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Holly Valance "State of Mind": The forgotten electro-pop gem

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Okay so this post is going to FLOP because WHO is Holly Valance, but I need more people to know this masterpiece :gloria_falling_stairs_trip:

Holly Valance became famous in Australia and the UK after releasing her first single 'Kiss Kiss' which topped the charts in both countries. After releasing her hit single, Holly decided to release two more singles ('Down Boy' and 'Naughty Girl) from her first album 'Footprints' which also did well. 

In 2003, Holly decided to start working on her second album, a fusion of rock, pop and electro pop. On this album Holly co-wrote over 40 songs, which she only did on one song on her first album.

Now, let's go to the first single from her second album with the same name of the album 'State of Mind'.


State of Mind' is a dance electro-clash song, where the vibe can be very edgy and very different from the popstar concept Holly had in her debut. Unfortunately this edgy vibe (in my opinion) would only be noticeable in one song from the album 'Just Like Me'. The single debuted at number 8 in the UK, dropping rapidly thereafter. Sadly, for debatable reasons such as Holly losing passion for the music or Warner dropping her, this was the only single from the album, with Desire being cancelled as the second single.

Let's do a little review of the album

01. Hypnotic - This is the beginning of the album, the truth being completely honest, it's not my kind of song, but the few gays who know this album LOVE IT. Not a bad song at all, but meh.

02. State of Mind - It was correctly chosen as a single, and it had to have been a hit, you can tell Holly experimented with this song, even she ends up screaming in the bridge of the song LOL. Rent was due!

03. Everything I Hate - Now, this song is one of my favorites because I AGREE with the message, and it's about being infatuated with someone who doesn't care about you too much, that is, unrequited love. But still Holly is there for him, that's why he says she's everything he hates.

04. Desire - This is the second cancelled single, which in my opinion was also a good choice, the bridge of this song is an EARGASM (sorry if this word is not accepted here oops), the electric guitar is also very good, it's about partying and finding someone you like, it's not very deep. 

05. Curious - This was the first song on the album I discovered around 2020, I liked it but at the time I don't know why it seemed weird to me, it's a good song, it's very Britney (it was written by the same team that did 'Supersensual' for Britney, which was actually recorded by Holly allegedly), but I still feel like on Hypnotic, not my favorite.

06. Ricochets - This song is one of the most disliked songs on the album, and I don't understand why, it's the calmest song on the album and it's about being with a negative person, who doesn't see the positive side of things when approaching a breakup.

07. Roll Over - Also a fan favorite, it could have been a single, in my opinion the song is about enemies to lovers, where Holly says she is in control of the situation even though the other person always pushes her over the edge.

08. Tongue-Tied - Very good song, is about a relationship where the person does not say what they think about Holly, making her desperate, Holly says that she will not feel at ease until the other person opens up and tells what is on their mind.

09. Over 'n' Out - Meh, it's a party song, the typical "let's feel good, yay" song.

10. Somebody Out There - About feeling lost after a breakup, Holly asks herself 'Is somebody out there?', saying she doesn't want to be left behind. 

11. Action - It's about growing up and saying "before I give in to the attraction, I'd better see the action", it's one of the most danceable and modern songs.

12. Double Take - It's about looking at someone you like, feeling weak but not being able to get close because you don't know if the other person feels the same way about you, so Holly looks for a double take to make sure the other person feels the same way.

NOW, the bonus tracks

13. Just Like Me - Very edgy, in my opinion the best song on the album, it's about admitting your flaws but still saying "it's so me", the bridge goes "If you were me, I bet you would run a mile, hold on tight, I am going out with style". LOVE IT

14. Please, Please Me - Not a cover but better than The Beatles, not too much about this song tbh, not the best, not the worst

Here is the review of this wonderful album that was overshadowed more by its failure than by its sound, thank you all for reading. :katyfrog_perry_upset_um:

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Your thread won't be a flop because I also LOVE this album....it's one of the best pop albums of the noughties along with Rachel Stevens' Come And Get It. I think State of Mind is slightly better though...I was so blown away by the freshness and adept production and it has aged like fine wine. So bizarre that her first album was more successful because State of Mind was by far superior...

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Btw, since this is a Britney forum, it might be interesting to note that "Curious" was actually suggested for Britney at some point I think around the Original Doll era.  Apparently it was an early contender for inclusion on that project, but when that album was abandoned due to Britney's (then) growing personal problems, so were plans to record this track...



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as a fellow aussie, i will not let this get forgotten.
the first album was better in my opinion but this album was also great!!


she said she quit because she made no money and the touring/appearances became gruelling and it wasnt worth it like most other pop stars around that time.. mandy... billie piper...xtina.. what happened to these artists!!




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It won’t flop…. 
As I STAN Holly!!!!!!

Top 100 listeners of 2022 right here!

I love both Footprints and State of Mind 

Particularly State of Mind - an album way ahead of its time. No I’m not referring to an ‘album ahead of time’ like  bionic was made out to be… 
Curious is the hit that got away. 

Her music videos were always a highlight for me. 

Flick became Holly to the world and I lived. 
Don’t forget….

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I LOVE this album. I used to listen to this album a lot back in 2014. It’s such a shame it didn’t get the recognition it deserved along with Come & Get It by Rachel Stevens.:kylie_proud_yes_wow_impressive_amazing:

Desire is one of the best songs and it could be covered by Britney and be a huge smash. :shameless_blush_blonde_hair_stroke_proud:

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