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  1. Jamie Lou is so gonna like this post and comment : Yasss sistren, tell them !
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  2. This is seriously the first time I think it might actually be her that was point blank period obvious
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  4. Is this Lance Bass's assistant? I remember her from this past season of the Circle. And does Fe have her Christmas tree up in July? Bless her heart
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  5. Post your fav Sam & Britney pictures?
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  6. That whole Jason/Femme Fatale/X Factor era is one of the biggest mysteries of Britney’s career to me. THAT’s the tea I want spilled in her book! So many people just look past him cuz it was so long ago. But their whole dynamic was always almost disturbing to me.
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  8. “We don’t see or hear about every little thing she does, but she is there for Britney as her sister, best friend and support system,” the source explains. “Jamie doesn’t want to be involved in Britney’s conservatorship battle since she feels that’s between Britney and her father, [Jamie Spears], and feels like Britney is strong enough to win this fight.” MY WHOLE FAMILY DID NOTHING - Britney Spears
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  11. Can you all stop please? This video might be staged and so what? (Its not unusual) He is clearly against team con! Actions speak louder than words - remember what he said about her dad ? If he was on his payroll, he would NEVER say that. I think he is smart enough (so is Britney) and they have a goooood plan.
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  12. omg jamie lynn found dead we're about to get another instagram video of her wiping her fake tears and talking about britney's trip to mars
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  13. 1. I Am Britney Spears 2. Isolate, Medicate, Liquidate 3. Daddy Loves You (Feat. Viv T) 4. Daddy Loves Lou (Feat. JLS) 5. Media Matters 6. …On the Payroll 7. Golden Child 8. Golden Goose 9. Blame it on the Colon 10. Gonna Need a Bigger Boat 11. Cash That Paycheck One More Time
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  14. Also she had no problem being involved as a Trustee of Britney's estate
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  16. Make a perfect track list with his greatest sins.
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  17. ... what? Y'all wanted her to say something about this so badly and now we're getting this.
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  18. I hate how people act like it’s such a bad thing that she may have have taken pills or drank too much in her 20’s and that’s why Jamie stepped in. Like, that’s average behaviour for young people ESPECIALLY in Hollywood. I agree with her lawyer, Britney never needed the conservatorship.
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  19. ROT. She makes everything about her and uses her platform to defend herself instead of acknowledging the pain Britney has gone through. She could have spent that recent video talking all about why Britney doesn't need a c-ship but she made it all about her. She can't even bring herself to write Free Britney - someone close to Jamie-Lynn obviously went to US Weekly to try improve her image.
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  20. She doesn't want to get involved in a situation THAT BRITNEY HERSELF HAS COMPARED TO [S - E * X] TRAFFICKING because she believes it's between Britney and THEIR ABUSIVE ALCOHOLIC FATHER? ARE YOU ******* KIDDING ME? Gurl, your sister doesn't even have her human rights to fight against your ignorant father! You sure loved living it up at Britney's condo in Destin, Florida while she was locked up, huh? Straight from Britney's own mouth. Also, thanks for recommending that Britney hire her own lawyer (per your Instagram video) when we all know she tried that in 2008 but couldn't due to her rights being taken away. It wasn't until the hashtag you just love to shade that a win was facilitated - largely due to public pressure. You continued to be close to your father as he did this to your own sister.
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  21. It's Jamie, *****! (I'll Drive You) Crazy ...Daddy One More Time I'm Not That Innocent Piss of Me Unlucky My Conservatee Trouble for You I'll Never Stop Loving Lou Chillin' With Lou (ft. Jamie Lynn) Daddyography (ft. Vivian Thoreen) Mmm Papi (You Were) Born to Make Me Happy Criminal From the Bottom of My Broken ****n Liar Work *****
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  22. I choose my own destiny to believe that it's her this time, idk this sounds like her old sassy self, if u know what i mean? I hope i'm right... Now, could u imagine Jamie Trash leaving a comment like: you're right, sister! Britney be like:
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  23. I was reading this, it is obviously about Jamie Lynn, but I also thought it might be directed to her mom.
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  24. A peaceful person doesn't threaten everyone with lawsuits. She really is hypocrisy personified.
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  26. The only reason he's been interviewed is because he's Britney's ex. Who does he think he is? LOL. Piece of ****.
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  27. A guy tried to profit off the Free Britney movement by making merch. Thing is, he spelt Britney's name as Brittany. #FreeBrittany “I'm now stuck with loads of stock that is unlikely to go anywhere,” he says, “so I’m appealing to any fans of the movement to invest in one.” Via EuroNews The t-shirts have been manufactured in Bangladesh from cotton, and Baxter claims to send all leftover stock (from other products too) to developing countries. His company says they never send stock to landfills or to be destroyed, instead adding, “there is always a way to recycle.” One of my pet peeves when people don’t know how to spell someone’s name that’s been featured prominently in the media for over 2 decades! Serves him right for trying to make bank. #freebritney is not a hybrid business model 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
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  28. Felicia is the mom Britney deserves. Her whole situation reminds me of Matilda lol
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  29. the whole song and mv make me cringe now, im sorry. her singing to camera “u want a bugatti, u want a maseratti, u better work b” while jamie was around threatening her to make her work while he was drinking and spending HER money? it makes me so ******* angry.
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  30. How recent is this? Why is there a Christmas tree up? Lol
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