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  1. Voluntarily entered? Nope Revive career? Blackout says hi Reestablish relationship with children? His violence lost her custody Mental health issues? Rooted from childhood family trauma no doubt Biting his tongue? Good A loss for Britney? NOPE
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  2. Jamie Spears released a statement via his lawyer, Vivian Thoreen. Feel free to call out all of the lies in the comments. “Mr. Spears loves his daughter Britney unconditionally,” the statement reads. “For thirteen years, he has tried to do what is in her best interests, whether as a conservator or her father. This started with agreeing to serve as her conservator when she voluntarily entered into the conservatorship. This included helping her revive her career and re-establish a relationship with her children. For anyone who has tried to help a family member dealing with mental health issues, they can appreciate the tremendous amount of daily worry and work this required. For Mr. Spears, this also meant biting his tongue and not responding to all the false, speculative, and unsubstantiated attacks on him by certain members of the public, media, or more recently, Britney’s own attorney. “These facts make the outcome of yesterday’s hearing all the more disappointing, and frankly, a loss for Britney,” the statement continues. “Respectfully, the court was wrong to suspend Mr. Spears, put a stranger in his place to manage Britney’s estate, and extend the very conservatorship that Britney begged the court to terminate earlier this summer. Again, it was Mr. Spears who took the initiative to file the petition to terminate the conservatorship when neither Britney’s former court-appointed counsel nor her new privately-retained attorney would do so. It was Mr. Spears who asked the court at yesterday’s hearing to immediately terminate the conservatorship while Britney’s own attorney argued against it." “Despite the suspension, Mr. Spears will continue to look out for the best interests of his daughter and work in good faith towards a positive resolution of all matters,” the statement, signed by Thoreen, concludes.
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  3. I like how there’s w**d on the table .... yet Britney is scrutinized ... makes you think !!!! 🤔
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  4. She has to be trolling at this point with that opening line
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  5. This statement really hurts my soul. She keeps mentioning the forced rehab stay because this specific instance hurt her so deeply. Her family betrayed her life never before. I hope she can heal one day. That doesn’t mean forgiving them.
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  6. “Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview”
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  7. What in the Wrong Turn is going on ? I need a translator. Also I see where Jamie Lynn got her genes from.
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  8. SURPRISE! BreatheHeavy is featured in Netflix's forthcoming Britney documentary, 'Britney vs Spears,' out September 28th. 😱 I sat down with the film's director Erin Lee Carr back in April (months before Britney's testimony btw). I talked about Britney with the utmost respect like the living legend that she is. For a lot of the #FreeBritney movement, I've felt out of place. This opportunity reminded me that the community on BreatheHeavy and all the hard work I've put in over the years actually mattered. 😭 I know there's some politics going on, but I firmly believe Free Britney has been a team effort since 2009 and am grateful to everyone who's put in countless hours reporting, reading court docs, making YouTube videos and podcasts, organizing rallies or even leaving a supportive comment for Britney. It ALL matters. Special thank you to Erin and the doc's producer, Sarah Gibson, for all the kind words this past year and for including me in the film. I hope I make you all proud. ♥️🌹 Thoughts? Drop me a line in the comments. 🙏
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  9. Jamie trying to talk to her everyday like:
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  11. Update: Full Trailer has been released!! The documentary will be released on September 28th 2021, the day before Britney's next hearing. Full trailer:
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  12. Now, dear Sam, how were these docs supposed to get approval from the subject when all of the directors said it was impossible to reach Britney? You should know that firsthand... Ugh, he keeps leaving a really bad taste in my mouth.
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  13. Porsha being trained to attack Robin, Lou and Jamie cardboard cutouts.
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  14. I don't think he deserves any attention from us or for any of us to waste our time talking about him.
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  15. omg the vid of jayden playing the piano brinnys genes coming through
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  16. I kinda find it disgusting that she's not even free yet and all the media are asking is when is she going to perform again. Is it just me who feels like that? Let her just be free and just enjoy life for a bit. She was obviously tired from the last residency, I can't see her doing anything so strenuous again unless it is a limited amount of shows and longer breaks/gaps. I cannot see her doing as many shows as she once did. I just want her to enjoy life, get married and have a baby. I think at some point in the future she will get bored and want to release music but I don't know, I just can't see it any time soon and I don't blame her.
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  17. LMFAOOOO the way they are trying to play the entire situation. We all know why y'all wanted to terminate it Vivian, so ya'll wouldn't get investigated. We also know why Rosengart demanded another conservator, so ya'll will provide proof with the way you stole from Britney. And we all know why the cship was extended to November, so there will be enough time to send ya'll to prison! At this point, the cship barely even exists, she's a free woman and the cship is on paper. The entire point of it is to send you ugly rats to prison and make sure you lose your fu*king license and end up living in a dumpster where you belong.
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  18. This fanbase is nuts. You guys fight for Britney’s freedom but don’t give her the autonomy to accept whom she loves. I sound like a broken record but damn — some of you are so hypocritical and are only projecting your own sad insecurities on their relationship as a ploy to make it seem like their love is inauthentic. LET THEM BE. It’s not our relationship. Yes, Britney is in a conservatorship but she is a grown *** woman who consensually agreed to keep this man in her life. End of.
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  19. Yes! The 2009 audio! Finally going mainstream! There is no way this is pro conservatorship, which isn't surprising. No-one in their right mind can make a pro conservatorship documentary based on the FACTS we have.
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  20. Oh, that's the message you get when you browse and you're not registered. Hi, Kevin's brother.
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  21. This pic of her will forever send me to the moon She looks like a dog that was just groomed for a show. ALLEGEDLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY
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  22. KFed and his friends are pure trailer trash my god but if that's what the queen wanted, I support it wholeheartedly!!!
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  23. Doesn't he know that these people are also helping Britney in her fight for freedom? Without the NYT doc, the general public would never pay this much attention to this case because Britney is not Taylor or Beyonce.
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  24. Omg love when she talks about her career pre-conservatorship. She seems to bring up the ‘Britney’ era a lot. She must be a stan.
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  25. Sam is so dumb oh my god These documentaries have done nothing but GOOD for her case and the general public’s awareness of the corrupt c-ships in America.
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  26. I’m not saying Lou is a gay demon exorcist and I’m not trying to start any rumors: but I just want to point out that maybe she quit Tri-Star to become a full time gay demon exorcist. It’s possible 🤷‍♂️
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  27. Not them questioning her at LAX And TMZ have no option now but to report the truth but its all too little, too late. They can all enjoy hell together.
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  28. Omg the photoshop is so bad. The bath is soooo stretched
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  29. Love their work with Framing Britney Spears and Controlling Britney Spears. They said there could be another potential documentary in the future. They are still looking for sources and investigating leads.
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  31. surprise! I’m excited to watch this and see who spoke out. This last week before the hearing is going to be crazy.
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  32. this makes me feel better bc now we know Brit saw her msg
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  33. These documents are springing up like mushrooms. Today we've got TNYT, Sunday is CNN, and Tuesday is Netflix. In addition, there is a court hearing on Wednesday. More is happening than with the promotion of the album.
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  34. Given the way she spoke during her testimony, which was a pretty typical (albeit angry) Britney voice, I believe the way she speaks in IG videos is just her being silly or trying to have a “cutesy” voice in her videos. The signature Britney laugh was even there when she giggled after she said “because I know I might need a little therapy.”
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  35. It’s nice to hear him say that NOW after 13 years of doing zip all to advocate for the mother of his children and the literal reason he’s able to live in a huge house and smoke w**d all day (and not work since 2003)
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  36. Britney Spears was overwhelmed with emotion after learning her father, Jamie Spears, was suspended from her conservatorship after 13 years. “Britney burst into tears upon hearing the judge’s decision,” a source exclusively told Page Six of the superstar’s reaction. “For the longest time, she had begun to think that she would never see the day that her father’s domineering control over every single aspect of her life would end, but it finally happened.” The insider added, “She’s in shock and at a loss for words but literally jumping for joy. She hasn’t felt joy like this in 13 years.”
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  37. So which one you lied and said it was titled "Sunflower"?? Show yourselves!
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