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  1. Yay I've been dying to know more about how her diet and her sons are doing
    88 points
  2. can't wait for another awkward sketch / interview that won't reveal any relevant information maybe this time they'll do a dynamic with her perfumes, or they'll have a sing-along battle with Instagram chipmunk filters
    26 points
  3. 17 points
  4. She will also talk about how her show is the hardest she's ever done and a workout itself and how music is therapy for her and you know there are some costume changes to keep things fresh, things we've never heard before
    17 points
  5. Ooooommmmmmggggg ! Apple Pie, Felicia Bye is coming
    15 points
  6. HQ captures in XRAY: http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=562544
    14 points
  7. It says she’s gonna be on his “Ew” sketch. No interview. Hopefully she’s cute and not awkward AF.
    14 points
  8. 13 points
  9. Well now that the stage is back can we have the Piece Of Me / Circus / Bomt / Touch of my hand / ttwe / toxic scrapped moves and choreography back too? wouldn't mind having Boys, Slave, Crazy / Stronger zumba fitness choreo scrapped and replaced by the original ones Thank you!
    11 points
  10. I just watched that sketch and for real I don’t understand how Americans find that funny!?
    10 points
  11. people getting excited about some measuring tape with lights around the stage i'll be excited when it looks like these heck, even like this
    9 points
  12. lol no this is not real this is the new perfume Stage Fantasy it's not complete they are working on it the chairs will go out duh.
    8 points
  13. 8 points
  14. Lol wait so you signed in opened a thread and commented because you don’t care?
    8 points
  15. They need to end that tour and start focusing on new material. That’s what they need.
    8 points
  16. the last time she went there was one of her best looks this decade
    7 points
  17. I actually like Change your mind. Clumsy is kind of meh and the transition drive me crazy. It's not good.
    7 points
  18. My amazing boyfriend bought me this for my birthday and none of my friends are stans so I figured I would show it off here! autographed photo' I apologize, I'm computer illiterate and wasn't sure how to actually insert it!
    7 points
  19. They got the privilege to be a lot closer to her (smaller venues)
    6 points
  20. watch her mess up all choreos because of that addition and added props
    6 points
  21. Oh gosh hopefully comical britney comes out and not awkward confused cue cardney
    6 points
  22. Dude yeah the energy in that room is insane. Nobody gave a ****, dancing in the aisles, having fun, she had a smile on her face the whole time. It's a shame to read the feedback on here.
    5 points
  23. i was there tonight, great show! its funny to me how critical people on here are because when you're there in person, EVERYONE has a blast. the crowd was loving her tonight.
    5 points
  24. She needs new outfits. All of them are horrible and unflattering. AND REAL BOOTS. Oh and she needs to stop messing her hair. Her energy is good but her looks kind of ruin everything tbh. I think I’m having a mini meltdown lol
    5 points
  25. Maybe they’re filming it tonight?? EHAY ABOUT THE TREE AND WB THROWN?!?!
    5 points
  26. 5 points
  27. while 60FPS would be nice, it's mostly just a "cherry on top" situation.. what we should be hoping for is any music video at all..
    5 points
  28. It really is. It’s the iconic start of a never ending era of scrapping and Disney Channel level basicness.
    5 points
  29. 5 points
  30. That is the commercial sis, It's Team B we are dealing with so you know those clips are technically the full advertisement. Especially since the perfume has been released already. I'm hoping it's clips they used from a Music Video she shot for the new single and they just used some clips and side shots to use as a promotion for the perfume as well, kinda like what Radar was to the ''Candies'' shoot. I'm seriously hoping because she looked soo dammmm hott in these clips that I can not see how their is not more to this.
    5 points
  31. 5 points
  32. To do what? Britney is nottttt a wedding performer. imagine her on stage bopping to two decade year old vocals **** dropping and *** popping
    5 points
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