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Found 16 results

  1. EDIT: This is my first time posting on Exhale so if anybody could help me with embedding the videos, that would be amazing! Please be kind lol! Samantha Mumba might be one of the most mysterious pop stars of our generation. The Irish born singer burst onto the music scene at just 17 years old and took the world by storm. Her sultry voice and undeniable stage presence helped sky rocket her to the top of the charts in 2000. With a lineup of hit singles from her debut album, Gotta Tell You, the "Always Come Back To Your Love" singer seemed to be on top of the music industry. Mumba went on to top the charts in several countries, earned a Grammy Award nomination and even landed a starring role in 2002's blockbuster hit, The Time Machine. But even with all of her commercial success, a resume that most artists could only ever dream of, the singer seemed to step away from the music scene after plans of her follow up album seemed to be shelved by her record label. Fast forward to today, twenty years since her debut, and we were still asking: what the heck happened to Samatha Mumba? We got the chance to hang out with Samantha (virtually, of course) to discuss everything from her first album to her highly anticipated sophomore album. So, embracing the pop music fans that we are, we couldn't resist starting off our sit down (which included delicious glasses of wine) with the most popular question from our oh so curious readers. We asked, "what happened?" And the answer might be less dramatic than you'd expect. "There's no huge drama or horrendous thing," says Mumba who was glowing during out chat. "I very much so got caught in a merge when all of the labels kind of condensed into two and three large labels. My entire team was wiped out so I had all new people around me and they were kind of walking on eggshells as well. Nobody's jobs were secure and it was just kind of a weird time." "So, I was shelved," says Mumba. "The label wouldn't release music but I was still bound to my contract. So, I was in that for a couple of years before I was actually released." The singer was all smiles as went on to say that she discussed her hiatus from the music business. She was able to live a relatively normal life away from the lens of entertainment industry. She's got married and is loving being a mom to her adorable mini-me, her five year old daughter, Sage. Mumba is ready to make her highly anticipated comeback and is calling all of the shots this time around. The singer is releasing new music under her own independent label, a direction that more old school artists are going in. (You may remember that Brandy recently found success by releasing her latest album independently as well). And she's making up for lost time by quenching our thirst with not one, but two comeback singles. The **** mid-tempo "Cool" and the inspirational ballad "Process." "I think for me, this is my first time releasing everything under my own label. Doing everything independently myself and so I'm kind of getting a kick out of the fact that the rules don't apply," she said. "I can kind of be bold and release two singles." "It's just very much so a vibe that I just love," Mumba said about the first of the two new singles, "Cool." She went on to describe the single as "a fun bop" and said that she can't wait to perform it in the clubs. She also described the **** music video as a visual about "body empowerment" and "self worth." The album's second single, "Process," is an inspirational ballad shows a softer side of the singer. And although it was written before Covid, the song is an uplifting track during this pandemic. "And then, 'Process' is something that is so dear to my heart," says Mumba. "And I felt that if I didn't release it now, it just wouldn't be a single. And the timing and just everything everybody has been through this year. We're just all so in the same boat together. It's been a bad year for everybody. It sucks." Mumba expressed her optimism about things getting better for the world soon. "But like anything that sucks and is **** in life, it doesn't stay that way forever," Samantha says. "And it does change." We also chatted with Samantha about her favorite memories from her first album, her new music, motherhood and female empowerment in the music business. This is the comeback fans of 2000's pop music have been waiting for. And, if there's any doubt about Samantha's star power, we'll leave you with this: it's been twenty years since her debut and the singer's legacy is still undeniable and her songs remain timeless. Recently, Billboard named "Gotta Tell You" as one of the Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century; a feat that most artists could only dream of. Source: Gingerposh I'm kind of excited to hear more of her new music! I wish more artists from the early 2000's would make new music. What do you guys think?
  2. The Weeknd wasn't the only Artist to get snubbed. Brandy's return to R&B With her critically acclaimed B7, Shut out. Monica fans are celebrating this. But as Brandy fans pointed out Monica fans have no room to talk especially since her only Grammy is the shared Grammy with Brandy for the boy is Mine. Brandy 12 Nods 1 Win Monica 4 Nods 1 Win. The Chicks was another surprise snub considering Gaslighter was universally praised and we needed them more than We knew Alanis morrisette outside her Grammy nod for best musical theater album where she's nominated as a Songwriter for Jagged little pill. Her Critically praised album Such pretty fork in the road was a breath of fresh air especially dealing with Post partum Depression and also questioning is life really worth getting through all this misery and pain for. Weeknd wasn't the only one to get snubbed at all.
  3. I want to start a weekly music thread that focuses on Artists and their legacies. I have been thinking about this for a while, but I wasn’t sure how it would be executed and received. You can think of these as a #Justice4 but less album or song focused and more artist + legacy focused. I will throw in an album that is overlooked that has gems for folks to check out. Let me know what your thoughts are on Music Vault Wednesdays. With that said, my love for music goes deep and someone that I don’t listen to enough that I used to get down to A LOT in the 90’s needs to be talked about. Since we are coming off this artist’s recent Verzuz episode and she just released her seventh studio album B7, so I want to focus on the R&B legend: Brandy. I remember being a kid and finding Brandy’s first self-titled CD Brandy in my Aunts’ room. She caught me dancing to Baby and laughed at me then let me keep it. If Brandy’s song I Wanna Be Down doesn’t get you in the mood then I have to question your taste in “get down” music. Brandy’s self-titled debut earned her rave reviews and two Grammy nominations. After her debut she contributed to the iconic Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack and dropped the vibey Sittin Up In My Room which became a favorite to listen to while I day dreamed on my top bunk. Brandy went on to star in her own sitcom Moesha which ran for six consecutive seasons. She was even handpicked to be the first black Cinderella and starred with The Legendary Whitney Houston who played her Fairy Godmother. After Moesha wrapped up and the premier of Cinderella fizzled, Brandy dropped her second studio album Never Say Never which consisted of one of the most iconic singles to date The Boy is Mine a duet with Monica and Have You Ever. The Boy is Mine hit number one and stayed there for thirteen weeks. The crazy thing is that Brandy and Monica performed this song once and then one more time years later. In 2002 Brandy dropped her third album Full Moon which became one of her last most successful albums. She dropped the bop What about Us? And title track Full Moon and He Is as singles, but the latter did not see much success. Later in 2004 Brandy dropped Afrodisiac and dropped singles Talk about our love, Who is She 2 U and self-titled track Afrodisiac. The album is labeled a flop by many, but it has MANY bops and it was actually mishandled by her management and label which subsequently led her to part ways with her management and later with Atlantic Records. Art is subjective and some love her album Human, but personally I feel its passable, so I won’t talk about it. Eventually in 2012 Brandy came to her senses and released Two Eleven which is the album I want to praise. She dropped her first single It All Belongs to Mewith Monica which was a bop but it doesn’t do the album justice. Songs like So Sick & Do You Know What You Have? helped me get through a bad break up and you can tell helped Brandy heal too. Other songs like Let Me Go and Slower remind you why Brandy became so big and throw you back into her debut. Her ballads Hardly Breathing & Paint This House move you and are a testament to Brandys unique voice. I think the issue with the album was her single Put It Down with the problematic Chris Brown. It’s a bop but his image has never recovered since the Rihanna incident and anyone that isn’t a man that collaborates with Brown seems to suffer. Brandy recently released B7 and I’ve listened to it a few times. Its good, but I feel Two Eleven is better. The standout tracks on B7 are Unconditional Oceans, High Heels, No Tomorrow and Love Again. What are some of your favorite Brandy performances & songs? What’s your favorite Brandy album? Let me know your thoughts!
  4. The fact this had more tweets over the VMAS. I'm gagging. Monica won the singles. But brandy actually pulled the albums front. As B7 went back to #1 on the r&B charts. I've learned something. The Fued between brandy and Monica was a label idea, very fictional but turned into a Stan war as usual. Oddly it's the females that gets pitted into Stan wars, more than men. The only single that's a big loser. The boy is mine. Unfortunately. If you're a Monica fan, you can't get The boy is mine on her album, unless you buy the entire album. As Brandy bought the masters and unfortunately locked that track as she claimed copyrights on the boy is mine.
  5. Brandy and Monica went head to head on Verzuz in a hit-for-hit battle. They touched on their former feud and their rekindled friendship. “I really am a straight shooter and I really do admire what you do musically,” Monica said. Brandy responded, “I just need you to know that I have the utmost love and respect for you, no matter the times where it seemed like I didn’t.” The rounds: Highlights:
  6. Billboard came through Monica tops Brandy on streams, but it's neck to neck. Monica has a #1 album and more top ten hits. But I'm sorry doves. Brandy outsold and outcharted Monica. Most hot 100 appearance's More r&B hip hip airplay #1's Most R&B hi hip hop top tens Brandy Norwood also tops Monica on overall album sales and single sales, Plus despite peaking at number 2 on the billboard 200 Brandy's 1998 album Never say Never outsold Monica's best selling album which is ironically 1998 The boy Is mine.
  7. One of the beloved Black teen sitcom's of the 90s and early 00s Moesha was praised. But this joke which basically alluded that there's no way Mariah Carey sold that many records in the 90s. The lambs are basically asking (demanding) that scene gets cut as it's disgusting to see another black woman get attacked on a sitcom by an African American cast.
  8. I know EVERYONE has been waiting for this day and here it is. The best show of all time starring K Fed's ex and the mega star Brandy is finally on Netflix. Ready for the BH Moesha Netflix watch party? PS stream Full Moon on whatever you stream music on.
  9. Brandy dropped a new song titled "Rather Be" from her forthcoming seventh studio album, appropriately titled B7. It's a smooth mid-tempo track that's as lush as it is effortless. “I felt like I wanted to just be as honest as possible with this new project,” Brandy told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe of the new music. “I wanted to approach this project like if this was my last chance, if this was my last shot at creating music, what would this project be about? What would it sound like? Would I just bare it all? Would I tell my story as deep as I could tell it? And I wanted to, of course, stay true to R&B but at the same time go outside of the box.” She also revealed the albums tracklist. Check that out plus the new tune below: 1. “Saving All My Love” 2. “Unconditional Oceans” 3. “Rather Be” 4. “All My Life, Pt. 1” 5. “Lucid Dreams” 6. “Borderline” 7. “No Tomorrow” 8. “Say Something” 9. “All My Life, Pt. 2” 10. “I am More” 11. “High Heels” (Brandy & Sy’rai) 12. “Baby Mama” feat. Chance the Rapper 13. “All My Life” 14. “Love Again” (Brandy & Daniel Caesar) 15. “Bye Bipolar” Related:
  10. Brandy dropped her new album, B7, her first formal release since 2012's Two Eleven. She says her favorite song on the album, “Borderline,” which channels “Angel in Disguise” from her 1998 album Never Say Never. On “Unconditional Oceans” she taps into an electro-soul vibe. "I believe that music heals. Music is the language that we all speak. It is what we all need, and I feel like we need it more now than we ever have," Brandy says. "This is the year where we all need to feel like we have something to get us through. ... I was a little hesitant with putting out music in this time because, of course, you want to speak to the times. And I'm thinking, "My music is not about exactly what's going on right now." But then I thought, "But this is the time where people need to feel like they have something to just escape and just help them heal." ... So that's what made me feel better about releasing [the album]. She added: "And I think that we don’t want to feel alone. We need to feel community, we need to feel togetherness, we need to feel love right now. And I think music is the best way to feel that. It’s the shortcut to feeling that right away." Listen below. Exhale, favorite song?!
  11. Lately I've been thinking about some of my favorite movies featuring great performances from Black pop stars. Obviously the late, great Whitney Houston comes to mind right away. The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale, The Preacher's Wife. Whitney wowed us as a leading lady in The Bodyguard and her performance broke barriers at the time. Even though she faced criticism from film critics, it's safe to say some of her movies have undoubtedly stood the test of time. Mariah has been cast in some very impressive dramatic roles in Lee Daniels films Precious and The Butler. Justice For Glitter! Beyonce in Dreamgirls and The Lion King. Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you're nasty) in Poetic Justice Diana Ross, Janelle Monae, Aaliyah, Will Smith. The list goes on... I'm curious what some of your fave crossover performances are. Let's discuss!
  12. Brandy has officially launched her Untitled 7th studio album with a fundraiser single featuring probably one of the best rappers out there (and a guy who always praises on being an independent act himself Chance the Rapper). "Baby Mama" talks about, in a positive way, that she is both the father and the mother in her child's eye. This is Brandy at 41 embracing the fact that her child was indeed born out of wedlock. She struggled with that for years due to her father being a pastor and her own momager... basically forcing her to lie to keep her squeaky clean image - which was rare for the African American music stars to have an artist that wasn't threatening or a very controversial sexualized image. That many teens from that era in music, Mýa and several others have revealed, they were forced to act a certain way and sing songs that they really shouldn't be singing or had no idea what they were talking about because none of them had that experience. Most wanted to follow the Brandy mold, but executives and music politics wanted more Aaliyah type stars. Enjoy the vocal bible acknowledging her mistakes, her past and her present.
  13. If you were in junior high or high school at this time. You will know that it literally was the summer song of 1998. And appeared on both albums by each act. Though as of today. Outside spotify. The track is locked on Monica's album titled the boy is mine. Because brandy bought all her mastsrs to her recordings. She really was super petty to monica and sony music entertainment. When she pulled the hello copyright infringement bish. Thus causing Monica's biggest hit as a Brandy track and making any streams actually go to brandy. There is a legit fued between these two R&B icons. Monica was very street cred like aaliyah but classy. Brandy was the African American princess. Monica dubbed her to safe and not hood. Despite I wanna be down basically asking a teenage boy her age is He willing and mindset to total DTF. Pop teens couldn't talk this stuff. But R&B acts were more accurate to their audiences. Anyway. This song is still the top girl duet of all time. 13 weeks at #1. Total weeks of 88 on the billboard hot 100. And a double platinum single. Which back in the pure sales day. Was rare for a Single on cd or cassette to sell two million. It rarely happened. But that's how huge this joint is. To be honest. I don't think Bang bang will ever be as iconic as this. We are 22 years later. And this is still fresh as it was then. FYI. Brandy was playing nice. Monica would have been dragged if the vocal bible unleashed her full power. Oddly Monica sang live. But sounded exactly word to word the actual recording itself. Which is a let down. As when you think live vocals. It's supposed to be different from the recording itself. @JordanMiller there will never be another girl duet like this. Ever
  14. Brandy might be the princess of shade. Ironically the hive never shaded her for coming for beyonce. That alone is iconic. It's iconic right in front of Britney spears a tv show talks about skin care products. Brandy is cutthroat right in front of Britney and says Girl I just use soap and water. She also shades kim. Saying what kind of mother would be proud to come from being a ho and prostitution. In all Fair. Brandy is fair game cos it involves her brother. When her brother says Brandy is jealous of him. The vocal bible laughs and says f u ray j. Aint no one jealous of u. To basically admitted she pawned her engagement ring off.
  15. While every body else is obsessed with The say so remix (which according to comments by the public, aren't really good. All agree Nicki wasn't needed and is desperate to hop on anything now). Brandy aka The vocal bible. Whitney's musical daughter is back. With a positive anthem for baby mamas. Raising their kid or army on their own. Chance the rapper even adds a verse. But his disses the man. Saying she cooked, made drinks and eventually you cheated on her. She didn't really need you at all. This track is for charity for home for the holidays and is the lead single off Of B rocka's upcoming 7th album and her first independent album. Gotta support the independent acts.
  16. I'm a huge fan of the Vocal Bible aka Brandy. The queen of vocal layers. But I will say Her momager was horrible how she handled the surprise pregnancy. They said she was Married to Music producer Robert Smith. He revealed they weren't. Brandy playing along with the script acted like he was crazy. However it was revealed on her Behind the music. That they were never married and it was only played like this due to her image as The First African American wholesome music image. She came at the time as Monica and Aaliyah. Her image was different to the street image that both aaliyah and Monica presented. Brandy has the highest honor of being the first blacl celebrity to have a Barbie made at their likeness. So Her mom Sonya basically fed the press a lie that they were married and the pregnancy was planned. Both weren't true. It was an oops. But because of religious convictions her father is a pastor. She kept it. Now S'yrai is making music to. But I noticed the double standard. Her brother was allowed to be the player and make that tape. So yes. Brandy had also a double standard that also happens in most families. One can make mistakes, play the field and be disastrous. While the other is expected to be the opposite of the other sibling. Flawless perfection. The prodigal child. Even with Brothers. This happens to..
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