players on a few other standout tracks.

    “Stranger” and “Gypsy Woman” take shots at the woman who her father had an affair with. On the former, swirling horns call attention to the urgency in Hilary’s icy stabs. “‘Stranger’ is a song I wrote about how my mom must feel around my dad,” she said at the time. “I made it seem like it was about a relationship I was in, because I didn’t want people to know about my parents, but I’ve realized that so many people can relate to what I’ve gone through.” “Gypsy Woman” is considerably harsher towards the unnamed woman, describing her as a home wrecking bitch that lacks empathy, but hey there’s some pretty infectious middle eastern-style production to distract us from the fact that Hilary is seething with resentment. The album title track may or may not be about Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. “Dignity is a song that is definitely about people in Hollywood”, she said. “I wouldn’t say that it is about [Richie] specifically but it is about people that kind of do what she does and act the way she acts.” You may recall the iconic line, “you’d show up to the opening of an envelope.” It’s Hilary’s angsty rage captured in rare form. Hilary said “Danger” was about one of her friend’s relationships with a guy considerably older in age. A friend wink wink.

    But Dignity isn’t all pop doom and gloom – it’s got a couple of outstanding rays of sunshine that still light up my workout playlists, like “Outside Of You” and “I Wish” (seems like every album has two phenomenal back-to-back tracks am I right?). All these years later, the album sounds fresh and original to anything currently curating Spotify’s Top Songs playlist.

    Hilary tried escaping the gravitational pull of electro anthems when she began recording the followup, breathe in. breathe out. Though she ultimately ended up with a collection of warm, pulsating dance tracks, she began with different intentions. Fans wouldn’t get a new album from Hilary for another eight years, and during that time she explored her roots with country-folk pop tracks. Hilary tried captivating audiences with songs like “Chasing The Sun” and “All About You,” both genuinely vibrant feel-good tunes, but she shifted back to a sound that might strike a chord on the Hot 100 and ended up releasing “Sparks” (which it did).

    Dignity, though on the surface appeared to be YAAAS KWEEN-style bops, was pretty “super heavy” for Hil, so when it came time to record Breathe, Duff set her sights on something warm and cuddly. “The album is a range of stuff,” Duff said in 2015 of BIBO. “I would say definitely in the beginning when I started writing, it was pretty heavy, coming out of my past year of life. It’s changed since then, which is good because I think that the overall theme too – me, personally, I’m not this super heavy girl. You know? I’m one for the sunshine, so it’s shifted a lot and it feels a lot better to me.”

    The Ed Sheeran-penned “Tattoo,” “Confetti” (co-produced and written by her now fiancé, Matthew Koma. Side note: it samples Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven Is a Place on Earth,” and that’s pretty special), “My Kind” and “One In A Million” are innocent knee-slappers that steer clear from the chilling introspective topics that take center stage on Dignity. After tapping out from pop rock again, Hilary dyed her hair blue, threw on a leotard, learned some choreography and dove back into pure pop with “Sparks.”

    “Sparks” had some serious talent behind it – Bloodshy co-produced it (Britney Spears’ “Toxic”) with songwriting provided by Tove Lo (Sweden’s impact). It’s probably the closest we’ve come to Hilary Duff The Pop Star™ in-part thanks to the stylized video. You may recall she initially released a clip for it that came off more like a really, really long Tinder advertisement than an actual music video, so begrudgingly her team released a “Fan-Demanded” version (sans Tinder and lots of dancing) because there was that much outrage. But what it proved is that Hilary isn’t just a one-trick pony, she’s versatile and wide-ranged – maybe not vocally, but great pop music doesn’t require that. If the tables were turned… could Adele pull off “Sparks?”

    We’ve grown up with Hilary Duff. She personified a young rebellious spirit figuring life out on her earlier works, sharpened her nails with Dignity then went back to singing about sunshine and confetti on breathe in. breathe out. She’s in an interesting position right now in regards to how or when she should release new music. In the time since her last record, Hilary has fallen in love, had another baby, starred in a hit TV show and you know… lived. She has stories to share, and we’re all ears. That is, if she’s willing to tell.

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    Ugh?! :zoomzoom:

    The Wake Up and Beat of My Heart erasure?! Why wasn't Most Wanted and Best of Hilary Duff not mentioned? She had new content in them especially with MW. Like 5 new tracks or something. And the two singles off of MW are two of her best bops (fight me). :huh:

    Also, my impact. ❤❤❤

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    Dignity was amazing and really underrated!

    Ive always been a fan of Hilary Duff but I have to admit that I only listened to Breathe for the first time ever all the way through the other day and was suprised as to how good it actually it is!

    In other news.... why are we not harassing Vanessa Hudgens for more music! Love her!! 

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    Why thank you! I was a member here years ago but forgot my old login details 🤦🏼‍♂️ I religiously check the site just never comment haha 😂 

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    How come I hadn't read this post? It's genius. 

    First of all, I have to agree with @Roxxy, the disrespect towards Wake Up and Beat Of My Heart is beyond me. I'm not talking about Jordan but rather how the GP managed to ignore those bops. 

    Hil is my original queen. She's the one who made me become a music stan. Come Clean and Beat Of My Heart were the first two songs I ever downloaded. I was OBSESSED with her and her albums. Hilary Duff raised me, PERIOD!

    BIBO was amazing but it just left me craving for more Hil. I really hope she comes back soon and blesses us with more music.  

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    On 2/24/2020 at 2:10 PM, deadcrocodiletears said:

    Dignity was an excellent album which underperformed in comparison to her previous efforts because the shift was almost too quick and hollywood records didn't know how to promote her. she still managed to get a #1 album though right?

    anyway, I like her when she's acting (especially on television) but i'll be real.. Never Let You Go is bad. I liked BOBO because they were nice pop tracks (which aged like milk tbh) when i was in my senior year of high school and first year of undergrad. 

    personally however, i think she's lost her passion for music and quite honestly she doesn't have the stage presence or longevity now to really chart. if it's a passion project, then sure! but i don't think she really cares and her vocals from a 2020 context are not strong enough for me to care either in that case.

    if she continued with where she was going with Dignity and Holiday I think I'd prefer her music long-term. If she needs to make music, I think she should just release single after single (this is coming from her bIGGEST stan growing up- I even went to see the Most Wanted tour which was my first concert) because she keeps talking **** about how she doesn't want to make music. like okay, then don't lol. I love Younger though and she's great on it!

    She's needed to be more passionate and when you feel that you have expiration date, thats horrible.

    Happened the 4 Years Of Biz-squeezing The same they did with RBD (Mexican Group),  S club 7,  Nsync, Backstreet Boys, ashlee simpson, gwen stefani, justin bieber, cheetah girls, jonas brothers and high school musical , hannah montana (NOT MILEY) and others

    consisting on have full 4 years of fullwork let the best of you until you can't sell a ticket.

    when she leaved lizzie mcguire, comes with metamorphosis it was an amazing album, Next comes another more personal HILARY DUFF for me on of the best records i've ever heart but too mature for her focus public , and too childish for a mature public her SHOW Was with good sale THE MOST WANTED TOUR

    (I SAW THIS TOUR IN VENEZUELA 2005) it was amazing setlist. 


    TO SAVE HER IMAGE decide to make a MOST WANTED ALBUM, but the STILL MOST WANTED TOUR was awful the setlist like a femme fatale tour.


    Then she have an amazing ALBUM DIGNITY, but the budget of hollywood records doesn't want to invest more money on her, she goes on a little tour without no much promo and also the tickets sale were no so good.


    Then she leaves at see that the label doesn't want to invest more money on her, Also in this tour (DIGNITY) you can look her NOT SO HAPPY AT ALL, with awkawrd dancing.


    She is a promise, but she need to focus, I Think her perfect comeback will be a TOUR with someone ELSE , like  Demi or MIley. 

    Also she was Winning points on the Acting Carrer more than HER MUSIC CARRER, for example she passes from a 500000 USD Show to a less than 100000, with all that a show requires to production, she prefer to do less for more . 


    also she referred her fans like a "LITTLE GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT STILL HEAR ME"  

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