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  1. if it was a thing in Stonia and if i got a toy, yewwwsh, if i got a FREAKING TOY AND POSTER WITH IT, something to remember id get it but if it only consist of something i eat right away. HELL TO THE NO THEN
  2. i did my eneka in 2007 and 2007 was her rough year i remember listening a lot of Rebellion my eneka was not successful eneka in African language is like initiation to the stars. it is a very spiritual experience
  3. yes you have every reason to do this with Britney's eyes cause i am angry. so i tried to watch Britney's hits together from a website and my friend called britney a *lut
  4. FUN! call her up #317171717 guess my phone number based of this fun fact the mask reminds me of song toxic and TTtoxic is my phone ringtone also .////// FOREVER LOVING BRITNEY
  5. I watch MyHits (SUPER MUSIC CHANNEL), MTV, VH-1, VH-1 80s and 90s and VH-1 Classic
  6. the worst thing in communication is when somebody bl**tly disagrees: "NO HAHAHAHHA THIS IS WRONG. I ABSOLUTELY FEEL LIKE THIS CANNOT BE TRUE."
  7. lol i just cant @at 'destroy this form of communication it has always been war between opinions of people and its easy to get angry i see it as good thing i mean of course its sad that so many pointless conflicts happen but closing communication is not good i say: people have always been bad but now they have more freedom i don't really think people have changed the freedom comes with negative 'perks' but technology is so needed to make things move there is this terrible need for technology guarding over people. for example technology has bring as personalized algorithms i like it in Youtube technology is here to sort things out for people who are capable of thinking technology is here to change our life forever P.S. its always easy to disagree but the better form of communication would be not fight in opinions (i know i lauged about your opinion but there is a grain of topic and communication) the best communication form in my opionion is to have topics and just be a little in the background of forming them with arguments for and against and not saying that "i know it is just wrong of you) so id say i wouldn't say your opinion is not interesting but yeah i laughed about this thought it seemed shocking for me
  8. Katy Perry does a thankful job with directing people to think about social media even so, i would think thus that i like facebook the most. SO, it directs my thoughts in the way which social media directory i like the most. Zuckerberg is **** and somewhat has kept Facebook from sinking for my taste
  9. nowadays Twitter suxx so much. in the more distant past it sucked less, even the ferking interface ya know the layout of Twitter is un*tolerable for me now
  10. #TRENdyACCessories uhuugghhh yeah thats hot
  11. you know guurl you are a leading lady of this forum CERTAINLY i've been watching you
  12. is it true Free Britney moment was initatted by the Loose Women Company? love you who are feminists and freebritneyists at the same damm tamm'
  13. all i am saying is that i am angry you kept focusing on her nervous movements all the time and now you are suddenly: okay now everything is good she is finally there don't get me wrong i don't think something is wrong with her but i remember so vividly how you always criticized her nervous movements and like everything you found uncomfortable about her not once you even thought that maybe its her temperament etc i am like sometimes you see something wrong that maybe isn't wrong and then you keep lowering and heightening your standards.. its difficult for me to... not notice it really
  14. no person in the normal setting does that leg movement all the time THINK ABOUT IT look how she keeps moving her legs and so unnaturally, it is not a nervous fidgeting AH NEVER MIND i am so happy also drunk rn happy that Britney is so candid rn don't mind my drunk jokless plzzzz
  15. thats some major attention points from you! CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING A ROCK STAR in this forum ♥3♥3♥3 you truly rock you are the best fan in this forum if i had to go to prom with someone i would choose you thank you for existing you are Britney's best fan BTW does your user name mean Justin In the MIx? I am curious , have heard about that movement though
  16. to lift your spearits like a compensation secret favorite video to watch whenever you feel bored?
  17. Do you ever go like Okay i am so bored and have a favorite Britney video to play for when you are bored?
  18. And what could we do to stop fan's kitsch loving (kitsch = unnatural overdone art taste and moving very far from natural style of entertainment) Also, which Britney songs do you feel are more natural to listen and which songs of Britney are overdone in bad way?
  19. Prepston is sad on the photoshopped picture because they cut their face a little, you know!!
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