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  1. Sorry but I’m not doing this, it’s just one big crap shoot but what your gambling with is a person not money. What happens if u succeed in having Ingham removed and then she’s given a new court appointed attorney that’s even worse then him, what u gonna do then, besides feel like ****. There’s no guarantee that this is gonna get her a better lawyer or let her choose her own, it could completely backfire.
  2. I’m so ******* over sources but this does sound more believable than the TMZ one. But I’m gonna wait till 6/23 before I get worked up over anything.
  3. No, free Britney has certainly helped, there’s no denying that but the world doesn’t revolve around Britney, the senate isn’t gonna base what they do and when they do it around her.
  4. I hope she instructed whoever to post this, I love a sassy Britney.
  5. I’m pretty sure she meant all the craziness that took place that led to her being put in a cship, which is true, if she had just left Cali and focused on being a mom, she and we would not be where we are right now.
  6. Asking to get married or have a baby while still in a cship, would be the absolute stupidest thing she could do, cuz she’d just be repeating the whole cycle. At least with SP and JJ, she had a couple months of custody, this child she will have none from the get go, it’ll be another child that can be used against her and if marriage, Sam could very well have to become a conservator just like Jason did. Sorry, I just don’t understand how anyone would want those things while their life is covered in all that red tape. Now if she just wants to broach the topic and it’ll make her fight for her freedom more then fine, but she should get her freedom first before actually doing either of those two things.
  7. She looks incredible and these videos really are a thousand times better when the editing is good.
  8. Oh, Judy wouldn’t stand for any of their bs, stuff would actually get done with her, lol
  9. I swear that Viv is a b—ch troll from hell, I hate her with a passion, sorry not sorry, lol, I also couldn’t help notice ever since she rejoined Jamie’s team, Ingham has majorly backed off compared to a year ago, it’s all so shady!!
  10. Come thru Brit, I just hope it’s for something serious, I’m sorry but marriage and babies just ain’t important at this point. She’d be an idiot to wanna do either while still in a cship. The current pending matters all have to do with her estate, so I’m hoping she wants to discuss the personal cship.
  11. At this point, I’m just hoping something actually happens and we don’t get another 15 min, push to two months away BS!!
  12. True but like u said it was 13 years ago, to bring it up now, this is just Jamie’s side throwing anything at the wall to see if it sticks, it reeks of desperation.
  13. You’re right, I forgot about that, Ingham could be the anonymous source, ****!! But he hasn’t requested payment in the court documents for media work like Viv has, so who knows.
  14. That is scathing, I don’t understand why people bring up that damn book tho, it was like one chapter about Britney, yet people act like it was the entire book, lol, I’d also love to know what this document is talking about when it says Ingham and L&L are dealing with media too, funny cuz I don’t recall seeing any on their faces on tv. Only thing I’ve seen Ingham say to media is...I can’t talk about an ongoing case, I haven seen in any documents where he’s trying to charge Britney for basically saying no comment. Hopefully the judge sides with Lynne, but the fact that Ingham hasn’t objected to their fees tho is pretty aggravating.
  15. We’ll know the truth about this relationship when she’s free, if he’s still around then he’s the real deal, if she drops his ***, then it wasn’t. In the mean time, she seems genuinely happy when with him, you’d think fans would like that, I get the feeling some of u WANT her to be all alone and miserable, u just want misery for her cuz it fits your narrative regarding the chsip. As for him getting exposure and some more career advances cuz of being with her, no ****, that’ll most likely happen with any guy she’s with, she’s Britney Spears. He was doing his thing before her and still doing it, so what if his connection to her possibly got him a tv show, at least he’s working and making his own money. As for that insta live that he ended, it’s possible he didn’t wanna get her in trouble with Team CON. The fact that her own son said he’s a good guy and likes him and of course how happy she always seems to be with him is enough for me, until we see what happens when she’s free.
  16. It’s great to see her happy and having fun, she looks amazing too, it’s also great that no one seems phased that Britney Spears is there and if they are, they’re hiding it, I honestly think she feels more comfortable when just treated like a normal person.
  17. Well at least we know he can do it, however, I’m not very optimistic he’s gonna do it in her case but hey, prove me wrong, please.
  18. I think he’s just old stubborn, misogynistic man who thinks father knows best.
  19. That be great if true but I’ll believe it when we gets pics of the foursome out like having a meal together.
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