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A master list of all the narcissistic, petty, mean, hypocritical, dishonest stuff she has done: A Novel Part 2

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tea!!! :truthtea_sips_britney_2011_ff_femme_fatale_red_mug_spill:


I found an alternate thread about the same here:


Since 2006, when Taylor Swift first entered the music industry, she's been known to have said...


Since 2006, when Taylor Swift first entered the music industry, she's been known to have said certain petty things or shown actions that paint a petty character. To really put this into analysis, I've taken it upon myself to show a detailed timeline into all the actions that can be questioned as petty / vengeful. Let's start!



Taylor's debut album gets released and it features a line titled ''I'll tell mine you are gay.'' This line is in reference to an ex-boyfriend of Taylor's. She has since removed this line from streaming services but this is the first indication of what Taylor will say about you if you dare to cross her.


Taylor and Joe Jonas start an end a relationship this year that ends with an infamous 30 second phone call. Rather than keep this private or reveal it in her lyrics, Taylor goes on The Ellen DeGeneres (and SNL) show to publicize this breakup and paint Joe Jonas as a bad guy. This is the first of many petty moments involving ex-boyfriends.


Taylor debuts a misogynistic lyric about a mysterious woman on Better Than Revenge, despite her making feminism and girl power a massive part of her brand only a few years later.


Taylor takes public shots at her shortlived romance with Harry Styles in her fourth studio album Red where she again, paints a very one sided picture.


Taylor mouths ''shut the **** up'' to her best friend Selena Gomez during a speech of her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. Later when she is presented the VMA for I Knew You Were Trouble, she takes a public shot at him saying ''this person knows exactly who he is, thank you so much!''

Taylor debuts the squad this year and has later commented on how this squad was supposed to represent everything she didn't have in high school.
Despite taking public shots at Harry in 2012 and 2013, Taylor Swift debuts the song Style on her fifth studio album ''1989'' and highly publicizes their relationship yet again by referring to him in a cryptic manner in interviews about this song.

Taylor highly publicizes her feud with Katy Perry in the song and video for Bad Blood but lies in an interview and says it was about an ex-boyfriend because she felt pressured directing blame at someone else.
Taylor also alludes to the fact that she was aware of the negative spotlight she was putting Katy in: ''I just needed to divert the public away from the easiest target'' she says in an interview.
Swift publicly feuds with Nicki Minaj after Nicki criticizes the VMAs for having racist policies. Swift thinks the tweets are aimed at her and takes cryptic shots at Nicki.
Swift accuses Nicki of pitting women against each other despite Swift using her publicized feud with Katy Perry to gain streams and clicks for her song and video for ''Bad Blood''

Taylor releases her entire catalogue back to Spotify on the release date of her then arch nemesis Katy Perry's fourth studio album ''Witness''
Taylor releases her sixth studio album ''Reputation'' on the 10-year anniversary of West's mother's death ''Donda''


Taylor Swift releases her seventh studio album ''Lover'' in which she seemingly portrays emotions of indifference towards her publicized feud with Kanye West. Later during the Lover era she would publicize the feud yet again in an interview with Rolling Stone despite West's wife Kim Kardashian saying there was no bad blood between them anymore.


Swift releases a post on her Instagram Stories to bring attention to the COVID-19 crisis, but before she does this she yet again posts about the feud with Kanye. Saying that the situation put her, and her family, and her fans through ''hell''

Taylor publicly slams Netflix for a line in a tv show and creates a tweet that states that it doesn't look ''cute'' on Netflix to do this after Miss Americana despite failing to mention that her fans were sending racist death threats to the actress who said this line, Antonia Gentry.
Taylor begins a friendship with her protegés Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray. This leads to a fallout in which Taylor gets a writing credit for the song ''deja vu'' and later releases her vault song ''Nothing New'' that portrays her feelings about her being replaced in the music industry by a younger artist. 
Taylor releases her second re-recording album ''Red (Taylor's Version) in which she publicizes her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal and stays silent when her fans send death threats towards him.

Eric Eidelstein reveals Taylor Swift's team would issue fatwa's over major publications declaring them to shut their mouth and not dare to say anything negative about her, or else there would follow blacklists around the industry.
Taylor tweets about Halsey's new studio album 'If I Can't Have Hits, I Want Acclaim' on the day/release week of West's studio album as well despite Taylor never tweeting about Halsey before that.

Swift's TIME Person Of The Year profile gets released in which she once again publicizes her feud with West to further promote her future re-recording Reputation (Taylor's Version) and her eleventh studio album ''The Tortured Poets Department''
Swift collaborates with new upcoming rapper Ice Spice after being criticized for dating Matty Healy, who made racist and deragatory comments about Ice Spice and black women in general
Swift releases 1989 (Taylor's Version) and celebrates her fans attacking and doxxing people online for spreading leaks, and polices Taylor Nation to search the entire internet and publicly nail and sue everyone who engages in the leaks to the cross.
Taylor announces Sabrina Carpenter, who is in a publicized feud with Olivia Rodrigo, to be the opener for several of her Eras Tour dates. Taylor begins a friendship with Sabrina immediately after her fallout with Rodrigo.

Taylor releases her eleventh studio album ''The Tortured Poets Department'' which lyrics contain revelations of infidelity due to her ex-boyfriend's Joe Alwyn's depression, not caring about the opinion of her fans on her dating racist Matty Healy, portraying the relationship with Travis Kelce to be nothing more than her reliving her high school days, and once again, eight years later, releasing yet another song about the West feud, this time aimed towards Kim Kardashian, even going as far as bringing her kid into it.
Taylor retweets positive reviews of her album ''TTPD'' directly after Pitchfork gives a mediocre 6.6 score for The Tortured Poets Department
Taylor releases the song ''Clara Bow'' which lyrics aim to criticize the music industry's behavior towards newer artists despite her questionable behavior towards newcomer Olivia Rodrigo only 3 years prior.


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I also heard she purposefully ****ed Charli XCX out of debuting number 1 in the UK by releasing more versions of her ****ty album for just the UK that week. I can’t stand her trying to shove this garbage down our throats tbh.

Yet T-Swizzle is all about female empowerment…ya right!

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