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Britney shares a video dancing to Timbaland, Justin Timberlake & Missy Elliott song: The nasty version

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Really great that this forum is not a place with a huge straight guy majority, that is super new and exciting for me. That being said, *****ing seem to go loud once in a while when Britney serves up a treat so artistic and smart. Let her be a woman - woman woman woman

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17 minutes ago, katiespears said:

😩 I wish Britney could have just a moment of insight to see what she’s doing. Just a second to realize something isn’t right.

If 90’s-early 2000’s Britney saw this, she would never believe it was her. 

It's sad because it doesn't seem she has any idea. Any person with common sense would understand this behavior never helps...

It's just sad... I wouldn’t mind if this was a person completely aware of what she is doing,  but I don't believe that's her case. 

Mental issues need to be treated properly. The only thing I wish for Britney today is to get some help.  The situation is bad enough. 

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7 minutes ago, Britney_Jean said:

Putting the disturbing video aside, why a Justin song? wtf….

She seems to want Timberlake attention for a long time now.

Britney dancing to one of his songs isn't shocking. Even if she uses one of Timbaland songs, the man saying Timberlake should have put a muzzle on her.

It's just humiliating, but I don't think she realize it. 

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