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Cade Hudson = New Sam Lutfi? Paul Soliz is way more dangerous than reported. No basic background check went into hiring him?

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14 minutes ago, justhanging said:

He's fishy for hanging out with Britney's traffickers 

About larry I see no problem since larry was britney's manager for a long time and Cade is just new on managing a complex big artist as Britney Spears, so it's ok, Cade probably needs some guidance, most of his experiences was with actors I think.

Larry has no time to be a bad person now nor I don't think he's that greedy for money now + he's probably cool with Britney, he just cares and likes to do his job, maybe they can co-manage together?

the thing is that maybe Britney still sick with the industry. She's probably not thriving to start a business relationship with anyone, they all hungry for her and she needs time, love, joy, space, now,

Eventually I think she will have a solid team in the future, it's just not now bc the c-ship really just finished so there's other priorities with her life right now and she deserves a break and free time. For now, Cade is fine I guess, but I have the impression he's not that good with a big concept for an artist like Britney, it's a lot of work and details managing a music artist, actors look easier. 

Anyways, I'm hungry for new Britney art, a lot of fans are, we just can't deny, a lot of people are, but she knows we are **** bc we'll always be there for her so she's managing her time now, even tho everyone is crazy for a new start, that's why there's a lot of negative talk, everyone is thinking about time passing by and they want her to have a big moment again and shine bright. 

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Britney doesn't need a manager like Larry, because she doesn't want to be Britney Spears anymore.

Cade to me will always remain a parasite, who has intruded into.her life, has never lifted a finger for her (while knowing everything), has structured this friendship to start his own failed company, someone who thinks he is Britney Spears, writing interviews for her.

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Cade is the worst "friend" he is that person who does not have a life of his own, apparently he is a fan who wants to live the life of Britney Spears, and he applauds all the bad decisions that Britney makes, he only tells her what she wants to hear To keep her by his side, a good friend and now manager, must boost her career, and if she doesn't want to work, at least she has a life worthy of the artist that Britney is, but how is it possible that even Lohan has a decent life, rehabilitated and britney is worse now that she is free, falling lower and lower and it is thanks to her closest group.. cade is a parasite.. and britney doesn't want to grow up, britney you are not a teenager to act the way you do .. you have two children and if you want to get them back you have to be an example of life for them,

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He's prob worse than Larry. Larry at least tried to address issues in a positive  manner with lies.

cade is just plain lazy.

who cares the army will never be happy with anyone if she's not the perfect pop star. She could hire Reese Witherspoon or however you spell her long name and we would find a problem.just an example

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