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  1. Title : Confessions of a broke *** Tracklist : "Not Mad" "Chillin' Without U" "Don't Go Knocking On My Condo" "Broke At The Ritz" "Oops!.. I Just Ran On a Cat" "Not Lying Y'all" "Blurred Kids" "In Her Shadow" "Daddy's Girl"
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  2. Sentence #2: "There might well come a time when the Court will be called upon to consider whether the conservatorship should be terminated in its entirety and whether—in addition to stripping his daughter of her dignity, autonomy, and certain fundamental liberties—Mr. Spears is also guilty of misfeasance or malfeasance warranting the imposition of surcharges, damages, or other legal action against him."
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  3. Meanwhile Juno is working her *** off to write a book. Jelus?
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  4. So Jamie is Britney Spears and she is God?
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  5. I hope she never forgives them! Especially that misogynistic Bryan who said the conservatorship is good for the family business insinuated Britney is crazy.
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  6. Yas Fe, constantly raising the bar for us all! A Fe stamp of approval is enough for me!
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  7. Umm I wasn’t expecting this what? 2013 Britney Jean wouldn’t approve of this “I’m a mother now”
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  8. You guys are mean. I just wish her book has as much success as her country music career.
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  10. " I think they did a pretty good job at exploiding my life and the way they've done with my life, so I think this should be an Open Court and they should hear & listen what I have to say .." - Britney interrupts Laurianne Wright (Jodi's attorney) about Opening the court. This moment right here... this was the time where we all knew this was going to change the entire story about the conservatorship. I got the chills listening to her saying that, LIVE ... it was SO POWERFULL.
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  11. 127 pages - Matthew has been working Britney has filed to remove/suspend Jamie. I will update with an overview! UPDATE: ROSENGART HAS NOW FILED FOR THE HEARING TAKE PLACE ON SEPTEMBER 29TH Related:
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  12. Cher responds to Britney's latest Instagram caption in which she says: Related:
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  13. I was pulling up IG to show my barista something and THIS pops up and we both gasped
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  14. I’m loving how gorgeous she looks but I never pictured her as the type to post pictures like this. Anyone else find it awkward seeing her like this?
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  15. Clearly unable to provide for his own housing, food, clothing an health. Would be ironic for him to be, well I don't know .... put under a conservatorship maybe ? Make sure that 'dementia' box is ticked off Lou.
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  16. For the first time, Britney's best friend Cade Hudson is speaking out on Britney's situation. He posted on Instagram: "I’ve kept my mouth shut for 12 + years on Britney. Enough is enough. After getting thousands of death threats, getting water bottles thrown at my head in bars from by standers telling me I’m brainwashing her -Britney lm now speaking up." He opened up about 2007, saying: "Britney who was accused of some errors as a new mom at 26 with 100 cameras in her face daily waiting to document any wrong move she did gets placed under a never ending conservatorship?" To that he says ... "***ism at its best." He goes on: "This is a violation of someone’s basic human rights that were taken away. I’ve kept my mouth shut out of the fear of losing my job as her agent and losing the career I worked my *** off for 15 years to build, out of threats from the man we we all know who, but I won’t even dignify mentioning his name. I’m officially done being quiet." He says he knows the real Britney: the one who's spent Xmas with him, who's volunteered at dance classes for underprivileged kids, and adds ... "The system and the public failed her. Her new attorney is the best of the best and knows that the work has just begun but it’s progress & hope and that’s all we can ask for for now until action can be taken." He concludes: "I’ll end with a few things, one person who was in her life (again legally can’t name names) was also silenced by the people around her. You silencers know who you are. This person has her best interest at heart." And finally, "Even if people don’t see it now, it will come out. To the ones who should be worried, you know who you are too. The nonsense needs to end, and the healing process needs to begin. The lord tends to pay those people back in his own ways. So for the first time I’m publicly saying #FREEBRITNEY." "Time to get my girl and best friend back" and caps it off with a plea to his old pal, writing ... "@Britneyspears it’s your time - the world is listening and is on your side. The world NEEDS you freed and back." Source: Cade's instagram and TMZ article stating what he said
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  17. remember that thread of someone complaining about him not doing anything and it had been a week
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  18. I wonder where these "enough is enough" people have been for 13 years. Your “best friend” has been kept silenced and away from the knowledge for 13 years, her lawyer and family were and still is stealing money, you know how to pass Britney into clubs, but you don't just help her research how to break this legal arrangement for all these years. Come on... I'm done with these "enough with team con silencing us" statements coming from Britney's close circle. None of you have moved your fingers. Her fans were sued, her fans’ jobs were blocked and threatened . Where you were just busy eating easy earned money in your glass houses . Get out of there.
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  19. Ehm no, sweetheart You're literally the Devil "LOUcifer" see?
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  20. I’m not dignifying them with a click, here’s the text lol Britney Spears and her new lawyer say Jamie Spears has stripped Britney of her dignity, autonomy and fundamental liberties ... and they lay out their case in new legal docs as to why he must be removed as conservator of her estate. In the new docs, Britney and her attorney, former federal prosecutor Matt Rosengart, claim Jamie has essentially terrorized his daughter, forcing her to get certain treatments and signing off on drug regimens that were allegedly harmful to her. The docs also challenge Jamie's management of the conservatorship, claiming he's made a king's ransom over the last 13 years. He gets $16,000 a month plus $2k a month for office expenses. He also got 1.5% of the gross revenues from her Vegas residency ... which brought in $137.7 million. The docs say Jamie's cut alone was at least $2.1 mil. The docs go on to say Jamie got $2.95% from Britney's 2011 Femme Fatale tour ... an estimated $500k. Britney and Rosengart say Jamie is ill-equipped to manage Britney's business affairs, saying his family "struggled financially under his leadership and filed for bankruptcy in 1998." The docs claim Britney's life has been upended by the conflict she has with her dad. The docs say they don't speak and the current situation is "traumatizing, insane and depressing." The docs call the relationship "venomous" and "it impairs Ms. Spears's mental health, her well-being, and her ability to pursue and continue with her extraordinary career." One of the more interesting parts of the document is the intimation Britney may have possibly needed some sort of conservatorship 13 years ago but things have drastically changed ... "Since receiving professional medical care at the outset of this conservatorship over thirteen years ago, Ms. Spears is clearly in a different place now, and she has been for many years. The entire world has witnessed Ms. Spears working tirelessly -- with astonishing dedication, precision, and excellence -- as a musical artist and performer, an exceptional earner for Mr. Spears (and others) who had a financial interest in making sure she would continue to work and perform." The docs quote Forbes as saying given what Britney has earned, her net worth is "shockingly low," and Britney and Rosengart appear to be placing a big part of the blame on Jamie.
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  21. This guy is saying what we've been saying all along, I am not a Britney fan anymore - I am now a Mathew Fan sorry guys Britney is not relevant anymore, Mathew is much more relevant and one of the most electrifying performers of all time selling more than 140m truths
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  22. i dont understand a lot of things here. what are they talking about a womanizer performance? in 2007? on american idol? which womanizer performance was erratic? and what about this look is overweight? and i know it’s meant to praise her, but the article didn’t sit well with me
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  23. Someone may want to check up on her, seems like SHE needs to be under a conservatorship
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  25. I really don’t understand how in 2021 anyone could say Britney was/is overweight… I also don’t understand the intent of this article. Like are we supposed to praise Simon Cowell for supposedly bringing Britney out of her shell…? Seems to then suggest that it’s Britney’s fault that she “shrunk back into her shell” after whatever gift Simon apparently gave her…
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  26. I didn't realize that he was actually her agent...I thought they were just friends. WTF at fans sending him death threats and physically assaulting him? This fanbase really worries me sometimes.
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  27. hello lou? he cant take care of himself...lets file papers for a conservatorship ASAP
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  28. This account loves to send us into a shambles on a weekend
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  29. This is amazing: Rubin is an expert in Elder Abuse Litigation They want him to prosecute civil harassment restraining orders. It also appears they are looking to remove Jodi if they want Rubin to deal with health decisions too! Britney will attend the hearing to appoint him He is an expert in forensic financial and accounting litigation - YES EXPOSE TEAM CON
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  30. Omg, she doesnt have her hands on the wheel. Lock her up!! She's crazy
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  31. Where is the oxygen orangutan gif when i need it omg go off queen
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  32. I think three of these are new while the other one is pretty old. These voicemail give me chills and it's clear that Britney has been begging for help and request a change of attorney over the course of 13 years to John Eardley. Ronan Farrow article mention his name before and I think there are articles on how Eardley is contesting the conservatorship. A little digging found out that John Eardley was disbarred from practicing. Although I'm not sure since when, probably around 2009 when Britney is asking for a change of court appointed attorney: https://www.allcaliforniaattorneys.com/attorney/132577/jon-jay-eardley "I, Britney Spears want John Eardley to represent me and bring this conservatorship to and end. I am in sound mind and body. I don't want a conservator. I am being held against my will. I can't exercise my constitutional rights. I can't participate in my custody litigation. I believe my civil rights are being violated" "Hi, this is Britney Spears. It’s Sunday the 18th Just so you know I want out of this conservatorship. I’ve been blackmailed by visitation with my babies by the conservatorship. I’m confined, restrained, and stripped of my civil rights. And I demand the state of California to review this case because I feel it's illegal.. Bye" "Hi, this is Britney Spears. I want John Eardley and John Patterson to represent me as court-appointed attorney in my best interests and best wishes. OK bye" This is the old one, I think I heard of this before: "Hi my name’s Britney Spears. I called you earlier. I’m calling again because I just wanted to make sure that during the process of eliminating the conservatorship that my father has threatened me several times, that you know, he’ll take my children away. I just want to be guaranteed that everything will be fine with the process and that you guys are taking care of everything, that things will stay the same as far as my custodial time. That’s it, bye" This is crazy.. Con team is working hard to secure $600 millions of Britney's estate by throwing punches left and right. Britney potential attorney got disbarred trying to represent her. This is why freebritney movement is important to bring public awareness on this. If there are no public pressure, Brenda Petty *might allegedly dismiss Rosengart, or worse, team con will make Rosengart disbarred. This is a very serious organized crime in California. I'm pretty speechless right now..
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  33. Everything ok at home? Wear yellow in the next reply so we can start the campaign to free you.
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  34. UGH CHER IS THE MOTHER WE ALL DESERVE I can’t wait to see them go on vacation
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  35. I only remember the black skirt yall are calling it a “mandela effect” but back in my day we called this “being a flop fan”
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