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  1. Pretty sure Jordan Ross and lostpainting coined #FreeBritney back in 2012 tbh on Exhale, tbh lol
  2. Whoever thought we'd see #FreeBritney covered by the press so heavily? From Newsweek to the New York Post to Fox News to the Daily Mail, to the gossip sites like Perez and Hollywood Insider and more -- this **** is getting f**kin' talked about. One reason the conservatorship has managed to last for all this ******* time is that the media was complacent about it and assumed it was good for her. I think a lot of people are shocked it's still in place, and thankfully in 2019 moreso than in 2009 we see mentally ill people as human beings with rights and not as crazy people who need to be kept under control. Know this: Jamie Spears is flipping his **** about this horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible publicity for himself and the conservatorship. This is new. This has never happened before. Millions of people are finally saying that Britney being kept in this conservatorship after all these years is abusive and maladaptive, especially considering the grotesque discrepancy between the idea that she's critically unable to take care of herself, yet able to perform a world tour and make money for everyone. But fans have to keep up the pressure. If they forget to keep this going when Brit's out of the mental health facility, things will go right back to how they were. How can fans keep this going and keep the news articles coming and insist on answers from Britney's team? You'd better f**king believe Britney's team monitors her media coverage like a hawk, and this is the most disastrous coverage her handlers have had since the conservatorship was put in place.
  3. Oops is a magnificent teen pop album Oops, Lucky, and Stronger are a trio of Max Martin Cheiron-era classics What U See Is What U Get and Can't Make You Love Me are two deep-cut bangerz DLMBTLTK and Where Are You Now are two superior Britney ballads The Satisfaction cover is underrated tbh. One Kiss From You could have been on BOMT. It's sweet and innocent, nothing classic, but passable. Dear Diary is a dud, and so is When Your Eyes Say It. The bonus tracks are trash, too. But man, 2/3 of the album rules and that's a really solid ratio
  4. I was on Exhale at the time. People were actually overjoyed about this performance relative to the HIAM fiasco
  5. OMG you f**king drama queen, you saw how much attention this French guy was getting and you decided you wanted that sweet sweet attention LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO truly truly I say you are pathetic and this post is pathetic and you should be embarrassed
  6. It really is better in person. The show isn't AMAZING but it really is meant to be seen live, not on a video screen
  7. What are fans trying to prove? Even the fans don't think Britney's as good at that stuff as other artists are, so why would non-fans give a **** about them? OMG I was furious when Criminal was chosen...I wanted Trouble for Me, personally...it is f**king astonishing that Britney has not released an uptempo dance song as a single in nearly 5 years now...that is downright criminal negligence LOL
  8. She's performed as many songs from Glory since it came out as she has songs from Circus: to date, still only five.
  9. Pretty Girls was a f**king disaster. Why? Because people checked for that song. I know a whole lot of people who aren't Britney fans who know Pretty Girls. It has almost 175 million views on YouTube. It was performed on a national awards show. 2015 was when the anti-Iggy backlash was at its peak, too. Britney looked badly out of step with where the general public's taste was going. Even the Britney Jean era wasn't an unmitigated disaster; at least it produced a hit; the video was great and very popular; it's one of her best-known songs since Womanizer. Vegas has certainly been a net-positive for her reputation (the show is an unqualified, no ifs-and-or-buts success), if not exactly her sales figures. X Factor clearly didn't hurt her ability to get a hit, since she smashed with Scream & Shout right as the show was wrapping up. Obviously the Femme Fatale Tour and promo performances didn't ruin her ability to move tickets (and expensive ones, at that). No, it wasn't any of these things. It was ******* Pretty Girls. The reason Glory -- a pretty significant critical success story, full of good songs, at least as good as 'Circus', which the GP ate up -- was completely ignored and now is completely forgotten by the general public, beyond Britney's 100,000 or so diehards, is Pretty Girls. I mean, people mostly see the song for what it is: an inferior Fancy knock-off -- and it made Britney look foolish: like someone of her stature was reducing herself to chasing the sounds of Iggy freakin' Azalea. Why bother checking for her latest album? Especially when she has so many good older songs already and the new stuff couldn't possibly be of comparable stature, knowing her recent musical choices... Pretty Girls wasn't single-handedly responsible for her decline into chart irrelevance, but Pretty Girls could have been a huge hit if the song was actually good: people checked for it, people heard it. Britney's team tried to push it as the f**king 'Song of the Summer' -- remember that? Yet at the same time they knew they were taking a big gamble and denied that it was anything more than a buzz single. Big-time mixed messaging there -- do they have confidence in the song or not? I still am floored that they thought the song was actually good enough to run with -- if there was anything I thought I could trust Britney and her team to do, it's find some good f**king pop songs to record, but it's just amazing to me that so many people gave the green light to such an underwhelming song.
  10. I hate how the GP ALWAYS chooses Toxic but tbh Toxic really is one of her best songs lol
  11. It's rude of her to say things like that for attention, but she is a teenager, and teenagers are rude
  12. Everytime only made it to #15 on the US charts, and it was fueled heavily by a dance remix that boosted its radio play considerably. It's one of those songs that Britney fans just adore because it's *the single that proves she can really write and really sing well, but it was not a major hit in America. People know Britney for her uptempo dance songs. All of her Top 10 hits in America have been uptempo, danceable tracks -- no exceptions. When they play Toxic or Oops or BOMT, freaking everyone knows who it is in these videos.
  13. Can't believe people complain about this level of performance quality. You people didn't f**king live through Circus and Femme Fatale, did you?
  14. I never complained about them and loved both tours and had a great time at both
  15. Also, the show is meant to be seen live; it looks so much better live than in videos
  16. Do you people understand that 95% of the audience has no familiarity with the show and don't know anything about how old the f**king costumes are, it's all new to them
  17. Oh yeah, the last 10 years. Her reputation has really taken such a hit since her head-shaving days WTF are you on?
  18. The show is fun but the tickets are obscenely expensive for the production quality now
  19. Some of y'all need to calm down LMAO the song is cute but very teenybopper and a little annoying
  20. HOW THE **** CAN ANYONE BE SURPRISED BY NOW???? FFT got great reviews. Vegas has been a huge success. It's just f**king weird that people on here still expect the GP to react so negatively...
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