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Charli xcx just dragged taylor with her album name!!!

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33 minutes ago, Neydelinska Spearsi said:


There is no ethical way to become a billionaire, for a start.

Is that a fact? Because anything is possible. And you don’t want a belief like that to create your reality.

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1 hour ago, Neydelinska Spearsi said:

a 35 year old BILLIONAIRE who uses her own jet for literally everything and that's pumping plastic and non-recyclable bs every ******* day.

She's a menace to the planet and to the pop music



Literally me now👆

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The amount of people I saw defending Taylor **** on Facebook on a post of Billie’s manager saying she weaponizes her fanbase against people and the people on here defending Taylor in this thread is laughable. I like some of her music but this current album is straight up garbage and it’s become more of a money grab than an artistic piece of work, something that she tries to convince people that she’s this great artist when she’s really starting to be for the bucks it brings in and the chart position she can get.

Taylor could release an album with an artistic name sounding name like The Road Less Traveled and it could be filled with recordings of wet farts from her *** and people would be like OMG, TAYLOR IS SO CREATIVE AND SHE GETS ME and buy a thousand copies of it and then she’ll release 100 different versions of that album with one different bowel movement she recorded for each version and they would buy every single version.

This is literally how this current album is. The songs all literally sound the same and you got people praising her when she’s literally taking advantage of them by releasing the same album in 100 different versions with only one single difference between them all and she knows you people will fall for it because you’re blinded by this act she puts on that she’s somehow a relatable queen who can’t put out ****ty music.

And some people criticizing Charli doing this for attention and is using the gays while praising Taylor for doing the same thing in the same breath is hypocritical. I just laid out how she’s taking advantage of her fanbase, but she weaponizes them to avenge her by relentlessly attacking and sending people death threats that crossed her. Like ****, she literally stirred up 10 year old drama when she rereleased Red with Jake Gyllenal (idk how to spell his last name) by doing that and he got attacked again. Even with this recent album, she stirred up old beef with Kim Kardashian with two ******* songs like girl, you called her out on reputation, leave that **** in the past. I know when she rereleases reputation there’s gonna be even more drama stirring that’s going to take place and her fans are just drooling at the thought of being able to attack someone.

And the ridiculous thing is that Taylor doesn’t stop it or anything, she just lets it happen. And lets not be fooled that she’s against pitting women against women when she literally wrote a song attacking Katy Perry over two back up dancers and made it this big victim complex ordeal when it wasn’t that big of a deal, but people praised Taylor for acting like a literal child.

I can enjoy Taylor’s music for how it is and still recognize when it’s ****ty and how she herself is a ****ty person. Don’t criticize someone else for doing something, but praise Taylor for doing that exact same thing because all you’re doing is making yourself look like a hypocritical fool.

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