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  1. If BBMA had any sign of live vocals... then it would have been iconic. It's still iconic to me tbh.
  2. At a m&g I asked her if she knew what a slutdrop was and showed her. Probably not my number 1 question i've always wanted to ask Britney Spears... but there you go haha
  3. I'm sorry- but she has served some of the most STUNNINGGGG looks in the past few years. I have really grown to love the BBMA outfit and it's now up there in the 'iconics' for me
  4. Airing on BBC2 in UK right now. US & Canada dates 11th May 👆🏼
  5. Whilst I think think that article is (not-surprisingly) tilted more towards team con... I feel there might be some kind of truth in it (apart from that laughable 99% percentage) It’s been said multiple times that she doesn’t want the END of the conservatorship... she just wants her dad removed. As people have pointed out- it’s not the fact she’s under a conservatorship as such. It’s about the TYPE of conservatorship she is under. But I’m trying not to get too angry/involved in this article as... we truly have no clue either way. So we will wait and see what next month brings. I’m so glad it’s not a 6 month wait cause honey... my mental state wouldn’t cope. Ha!
  6. Me when a lot of my non-stan friends who watched the documentary on BBC iPlayer are texting asking about Lou Taylor after i've been trying to tell them about the situation for over two years...
  7. Can see why you'd think that- but FBS didn't air until Feb 2021 remember. The BBC doc was also filming Dec 20. So I think they were genuinely interested on jumping on the topic to deep-dive into the situation.
  8. What's he been saying? How have they cut him off? Blocked his number or what? I've obviously seen his x2 posts he posted last night. But i'm so invested in all updates
  9. It's such a draining time being a Britney stan in 2021 I always try to remain open-minded with the 'she's no control over her socials' & the whole BillyB situ. As the truth is... we don't know. Whilst i'm sceptical of the post for all the usual obvious reasons... if she's had some form of input into this caption- then she's snapped. The only thing i'm not a huge fan of is the fact these directors are doing these documentaries to raise awareness to HELP her (and others I guess) and her situation. So it's a bit of a kick in the teeth for everyone speaking up to try and help her. Some guys love to hate on BillyB... but he is actually drawing a lot of attention onto team con and i'm kinda here for it . He's right... why are they not hitting him with lawsuits if he was flat out lying!?
  10. Praying that this does make the difference. I've seen a few articles about the doc saying how it doesn't really speak to anyone of relevant power. Obviously not! And to be fair- he did reach out to Lou & James and they declined. What are people expecting- Judge Penny knocking on the hotel door for an interview
  11. I'm loving that locals still loose it when queen Brittany is spotted
  12. I don’t like this as it’s the last thing Britney wants- is conversations about her health making front page news again. Tabloids However on a positive spin- this may be good as it will make people be like ‘wtf? Dementia?! We seen her do a full show in the London 02 couple of years back? That’s BS.’ Anyone (and there’s a high percentage) who’s ever experienced a family member etc with actual dementia will know that there’s no way she’d be able to do half of what she’s done in recent years, if she had that disease.
  13. I totally see there are some points where it talks about the fans and the death threats/ ridiculous conspiracy theories etc make us look slightly wack. But you have to remember that... that is the minority of the fan base (or at least what I like to tell myself ha!) They also interviewed some amazing fans who are doing wonders for speaking up in a positive & mature way. So it shows both sides of the fan base in my opinion. You go on the directors twitter and there’s so many hateful tweets about boycotting it. Calling it ‘trash’ etc before even seeing it due to people he chose to interview etc. It’s embarrassingly immature. Small number of cringe stans that are bringing us down. Everyone is just so built up at the moment though. So what can you do?! But we will continue to spread positivity and constructive information- to help Britney & the movement
  14. I was trying to remain positive... but the Regina George in me was like ‘uh-huh...’ at his & Perez’s ‘emotional’ moments
  15. Yeah she’s in it. She’s great. Cute as a button too. Let me know when you’ve watched it and your thoughts!
  16. Got up at 8am to watch in UK. It’s obviously a mixed bag as it is an ongoing case & nowhere near resolution. However it does bring up a few questions. Overall I enjoyed it and it will definitely get people talking! I think it’s going into more present detail than Framing Britney Spears did (as felt FBS was too focused on the buildup to the breakdown etc). This documentary is more present events- which I enjoyed. *SPOILERS IF YOU’VE NOT WATCHED YET* Related:
  17. People need to be more positive This clip is far too short to get a picture of the full documentary. Let’s be optimistic. Yes, it’s unfortunate that P*rez is featured as he does NOT deserve the time of day to speak about anything relating to Britney’s Spears. But he’s known in the UK and will bring in viewers as he’s a familiar face. Thinking tactically here guys. From an award-winning documentary director’s point of view... in order to get the ‘full picture’ and the doc to be non-bias for the general public- it needs to look at both sides. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be ‘team con’ at all. Be positive & hopefully starts another snowball of positive conversation for the movement
  18. Checked too and looks like Wednesday now. Not 100% though. Definitely on iPlayer from tomorrow though. Of course it's out over bank holiday weekend when everyone will be out ha!
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