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  1. As a oh fan (I know, I know) I did not care for most of blackout in 2006-07, whenever it came out. I recently have been listening to the entirety of the album everyday since June 23rd and I think it was ahead of its time or possibly bc it wasn’t the typical Britney I was used to. Idk but I am obsessed with Blackout rn and listening to it everyday until justice is served! #freebritney*****
  2. Three photos from the Blackout's photoshoot leaked. Source: Britney-Online
  3. A little back story to these new HQ/untagged outtakes is that Britney was told by the label, she barely had a team back then, to wear a blonde wig for the Blackout photoshoot, done by Ellen Von Unwerth. They had several options ready for her to chose from, but she refused and wanted to use her own hair/extensions for it. Blackout was all about her calling the shots. Since the glam team was not supposed to do her own hair, but a wig instead, they used several props to hide the imperfections of her own extensions. As we all know, the shot was done at the very late night (early morning) with Britney appearing randomly nearby the location of the shoot. Enjoy the outtakes! For reference, this is her the day of the shot (July 24th, 2007). She did it very early in the morning and was ready to go on a shopping spree that same day:
  4. his threads BEEN flopping Is he a con artist like those crooks on wall street? Discuss.
  5. I feel like it would, nothing about that album is traditionally pop at all. It was more so produced as if it was a hip-hop or trap album. Thoughts?
  6. Get Back might actually be my favorite track from Blackout. Danja made such a fun song and I've always wanted to remix it. I came up with something that's a hybrid between Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Paula Abdul to fit the energy already present in the song.
  7. On March 12, 2008, Britney Spears released the music video for Break the Ice, the last single off Blackout, her fifth studio album. Jive Records commissioned artist Robert Hales (who had directed other videos such as Gnarls Barkley's Crazy) to create an animated clip for the song, in the middle of Britney's personal struggles, who was placed under a conservatorship against her will around that time. Reportedly, it was Britney's idea to do the anime style video. Previously it had been rumored that she was rehearsing for a music video of Hot as Ice. Other rumors claimed the video was Break the Ice, but the remix featuring Fabulous. A special site, BlackoutBall.com, was created to premiere the videoclip. Fans had to enter the passwords "Danger" and "Victory" to move to the video page. The invitation read: "There's a Party in the works where the lights will be down low. Miss B has got a story to tell and wants the world to know / We'll raise a glass to toast and dance until we sweat. It's Britney like you've never seen her, do we have your attention yet? / Don't mean to be a tease, but you'll be happy if you wait. It's the Legendary Britney Spears and it's time we Celebrate / To rise to the occasion and use your savvy little eye, for access past the velvet rope you'll need more than just a smile / Put on your Thursday best 2 secret words will suffice. Spread the word, come out & play. We're about to.... Break the Ice" The sci-fi story of Break the Ice is reminiscent of her 2004 Toxic video, where Britney acts as a superheroine / spy. At the beginning, she crashes a party, literally, crashing the glass ceiling and fighting some robot henchmen to the surprise of all the guests. She then infiltrates the laboratory, breaching the security system, much like in Toxic, where she finds a bunch of clones of herself suspended in liquid containers. She comes close to one of them, and kisses her, then sets a time bomb on the glass of the tank. After that, she goes to where the one who seems to be the owner of the facility is, and finishes him with a kiss, again, like in Toxic, only to reveal he is a robot too. She dodges a bullet and escapes the building, right before it explodes, completing her mission. A "to be continued..." sign is shown in the end. Related:
  8. Which Britney songs that rely on Autotune/Vocoder/Melodyne for aesthetic are your favorites y'all? I really love the sound of extremely processed artificial, robotic voices, it's something i've always been drawn to, i used to be obsessed with the J-pop girlgroup Perfume back then cause they use lot of effets on their voices. Real talk. I love Autotune. Why use it to fix vocals when you can use it to make insane vocals haha. Blackout in general has a very tight vocal sound, she sounds like a **** humanoid , lot of pitch shifting, pitch bending, and unusual FXs.
  9. On March 03, 2008, Break the Ice was sent to US radio stations as the third and last single off Britney's fifth studio album Blackout. The song was co-produced by Danja and Jim BEANZ with additional writing by Keri Hilson and Marcella Araica. This was her first single to be released after she was placed under the conservatorship. In February, the song was announced as the most voted by fans from an online poll at Britney.com, with Toy Soldier coming in second place, and it was released internationally at the end of the month. The song peaked at #43 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it topped the US Dance Club Songs chart. It was also Top 10 in several countries, including #1 in Australia. A remix EP was also released later in the year It's been a while I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting But I'm here now The electro-R&B song started to be recorded when Britney was still pregnant of Jayden James in 2006, and it was finished three weeks after she gave birth. According to Keri Hilson, Britney wanted to focus more on her vocal delivery and opted not to do any background vocals “it sounds like me anyway”. At first it was rumored that she was preparing a music video for a remix of the song that featured rapper Fabulous, and that this was gonna be the version released as a single. However this ultimately didn't happen. In the end, an animated video was ordered, which was released in mid-March, but we'll celebrate that later. At the time of its release, no promo performance was done for the song, and in the 2009 Circus Tour, a remix of the track was used as an interlude. It wasn't until late 2013 that Britney performed the song for the first time ever during her Las Vegas residency Britney: Piece of Me. The song kept being part of the show throughout the duration of the residency, including the revamped version that started in 2016. It was also going to be part of the setlist of Domination, her second Vegas residency which was cancelled a few weeks before it started in 2019.
  10. On January 08, 2008 (allegedly) Britney Spears released Gimme More ("Kimme More" Remix) featuring Lil' Kim. The track appears on Kim's debut mixtape Ms. G.O.A.T. (as Kimmy More ) which came out in June of that year. It was on November 2007 when she announced in an interview for MTV that she was readying the record
  11. Hello everyone! I decided to make this little game where you have to choose the worst single from every Britney album. In Round 4 Outrageous was chosen as the worst single from In The Zone with 229 votes. Round 5 is starting and you have to choose the worst single from Blackout. I think that the era served really good singles and the choice isn’t really easy. Sadly, I'm going to choose Break The Ice, because Piece Of Me is my fave Britney song of all time and Gimme More is too iconic. I love Break The Ice and it's definetly an amazing single choice, but the others are just better for me You can share your choice with us down in the comments.
  12. Blackout & Its Relationship to the Tabloid Culture of the 00s https://www.culledculture.com/britney-spears-blackout-10th-anniversary/ any thoughts?
  13. If you wanna fly, come and take a space ride with a…wait, wrong artist. I didn’t think I’d remix Gimme More again after already doing 3 of them, but this is the best yet. Complete with a synthwave solo. I guess I just wanted more. DOWNLOAD
  14. On October 25, 2007, Britney Spears released her fifth studio album Blackout. The dance-pop / electropop record was executive produced by Britney, and recorded between 2006 and 2007. Other collaborators of the album were Danja, Bloodshy & Avant, Sean Garrett, Jim Beanz, Keri Hilson, The Neptunes, J. R. Rotem, among others. Blackout incorporates Euro disco and dubstep influences and its lyrical content revolves around fame, ***, clubbing and the media scrutiny she was subject of during the time of its recording. Though the album was scheduled for a November release, it had to be rushed released due to a leak of the tracks ahead of time. It was released on the 25 in Spain, and in the subsequent days it was released across other European countries and Australia. It was officially released in the US on October 30. In June Britney had posted on her website a poll for the fans to choose the title of the album. The options were: OMG Is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like What If the Joke Is on You Down Boy Integrity Dignity Ultimately, in October Jive Records announced that the album would come out in November and that it would be titled Blackout. According to Jive it “refers to blocking out negativity and embracing life fully.” The album peaked at #2 on the US BB200, becoming Britney's first album not to reach the top position on that list. It was also #2 in France, Mexico and UK, but it did reach #1 on the European Top 100 Albums charts, as well as the Australian, Canadian and Irish lists. Three singles were released off this album: Gimme More, Piece of Me and Break the Ice. Besides the VMA's 2007 performance, the album didn't receive more promotion except for phone interview with Ryan Seacrest for his radio show. No tour accompanied this album either, however, many of the Blackout tracks were performed during the Circus Tour in 2009, as well as subsequent shows of Britney. She mentioned Heaven on Earth as a highlight of the album. According to Ezekiel Lewis of The Clutch, Radar was also intended to be released as a single but was pushed back once she started recording new material (after being placed under the conservatorship). In 2017, The Fader did an article for its 10th anniversary, where Britney commented about the album Danja also shared his experience recording the album You can read more of it here. In an interview uploaded to Britney's official Youtube channel to promote Circus (released a year after Blackout), Britney is asked to compare both albums and describes Blackout as darker and edgier: In 2008, Blackout won Best Album award at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and also International Album of the Year at the NRJ Awards. In 2012, the album was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's music library. You can listen to the album here:
  15. On October 5, 2007 Britney Spears officially released her Gimme More music video through the iTunes store, after having leaked the day before. It debuted on October 8 on TRL and other outlets. It was directed by Jake Sarfaty and it was filmed on July 19, 2007 in Los Angeles. An alternative version with unseen footage leaked in 2011.
  16. “Baby **** you...” I mean the way she says that line slayed my 15 year old existence and still does. The ATTITUDE. The SASS. The NOT giving a F! We love this Britney. This song has always been intriguing to me. It’s so dark, gritty, truthful....B girl was serving a mood. Anyone have thoughts on this song? Know any fun facts? Memories? Who is it really about? I'd be curious to hear everyone’s opinions. Now there’s another ringing my bell...
  17. Can someone tell me if this was intended for Britney please? It sounds like a Blackout demo and the girl singing is clearly trying to sound like Britney. I’ve never heard this and it randomly popped up on my Spotify playlist. Thanks!
  18. I know we're all a little disgusted that Mood Ring hasn't entered the Hot 100, but that can't get us away from the idea that we can't let Britney be forgotten in music while we wait for something new. Every The time we do a #JusticeFor, believe it or not, we are making the media and fans in general have to talk about Britney. I think that is the goal of all this. I also think Britney listens to us and knows that she is still present in our hearts and it is also a way of saying to her team: 'We are here and we need new music' and press them a bit to do it. For now I will be supporting the #JusticeForBlackout for the meaning it had for us, in the lower moments of Britney she brought us the best of her. #JusticeForBlackout June 15, 2020
  19. Ok so after my platinum thread i was thinking of another song that i felt meh about meaning i don't find it good nor bad and this one came up and it's from blackout so verrrryy controversial anyways drop ur opinions on outta this world down below do u guys like it? i've never seen it on ppl's top 5 of blackout so
  20. Hope u like it! https://www.instagram.com/p/B-iWud8lB1A/
  21. Someone sent me a link for this like 4 years ago but since then I actually lost the files so I'd really appreciate if someone could help me get them back
  22. I mean, check out the demo of this song Then the official one: Is it just me or the official version isn't as good? I feel like there's too much pitch correction, the demo has a better ending, the "oooh"s at 0:12 and so on by a woman impersonating (?) Xtina in the beginning doesn't fit the song for me. And Britney's vocals are just. Too much. Autotuned. It might be just me and nostalgia as I remember myself blasting to this leaked demo in 2007... but I still miss the fun that you can clearly hear in the demo. And I don't mind that she's off key in some parts, it's a fun song, like it should be. Btw please don't come at me, I really love Blackout anyway, demos or not
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