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We freed her yet she decides to quit the business

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I understand why you feel as a fan she isn't loving you back right now. I feel it too. But we can't blame her after what she's gone through. 

I do think if she's truly done she needs to sell her unreleased material to her fans. What's the downside to that? It would mean a lot to us.

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Just now, easy said:

Britney doesn't owe us anything :brityawning_britney_chaotic_sunglasses_tired:

We’re literally the reason she’s no longer abused and forced to work against her will. But that doesn’t justify her laziness and decision to completely disappear from the industry :girlbye_walking_away_leave_get_out_leaving_chair_okay:

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1 minute ago, easy said:

Your trolling is so boring :begone_tiffany_miss_ny_new_york_ms_door_there_leave_bye_goodbye:

Actually, I’m being serious. She literally could just release a collection of unreleased songs from every era or lots of behind-the-scenes material from the previous years. Yet all she did was a collab with a senile gay and nothing else. We haven’t gotten a proper LP release in almost 6 years. I see this as absolute disrespect to the fans.

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Just now, easy said:

We didn't free Britney, l

That’s a really stupid thing to declare. The ONLY reason the judge made a final decision to eliminate the conservatorship without further evaluation was because the case was being closely watched by the fans and later the public. We have direct knowledge that Britney wanted this thing to end in 2016 and in 2019, but nothing changed because the fans weren’t investigating at the time.

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She freed herself. Don't act like you did anything that helped her in a legal way.

1 minute ago, Dynamic Lights said:

 The ONLY reason 

And the more you keep saying these flawed logic makes you look even more dumb. Please stop.

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6 minutes ago, mfanbs said:

lets all collectively leave this forum, and unfollow Britney on social media and let her be unknown like she wants 

The 20 active users on exhale unfollowing Britney on socials is going to have a huge impact. :explainlol_stare_spin:
And the last time I looked, her insta following was going up. :explainlol_stare_spin:

So, good luck with that plan. :explainlol_stare_spin:

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1 hour ago, Dynamic Lights said:

Wow, talk about gratitude :girlbye_walking_away_leave_get_out_leaving_chair_okay:

Gonna directly call you out on this. 


If you only cared about Free Britney because you expected her to wake up on November 13th 2021 and release Original Doll, with a worldwide concert, then that's on you and noone else. Everyone, and I mean everyone, recognised that Free Britney was about Britney regaining her autonomy, personal and financial, and to give back the ability to choose what she alone wanted to do, and that included retiring and disappearing from the public eye, because she had had enough of the industry and what was done to her, and evenmore, given the likes of your lot, who are never happy and push conspiracy theories that cross lines constantly, I wouldn't be surprised if thanks to that, she chose not to give anything else other than her Instagram.

She's releasing a book, and may release music on her terms. If that's not enough, you have three decades of her career to watch. If that's not enough, find a hobby and a new popstar.

Frankly, your trolling here should be enough for a ban.


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