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  1. Now I see there's a confusion, I thought we were talking about Girls and Boys, my bad, oops sorry
  2. oh memories Also at 1:29 = Britney's iconic signature voice
  3. Hi Brit, I've heard you love french songs and I know a lot of them. Can we be friends ?
  4. I know a lot of people who dance alone at 2 am...but none of them are sober...
  5. Wait...rose is pink in french Just a touch of a pink confirmed you're welcome . . . Sorry I have nothing better to give at this point.
  6. Oh no, your list was amazing. Don't get me wrong I appreciate everyone sharing their ideas. Actually I'm going to add the ringleader costume to the final list.
  7. I will be thereeeee !!!! Oh my god ! That one was so so good. Thank you very much. I felt the wind in my hair as I'm sitting on the hood of a convertible car on the parking lot of a night club in Florida sipping frozen strawberry margarita and wearing a pink tanktop with palmtrees all around !!!! yes I felt it !! (excuse my crazyness it's friday night and we are under lockdown. )
  8. I don't listen to this album anymore, but after 10 years I would say : -Trip to your heart -He about to lose me are the two songs I would enjoy listening now
  9. Creativity, art, definetly not playing it safe and breaking boundaries (which is very rare those days where 99% of what is called "controversies" were already ok 20 years ago), visually stunning and he's s*xy and fun. So I have to say bravo ! (though he still needs to work on the lyrics of his songs, they're usually dumb, I mean : "I got h*es on h*es" )
  10. Very sad but very true ! Also this photo and this whole photoshoot doesn't happen to an one average person either.
  11. your shade is actually true, some of these looks in this thread are... But your list is quite iconic I must say.
  12. Me against the music suit is very Britney, but I feel it's just like the newspaper boy hat, you know, it was very Britney...but a long time ago ! I mean, I don't feel like it remained in people's minds.
  13. Not gonna lie, I am very confused with this underwear and the shape of the black part in the middle.
  14. This is legendary !!...but I don't really want to add him to my tribute, you know.
  15. I see you went to check on the dictionary the word Iconic. Unfortunatly Britney wouldn't approve this amazing choice.
  16. Thank you. yeah Crazy is very recognizable ! My problem with the ringleader costume is that it could have been worn by anybody, you know, it's not specific to Britney, though I have to say it's one of the most visually fun she had after In the zone. Flawless list. I agree. Without Madonna it doesn't make much sense, though the kiss is extremely known by everybody. At first I read Candice, I was about to tell you the horse is more famous than those cheaplooking clothes. also Oh my god @ all of you saying the blue flight attendant outfit is Toxic's most famous costume. No respect has been found on this thread for red hair latex Britney. PS : Thank you all so much
  17. I agree with you, the pink wig has become so Britney if that makes sense, that's why I'm mad they chose blond wigs in the Piece of me video. If only she had the pink one with the drak sunglasses it would have become an official costume you know.
  18. Not the first answer being the "Wear yellow if you need help" costume, not the second one being the "I burned my gym down" costume. You sure know what people like to talk about.
  19. Hello everyone, soooo Here's the thing there's this challenge on Instagram called 6 fanarts challenge where people ask an artist to draw their favorite pop culture characters with their own style, I'm an illustrator and last year was awesome for me so I'm super excited for this year challenge in april. BUT this year what I wanted to do before that is to create a version with only Britney...a tribute to Britney's most iconic looks..problem is...it has to be only 6 characters (looks) !!!! So I need your help to chose what are the ULTIME most famous looks she ever had ? ..there are quite a few and we need to pick only 6 ! So first, very simple you have ...Baby one more time school girl outfit, then you have OOPS costume : Now that's when things get a little more complicated : Slave, which one is the most iconic : The music video one or the performance one. or ??? I think the costume from the video SCREAMS Britney but the snake is so famous so I would say the VMAs, what do u think ? Now TOXIC well which one is the most iconic (yes I use this word a lot in this thread but because everything is, so... ) : or ??? I think this one is way too hard so I may end up drawing them both all together as one. What do you think ? OKAY NOW THAT'S WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH !! We have 4, only two left !! But which one ? There's the Satisfaction striptease one, the VMA's Madonna wedding one, the denim Justney one.. but I feel like all of them are from Primeney and I think it's sad because her carreer didn't stop 15 years ago so can we consider a Womanizer costume to be iconic ? The circus ringleader one from the tour maybe ? The red pearls bikinni from the Billboards performance ? The white gigantic dress from Hold it against me ? Truth is some of her most famous looks after In the Zone are a little controversial : the pink wig holding the frappuccio or even the umbrella one when she's bald but I don't know how to feel about these ones. (I wanted to have Lucky pink dress in it but unfortunatly I know it's not the most famous one. ) HELP ME GUYS !! I will post my drawings here when finished and edit the tittle if that's possible. Thanks in advance.
  20. I only like the one giving me a From the bottom of my broken heart tribute with the swing Other than that I'm sorry for him but his look and style he had these past couple of years is...ugly PS : Also what kind of cheap p.rn movie is this cropped first picture from ?
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