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  1. Guys I don't know how to post images on here from websites and the process stresses me out but Amanda Bynes "secret" Twitter account @persianla27 (it's her without a doubt) has posted screenshots of Lou emailing her from her trisports email trying to "help" her. ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × Amanda is either trolling for fun or this is genuine and Lou really can't help herself. Maybe AP but wtf? Edit (Edit: that was so easy) Another edit cause I'm SH1T at this and uploaded the same one twice lol
  2. Sam posted an instagram story of him out shopping with Britney. Her laugh ❤️ She seems in good spirits Related:
  3. i Have no luck with youtube, if anyone went or have a video please.... Im dying to see it!! Perth, Australia, 06.11.2009
  4. Announced back in 2020, NECA has finally shared a first look at Britney Spears Limited Edition Fashion Doll Series. Loot Crate subscribers can buy before it’s made available to the public. Each doll complements one of the 4 Britney Spears Limited Edition Series crates (sold and shipped separately). https://lootcrate.com/products/britney-spears-limited-edition-fashion-doll-series Looks cute Thoughts?
  5. I’ve been on my patio for the last hour or so soaking up some amazing weather, smoking a joint, and listening to Glory - and wow! She really is that ***** isn’t she? I’ve played it so much over the years that I sometimes forget to sit down and really listen and appreciate it. So MANY bops, those vocals , her personality is EVERYWHERE, and she just sounds so confident. It’s so Britney. Also, HTFY has become one of my favorite tracks over the years, I’ve always enjoyed it but I have a new found love for it. That’s all :P Comment if you love Glory too.
  6. Looks like none of his kids wish him a Father’s Day today, well at least online. Jamie Lynn wish her hubby a Father’s Day but not her dad, she even made a joke that he’s the only man that lasted https://instagram.com/stories/jamielynnspears/2600664342563236167?utm_medium=copy_link Lynne, Britney moms didn’t wish him one either Do we care? Did we expect this today?
  7. As you can see from the thumbnail alone it’s clearly the same guitar prop, anyone else notice this team con is just so cheap
  8. Does anyone know how to imitate Radar's single cover in Photoshop? I want to basically replace her face with something else:
  9. Mark my words! Once her father/team is taken out of the conservatorship and she’s fired them she will hire a new team and go on a brand new world tour titled “Britney Spears: The Freedom Tour”
  10. apparently they dubbed her after but during the concert she was singing… read the comments
  11. I re watched some of the episodes and my god, she was so full of life and confidence. here’s a couple things I noticed: she really doesn’t look that different now than she did in Chaotic. Her face and nose is more slim now but she really does look the same as she did back then and I think she’s judged too harshly (plastic surgery talk) I think she really loved Kevin because of how “normal” he made her feel. I wonder what her life would be like had they of stayed together… Would she be in the conservatorship still? To everyone that was talking about the teeth mystery- You can really tell that she just had dental bonding done and it’s now just faded and she hasn’t had it done. Perhaps she was made to have it done and now she’s keeping her smile natural with the gap.
  12. no idea on how true this is but god I hope it isn’t Lisa Maccarly has commented on it demanding we all file an investigation with our state legislators
  13. Hi everyone, I am from India and 27 years old and Britney has been my number 1 since the age of 5 - she was my first of everything. I've been reading about her a lot due to the #freebritney movement and wanted to understand how people outside my country think of her? Because I read here and there on threads except reddit that she's overrated and GP has forgotten about her. Though I am sure her fans in 1999 vs now must be less. Has britney image improved due to the documentary? Here Britney is mostly played so I know people like her. But whenever I talk to younger generation they know her of course but they don't listen to her except of Toxic etc. Also, I wanted to understand how Beyonce fans think she's a legend and Britney is not in anyway? Beyonce must be most successful now but she literally is worshipped like a god let alone thew next MJ? WTF is that?
  14. Inspired by her Dream Within A Dream Tour performance, I have spent time creating a longer music box remix of my all time favourite Britney song, including the bridge and final chorus. I used lots of bells, chimes, crashes and a dark haunting bass, similar to the one used in the performance. I hope you enjoy! Instrumental: Related:
  15. It was the fault of our society back then teaching women through literally every single form of media (religion, movies, songs) that falling in love's what it's all about on top of everyone idolizing her and Justin. Yet everyone constantly misses that and just blames it on Britney's constant work. "She just wants to settle down" Was it a factor? Yes. But there's so much bigger, overlying issues here. She wanted an escape and the only reason she saw love as one is because we make it out to be the greatest thing of all time. I feel like you don't even need to be Britney's level of overworked to consider it one. People do it all the time, with way less pressure, way less fame, way less work, etc. On top of that, in Britney's specific situation the media hated her so much more without Justin on her side, which is another huge issue with society at the time but I digress. She never needed a man to "settle down", but it's like society forced women to think like that. Idk, I just always think about the situation Britney was put in and then consequently think of everyone judging her every move when literally every step she took was the most logical one to take considering everything. . I can't be the only one who's constantly frustrated about stuff like this right? xd It's like people completely miss the bigger picture when it comes to Britney and just blame everything on her. It's the lack of proper thought that gets to me. Post some more stuff that completely went over peoples' heads as it was happening / still goes over peoples' heads
  16. Fox News is covering The Britney spears case, as the exclusive media for Wednesday's hearing. Here they talk to a lawyer, he basically says the Free Britney movement is stupid, it's doing more damage than good, and to go to her Instagram where she has said things like the Framing Britney Spears doc made her cry because of how she's being portrayed as a victim. However, he warns if her father is stripped of all custodial rights (he even said conservatorship is basically guardian ship in legal talk) , and the judge finds him of doing wrong and opposite of his client's well being and financial being, Houston, he's in a world of trouble.
  17. Rolling Stone published a list of what they consider the 30 ***iest videos of all time. At #4, I'm a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears: You can see the full list here
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