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What really happened with the divorce and Sam?

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1 hour ago, ObsessedBritFan1 said:

Despite being a decade younger, he probably thought she was very immature for her age and got fed up with her childish antics. 

Well that was rude! 

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13 minutes ago, Buff said:

Well that was rude! 

I mean, here is a well-rounded aspiring actor who strives to lead a healthy, positive lifestyle and focuses on (or at least promotes) healthy outlets to manage their stress and mental health. You can't fault him for that when his values don't align with hers with the way she displaces her anger on social media and doesn't do anything productive other than normalize her trauma responses, which there are a hundred different ways to spread awareness and psychoeducational information in a coherent, concise, and positive manner without spinning it as an opportunistic narrative to bash your family in my opinion inadvertently. 


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12 hours ago, J45x said:

She loves the gym! She is very athletic. Loves basketball. But she also likes to party and hang out. She is not like Sam who has a strict gym and diet schedule. She seems to go more with the flow.

That is what I'm talking about.

Yeah, she’s always been a dichotomy. She’s one of those people who is athletically fit AF, but loves junk food, screws with routines, and lights a cigarette immediately after working out. I remember rumors about her constantly asking for cigarettes backstage during the Oops tour in 2000. And we all remember how she’d drink 20 Oz frapps daily.

I gotta give her credit. Girl lives for the now. I’ve actually always been amused by this and admired it.

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Posted (edited)

Many of you say they split because of being different, but… ARE THEY DIFFERENT?

Thing is we dont really know who we stan lol

Britney changed SO MUCH SO MANY TIMES through the years its difficult to tell 

She was once a very disciplined girl who loved to rehearse for hours, go training, looking for perfection, and im not even talking about her prime but even before, she is a dancer!!

she later began to rebel and that could be a phase BUT what about 2016 the year she was more together than ever since 2007? She seemed in a good mental state, she seemed driven, she was training if it wasnt gym it was yoga she was singing live both in vegas and her insta and was dancing again like she CARED.

then, everything started to go downhill again. 

my question is.. who is the REAL britney? Do this swings have to do with her mental state? If so my guess is britney never stopped being the one she was when she was younger, she just developed some condition that if its not trated (properly) she stops careing (of herself, those that surround her, even her kids)

And my proof is that if this was NOT the case, then we would see a britney that does not go training and that wouldnt do anything career wise because of everything that happened BUT would take care of herself, her looks, her dogs, her kids, her mental health, her credibility, her relationships with proper man. She doesnt give a f about ANYTHING this combo tells me she is not “naturally” different from Sam, she is just ill atm and that made them break

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Posted (edited)

Tbh... I think he was abusive. There were a lot of tells back then. I think she's too self-protective to have said anything about it. Imo it's what is contributing to current emotional chaos.


I know he accused her of giving him a black eye and a bite but honestly that seems more consistent with self defense. There were so many insta videos of her looking like she had a black eye on multiple occasions. Plus the time she had the blood in her eye. Plus the rose thing showed up around then. 


Just my uninvolved two cents...

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14 hours ago, Estrella said:

I found this, 

and this 


Last Saturday, the fame-hungry 27-year-old posted (then deleted) an Instagram of her kissing Sam Asghari - even tagging the 35-year-old pop diva


Well if the divorce case was closed and we didn’t hear crap about that, what do you think that means? 
A lot of people claims things online and a lot of it will be untrue. Let’s stop feeding off of these things.

as for Brit and Sam, you could tell towards the end that there was a lot of resentment and no more passion. The old videos of Sam and Britney together versus the most recents are staggering in comparison. Obviously something must have happened, but it was off for a while. Sad.

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On 5/25/2024 at 9:14 AM, knee Queen of pop said:

To this day it confuses me. When the news came out last year we got all these different stories about Sam wanting to blackmail her and contest the prenup, Britney thinking he was teaming up with Jamie, them allegedly having “explosive” fights, etc. etc. :britdrown_britney_tears_crying_drown_ink_black: looking back at all of those headlines I think they were all made up **** and we’ll never know the true reason they broke up unless Britney talks about it (maybe on a second book?). Sam didn’t contest the prenup, didn’t blackmail her and TMZ was just pretty much recycling headlines they made up in early 2023. Both Sam and Britney seem to look back at their marriage in a positive light. I don’t really like Sam after all that happened and I def think he was trying to build a career off of Britney, but the more I look back at their marriage the more I can’t help but think the media fed us a made up narrative and we ate it up. Whatever issues they had I think were much simpler than whatever the press was making it out to be. What do y’all think?

Several things.  It's clear they loved each other & will probably always have heart for each other, but they were in very different places.  She's an internationally famous star, he's always worked but is seeking to upgrade his career.

The age difference too - unfortunately us ladies often age much quicker than guys; she wanted to have children while she still could, and while I believe he was genuinely looking forward to the birth of the little one they lost, not sure how much he was pushing for fatherhood afterwards. 

I strongly believe he rescued her from the snakepit, and I don't see any reason to question his intentions either - seems like a good guy doing what he could to protect the girl he loved.  I don't believe she cheated on him or that he cheated on her while they were together either, but Hollywood is a very hard place to maintain a marriage - for anyone.  Look at all the celeb divorces & breakups - longterm marriages/unions are few & far between in that world.  Especially in Southern California, anyone even remotely successful has all kinds of people glomming on to him/her wherever he or she goes - anything for a celebrity connection, no matter how minute.  Anyone who gets involved with a hearthrob or sweetheart needs to always be mindful that there are many who'd love to be the next lover or spouse - those lifestyles are both glamourous & restricted because those up at the top can't always tell who's for real & who's seeking to use them in some fashion.  And of course there's always the rumor mill, with gossips who seem to invent things when there's no scandal to break the monotony.  Anyway, the couples who manage to stick together seem to do business in that world but not live in it - they have homebases elsewhere.

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