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  1. but wasn't it selfish to talk about things like this now and wed have to wait conservatorship to end? according to the logic of some people here
  2. yeah i mean she has recorded like 10 000 songs of course it could be that she does not know
  3. you know that its just a figure of speech right? i am saying i am surprised that i wanted to make a positive thread and that it took such turn its like part of me is speechless. even if more so surprised would be the accurate term. i don't have anything to say about the absurdity on how it turned out.
  4. SO I AM JJUST.. THAT... SPEECHLESS my simple thought of Britney wanting to have more freedom of artistry uprises upheaval and unsettling okay, you be unsettled all you want ;-)
  5. you guys can affirm yourself whatever you want i believe in MY freaking IMMORTALITY and my freaking INTEGRITY to each its own alright some people even wanted to own some else life? just asking, cause i don't want a life owned by you!!! duh, of course i want her to work. but this pretty much wasn't the point of the thread, now was it? this was not the part i saw a problem in this case. don't you dare to take my air as thin.. if she wanted to retire, of course id accept it. what a fresh perspective . you gays and gals, bra-vooo... you give presumptions i mostly just gave you the question. you refrain and want to bark at me about me about things you don't know. this thread is all about giving credit to Britney and you just bark at me cause i don't make that mention? trust me i have my reason, and you can't tell what it is. i have no obligation to say the reason either. but you barkers can just bark end presume. PREEEEE-SUUUMEEEE there is something called freedom of speech and you guys .. i'd even say i believe don't always use it to your benefit.
  6. @Matouif the industry will suddenly give Britney total musical freedom, even then my "assumption here" will be not selfish. because of my belief system and my reasoning. in my personal opinion you are wrong either way and in many different ethics and yeah you are going to see through things like this in your life
  7. its your opinion, it was nothing in general that we all should take as a fact even if i don't know about it so closely, you should look at your stars more closely. do you really think even most of the stars can release all they want? law is not my profession but me talking to you like that you should use your omnious gifts to research. we will see later who was in the position to teach when you express your opinion as a general fact. maybe on your death bed the truth will be even closer to you. id say its a behaviour habit from you stating your opinion as a general fact owwwww, whatever could be the possible indicator? by now i would not say that the truth is by your side, not in any absolutity at least we are not the alone duo in this life, let the future oh ever so grantfully decide that you say i have discussed something selfishly, its your strange logic that has no substantial proof from your side either, remember thaty!!! it is your belief not backed down or up
  8. @Matoucan i just ask what do you think is selfish about my wish for Britney to have more rights? and my wish is to wake up people around her who restrict her musically! it can't go on forever, i am sad you find this selfish. if artists could be free by now wouldn't they release what the heck they want. if artistic companies were easy to shrug of wouldn't every artist do it after a contract is up? i am verry insulted you just want to blame me as selfish. i just clearly don't have the same beliefs about world as you and the intention of this thread is blaming people who always want to restrict Britney's freedoms. what the heck is selfish about that? then we could say talking about conservatorship is selfish too? do you want to delve there? i'd say you have been disrespectful by blaming me being selfish and you will have your fair share of lyfe instead that teaches you otherwise. by this all id take a wild guess you really don't know how entertainment business works.
  9. OK that will be my truth cup of this tasteful evenin then let's see how it will hold up thanks n grats.... here we are shaking hands together again with truth ... and the truth will not stop to be there. and thats , that will be a relief trulayyyyy
  10. we shouldn't think about something that always needs discussing? do you really think Britney could just make her own firm to release albums? has anyone in position done that?? anyway, think what you will just don't say to me to shut up i can discuss it here regardless if you don't like it
  11. there is a reason why people lie and are being lied to and about. and my thread is not faulty in any way according to the rules
  12. it is selfish to wish for more freedom to Britney according to her contracts? oh myyyy i bet ya in reality no artist can have total freedom on what to release and this IS A TOPIC and will always be a topic in music industry
  13. OMMGGGGG i think i just felt in a way that i fell in love about your words but also they can't make me to delete this thread
  14. i think we have every freedom to think about what i am talking about in this thread. you want to not think and talk about but.... Don't think it is not on the level of you making the moves to not talk about it. if it was against the rules not to think about it cite it but you can not tell me to shut up about this highly important topic express where are the selfish positions id just say it to you as a sign, if only the world was so simple as you depict it. owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
  15. i am stating that it seems bad that from what we know she doesn't get to choose songs (have artistic freedom) she wants on her album sometimes is it really hard to read? which of my senteces were not logical you shouldn't just start with expressing your headache without it being simply in a level of offense
  16. of course it doesn't mean to be a comfortable-in-your-kitchen-table-snorting when your younger niece is comfortably and sunnily on the potty thread it needs to be expressed and disgusting that yes we are not comfortable about her conservatorship but we want to be aware she does have her fair share of troubles in the artistic area too in artistic area if we just settle they will just settle and restrict too
  17. are you saying that we should not think about it at all? she needs to think about it and so does her team we can't just let it slide everytime and be happy with what is. we all need to be aware of that, people in the higher positions need to discuss it too if they think she has lost some freedom artistically. this needs to be the topic also in discussion and in action. if nobody ever thinks about.. this would be the appropriate gift of people who know everything about it. tell things about this too how her artistic freedom has low tides. also you can tell all you think to know about it. that could be your gift, you are more of an analytical mind here.
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