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Justin Timberlake blames 'drinking more' due to Framing Britney Spears NYT Documentary & Britney's memoir in 2023

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The comments are all coming for him blaming it on Britney:


"He is seriously not giving this excuse, is he??!! C’mon. Don’t blame Britney."
"Blaming Britney? Seriously??"
"He was drunk and caught holding hands with someone who wasn't his wife 5 years ago. Was that Britney’s fault too?"


Insiders claim the incident should serve as a 'wake-up call' for the singer, 43, who used alcohol to cope with the explosive allegations leveled against him by Britney, 42.

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Lmao when it comes to Justin’s life it will always be Britney’s fault somehow. And users in that mugshot thread were getting their panties in a bunch about the thread getting turned into being about Britney. Oh when will they learn that when it comes to Justin, it is him that can’t let go and will always use Britney as an excuse for his ****ty behavior…

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I can believe this. I bet he does have regrets, blowing off this girl he grew up with who would have been his perfect match — all for money or because he was a narcissist and got jealous of her or convinced he deserved someone better somehow or maybe just more women.

I bet it sucks thinking about what could have been. 

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Okay, not to be a JT defender but this quote did not come from Justin or his public team. It’s literally a random “insider”, who could literally be anyone. I’m sure the documentary didn’t help Justin’s issues, but as someone who does enjoy JT’s music, as quiet as it has been kept, he has been struggling for quite some time with alcohol. Way before all the documentaries came about. 

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