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  1. it has to do with where it's sold, it used to be sold at expensive department stores like Macy's for $60+ and over time it trickled down until it was available at drugstores like Walmart and Walgreens and discount stores like Ross and TJMaxx for $15-20. Cheaper selling price means the perfume has to be cheapr to make
  2. Looks like they’re gonna be showing the 1999 performance? It’ll be cool to see it in its original high quality if they show the whole thing
  3. It’s so weird seeing them use a 2013 photo for the front cover of a 2022 calendar but I guess that’s what happens when she’s been on strike for the last 2 years.... still why couldn’t they have used any of the new glory shots? If it was too expensive, there has to be a million pictures from randee, I mean this one she posted on Instagram a long time ago looks really great:
  4. it definitely would've been cool, but weird for Britney and her team probably saw the backlash/oddness of her barely singing Carpool Karaoke and decided to not do this one
  5. i never liked this song, but i learned to love it with the performance, video, and choreo. I almost never go to this song to listen to it, but rather to dance to it
  6. I’m sorry, but can we wait until britneys hearing to know how she really feels? I get why sam isn’t anybody’s favorite lawyer, but there’s obviously a lot more evil people than him... and I don’t see how complaining about one of the few people who is on her side helps anybody
  7. I like their new sound, it's giving me something that Britney would've heard while she was on her roadtrip in Crossroads If you're looking something similar to their more pop rock Disney days, I'd recommend Listen! it's one of my favorites off the album
  8. i feel like she used to sign her name like that? Maybe she signed it Britney Spears Federline at least during the height of it all. I honestly can't imagine her to go as anything besides "Britney Spears" though, but if Asghari is a last name she wants then I hope she gets it
  9. Sorry I don’t believe it cause usually even when things get deleted people wil get a notification and I didnt
  10. I always like that sam always post her in a good light, he’s kinda the only real outlet we have to Britney at this point besides court documents
  11. I think the article is talking about how it isn’t really known to anyone outside of the fanbase especially when everything she did at that time was so big
  12. Eh it’s actually kinda cute and I’m glad that they’re trying to do more recent things and not just an entire merch catalog of making her a 1990s nostalgia queen
  13. Since lou sent Jordan a cease and desist it means she’s lurking... so FIX THE AUDIO!!!! listen to it and tell me what you think, the audio quality sounds muffled and the drum is quieter, for reference compare it to this audio version
  14. I’m pretty sure though that Britney was still battling the radio ban until Clear channel was the announced as the sponsor for the onyx hotel so I feel like toxic being the second single was the right moment for it to get all the possible radio play it could get
  15. RCA is a terrible and cheap label first of all. Second who’s gonna pay for it if RCA isn’t gonna give a ****? Britney doesn’t have any money and she doesn’t even really care about these types of things, her team loves the nostalgia factor but don’t invest as you can see with the cheap “remasters”. Who knows maybe in another 20 years actually upscaling won’t be so expensive and by the time we get to like 10-20k quality they’ll finally upscale it to 1080p and they’ll be behind everyone else again💀
  16. When whoever was in charge of Thw Zone was looking at old outfits, there was a room that had every old outfit and my guess is that it’s either there or some kind of storage unit
  17. I follow her, and she herself cleverly added it in to cover her b**bs, unfortunately cause of tiktoks layout the caption makes it hard to see but as an og stan of Miley it’s cool to se how supportive she is!
  18. Something that I feel would be a problem is how would they be able to condense it into a "song version" video. I mean take a look at Katy Perry's Birthday, the amount of views the lyric video had versus the real video is a lot, and the music video was only 8 minutes long. In my opinion, RCA knew that an 18 minute video would probably do just as bad and tried to make a condensed version and then realized it wouldn't work either. In my opinion, they should've made an entire dance video with just the first scene, and have that be the official video with the 18 minute version being a "movie version"
  19. Yup: it’s an obvious workout song (as mentioned in New Girl) it’s a song for gays (or somewhat girls) it has a good video and great choreo it has the word ***** in it which most most people scream over when Britney says it (gimme more, scream and shout, and work *****) and finally, even tho there was no promo, she ended up performing it at almost every single performance and performed it first, which I think helped its longevity as it’s always her most high energy performance with the best costume of the night is it on the same level of BOMT Oops or even S&S? Not really but it’s her last recent real hit and it’s gonna have longevity as it’s her only solo hit past FF and she’s been playing it and planning to (Domination Announcement and Rehearsals)
  20. I wonder if RCA even has the masters you always hear stories about people losing archives like that big fire at Universal I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost them or if they’re too deep in the archives to find but what else can we expect from the laziest record label ever
  21. To be fair Mariah has been only upscaing some of her videos (heartbreaker for example) and fans were pissed about how low quality it looks still
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