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  1. i mean when fans love unplugged there is a guaranteed demand for Britney's own unpluggeds duh i don't think she hates the piano now so in case she doesn't why can't she have it???
  2. if an artist is not heard one could think that even this could influence the sales in a bad way. there are people that don't believe that but for Britney there should be people who just believe in Britney as an artist. she has very interesting ideas and is a creative person. couldn't they believe in it? and her ability to make splendid ballads and acoustics too? why only things like Don't Keep Me Waiting fan unplugged? why can't we hear out Britney behind the piano herself?
  3. one could even think that with full artistic integrity there is still possible for her to be popular too even this could happen. when she is really heard she could have her own artistic route which would be sold and acclaimed
  4. Britney is the artist and her artistic vision to life most be dealt with there is this thread (outside of my thead) that the record label should make the compilation album from her unrealeased songs but i say to whoever must hear this - Britney knows her artistic vision the most. Britney knows what makes sense to her artistically both in shorter term and bigger run it shouldn't be just a randomly compilated album full of unrealaseds that Britney does not connect to her artistic logicality or integrity at the time. its a crime to not listen to Britney what songs to choose on the album cause i just want to believe Britney really wants to choose what to release and make it sense both long and short term. some people be like ain't caring but its important bottom line, even if you enjoy the songs she sings there might be this sad reality when she doesn't enjoy them and can't even talk about them. isn't it something truly awful?
  5. if they did it i would like it very much if Britney had the ultimate choice which song to include there. plz listen to this advice she is able to make a totally good album herself
  6. the big question is what we gonna do now that we know it? search it up?
  7. like shakin' my *** but doing this in a perfect most drrramatic way possible
  8. its funny how Mannquin reminds me a bit of Early Mornin these da'y's
  9. Spill it out - what's your current favorite from Britney? i like Mannequin
  10. omg yes Walkmans was the deal at that period of time how could i forget i owned Walkmans too #screeching - , screeching that yet another memory comes to my mind - i had a freaking walkman and it was nice to have one!
  11. It is in the forum's description yet nobody does reminisce about it anymore What do you remember if you do? if you didn't have that possibility to enjoy the beginning of Britney's career then well, you can as well post your first memories. I was too effing young and didn't have access to internet or foreign music back in 1999 for me one of the first memories were loving the song Rebellion but i think it was 2007. i remember listening to Rebellion in a bus and felt so effing happy. it meant the world for me. the snippet of Rebellion and how well it sounded. damn dayum all these songs like Oops sounded so good on my mp3 player. now i don't listen to them (Baby.., Oops) as much.
  13. :: hint: we are talking about Nocturnal Eyes-Wide-Shut thematics ::
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