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  1. Ooh..the Misogynist prick brother who thinks Britney in a conservatorship was “good for the family business” and that all the Spears women are crazy. What a gross pos he turned out to be. Didn’t know he was in a child support/divorce situation
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  2. The way him and Jamie-Lynn can't even congratulate her...so disgusting. I hope Britney's sues her family like she wants when she's free.
    43 points
  3. A nobody? She's won an Oscar, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actor's Guild award... You may not like what she said, but she's far from a "D-list nobody" and is indeed Hollywood Royalty.
    28 points
  4. It’s 28 pages long. She highlights the injustices with Britney not being given notice of the proposed Conservatorship. Contains a lot of information we know but is all gathered and submitted to the court as a supplement to end the Conservatorship. Not sure if Rosengart knows she was going to do this.
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  5. I remember when I used to find him somewhat hot. What was I thinking? He's the spit of James Parnell these days.
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  6. They’re really are the siblings from hell. With everything Britney has done for them..it’s sick.
    25 points
  7. No need to go after someone's appearance, that's very low. He's a misogynist leech, who would feed on his own sister for good if he could. Let's go with that.
    24 points
  8. Well Britney being spammed with "pre-nup" comments is completely insensitive, rude and basically outright calling Britney stupid. Imagine trying to enjoy your big moment and you see those comments flooded in your comments.
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  9. Remember when people called Team FreeBritney crazy and we should stay out of it? It’s amazing how resilient Britney and her fan base are. You’re almost there Britney! Not long until you’re DONE with the control, lies and manipulation by your putrid father and the rats and leeches around you.
    21 points
  10. I think it's very important that this gets settled too. It's not only a matter of whether she needs the conservatorship now or not, it's the whole fact that it wasn't needed at all in the first place
    20 points
  11. 20 points
  12. Whatever happened to respecting people’s choice? Canceling someone over the choices they make for themselves just doesn’t make sense to me. I respect that she’s doing what’s best for HER! Sometimes instead of just following what others are saying maybe see into the why? Are you dragging Beyoncé because she wasn’t there? Or the other celebrities not speaking on their choices? Just like people are applauding a dress that says tax the rich when only the rich can attend these events! $30,000 for a ticket plus $275,000 for a table? The world is truly on fire and here we are worried about someone’s personal choice to not go to an event that is not helping anyone at all!
    19 points
  13. I feel like this is a "cleanse" of her social media. A fresh new star with a "more in control" Britney once she's back. I think this is good
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  14. People who say Britney needs a conservatorship never fail to make me raise my eyebrows. Like many of us, they had no idea what a conservatorship was until Britney was fraudulently placed in one.... but, yeah, she needs it in case she paints her kitchen cabinets a colour daddy doesn't approve of. She can f off. We don't need to see things like this here. This place can be toxic enough.
    17 points
  15. She’s the former editor of Star magazine and has been exposed many times for her problematic ways. She doesn’t deserve any of our views
    16 points
  16. I love this so much! I remember feeling frustrated last year because everything was so unknown and I felt hopeless. I didn't even know if by listening to a song I would be causing harm so I decided not to. Seeing post like this make it all worth it! The irony in people calling us crazy for fighting for her when people thought she was crazy and now we're full circle and Britney herself is reminding us we aren't and weren't crazy we love you! We're almost to the finish line!
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  18. Maybe, just maybe she reached out to him in private? My mom never posted something for my birthday on social media and I'm pretty sure she loves me regardless
    15 points
  19. I wonder if Jamies husband signed a prenup so he doesnt get half of Britneys money incase of divorce.
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  20. They are so quiet about all of this because they allegedly know that Britney being the cash cow for them is over and it’s sinking in that their allegedly horrible manipulation and control over her is over. It’s bizarre that they can’t even say congratulations? Sam is in and they are out
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  21. There were tens of thousands of people commenting/liking comments about pre-nups, not just Octavia. And after pretty much everyone in Britney’s life being a leech and taking advantage of her for decades, can’t blame people for being worried about her in that regard. It’s probably best she be offline/disconnected until after the end of September court case anyway.
    13 points
  22. A welfare check because she deleted her Instagram? I swear, some of you are unhinged and don't think rationally. I can understand being concerned prior to Britney having a decent lawyer fighting her corner, but Jesus Christ, calm the **** down.
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  23. this is gonna be our last goodbyee, my account is gone, but y'all survive hide my posts and dry my eyes you don't need to see me dance
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  24. It's really weird it'd be deleted/deactivated after such happy news of her engagement. Very strange this happens after saying she's been controlled for 13 years and thanks the Free Britney movement...
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  25. He aged like milk sitting outside in the summer of Louisiana. 🤮 idk why but I spit my coffee out at the pap asking “do you think your dad will walk her down the aisle?” 😂
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  26. I'm so proud of her. And I'm also proud of all of us. A year ago we were hopeless, knowing everything but not being able to make it as known as it should be. Well not anymore. It makes me emotional. I want her to have the best life possible. #FreeBritney
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  27. And y’all wonder why people think Britney’s fans are high key racists ….like LOADS of people said the exact same thing. Never once did she make it about herself or say anything that many of her fans were NOT thinking. Very weird how you found the time to make a thread bashing a black woman
    12 points
  28. This is such a PR tweet lol not Britney, but I believe rosengarts statement that it was her decision to suspend it
    12 points
  29. I can't deal with this fandom, overdosing - kill her? SHE HAS SAM AND A LAWYER, YOU ALL THINK THEY WILL KILL HER THEY ARE NOT STUPID! STOP WITH THIS NONSENSE.
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  31. Thank you Britney for deleting your IG! Give us nothing because some of us really don’t deserve anything
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  32. This lady is badass. Deserves all the praise in the world. I wish she was on Britneys camp
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  33. Brit’s fans right now… Sam with Brit right now… Everyone take a deep breath. As much as I don’t put a pass to anything team CON does, I doubt they would try anything with so many eyes on them now. They’re stupid, but not that stupid.
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  34. Because not getting a vacine has an effect on EVERYONE. Not getting a vacine is selfish and it keeps the economy hostage. As long as people act all dumb and rather believe people with zero experience in the medical field OVER HUNDREDS of people that actually work in the medical sector, the economy remains in a fragile place. Get the ffing vacine so the world can move on. The only reason it's taking this long is cause of selfish people like Nicki.
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  35. Funny how this whole family was so outspoken over the last year when trying to prove through TV interviews that Britney needed the cship and now they have nothing to say about her life at all
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