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Artist(s) that you simultaneously respect and dislike

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6 hours ago, jonloch1 said:

Main one for me is Madonna. i respect what shes achieved and like a lot of her old music, but i think her attitude is disgusting and hate how she treats everyone around her as beneath her and treats her fans like ****. i remember seeing a video from years ago where a fan gave her hydrangeas and she was polite and said thank you but then turned to someone next to her pulled a face and went 'i just loathe hydrangeas , he obviously doesnt know that'. and i just thought how rude. and the whole being 3 hours late then saying 'the queen is never late' i just thought you need a slap hun. i do like Madonna and ive seen her twice live and i know shes done a lot of work helping children in Africa so i dont think shes all bad, i just think someone needs to knock her down a peg or two. if you look at cher, i absolutely love cher because yes shes a megastar but shes always nice and polite to her fans, shes a bit sarcastic with interviewers but its always in a joking fun way and you never feel like she thinks shes above everyone



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2 hours ago, Groundbreaking said:

I pretty much agree with what u wrote. I like me so Ms. Tay Tay and at the same time, I find her annoying af. Her calculating easter eggs and whatever she does is probably calculated to the core, so on the one hand, I respect her af as a business woman who literally raised from the ashes (after Kimye drama). Yet on the other hand, I find her totally annoying with her calculation, easter eggs and that she to this day uses her dumb blond persona, when in fact, we know she isn't :mattafact_alligator_telling_talking_chatting_preaching_green:


They scream paranoia.

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Ariana Grande.

Yes she's talented and beautiful but I REALLY can't stand her cocky and hypersxual persona.

YES female popstars can be sxual but I think it should come naturally and not feel forced.

I feel like Ariana's sxuality is forced and it doesn't help that she looks VERY disturbingly young for her age.

(Which is crazy cause she's only 3 months older than me)

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16 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

Resident Exhale Swifties @MasterMindz , @Midnightsand @Adriannn  RN spacer.png

Haha! As a swiftie, I have to say that I agree with @biczzxangel on his opinion the Ice Spice remix. I do not feel Taylor was authentic about that remix and I did not like how the song was rolled. 

But looking at how the entire industry is pushing Ice Spice - and Taylor is an industry by herself :ari_arianna_pink_bad_hair_flip_cocky_flirt: - the remix was bound to happen.  

As for everything else that was mentioned, Taylor is a big star and is making the most out of her stardom. If I had a way to make millions, why wouldn't I do it? at the end of the day, no one is forcing anyone to buy her merchandise. I remember Britney had books, barbies, dolls, different CD covers, and different merchandise back in the early 2000s... And if you can sell it, why not?

She might be a manipulative and a marketing genius, but not "desperate" :nopingout_meme:

As for the topic at hand, I think "hate" is a big word, more like love but dislike... It would probably be Adele. I was excited for her last album but I did not like it at all. also, I did not like how she rolled the Vegas residency, and why was there no mini-tour or something? Everything felt like a quick cash grab between the album and residency with minimum effort and nothing new to give.  And the biggest proof is that her album 30 is not even charting on the BB200 anymore.

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8 hours ago, doomphantom1 said:


They scream paranoia.

riiight, as someone in the other thread commented – it overshadows destroys the visual (the artistic part of it). I mean, cool, u can communicate w your fans in code, we get it. Now, tell us when exactly u release 1989 TV, rep TV and whatever ur about to release haha :mattafact_alligator_telling_talking_chatting_preaching_green:

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5 hours ago, Isla said:

I guess Demi. Amazing singer and I like most of her singles and the Holy £vck album but she’s also problematic. 

Thank God you used her proper pronouns, not her stupid made up pronouns


PS I agree Demi is very problematic (and attention seeking). She’s like a less successful version of Miley.


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Rihanna. Appreciate her dgaf attitude, sometimes, but she seems lazy and bratty many times. 


Madonna. The woman did a lot and she embraced many things that were not popular back in the day. I just can not with her self consuming megalomania. Yuck


Taylor. I have a lot of respect for her face to face interactions with fans. Whatever motivation she has, she is consistently kind and attentive. What she did with the security guard and also the 3 hoir shows under the rain and her work ethic in general are top. Having said that, I also feel like she is not artistically at the level of her success. This comes from a big fan of Folklore and Evermore. Amazing albums. But yeah, sorry, when listen to some songs that I consider simply stunning from others and then you find that "great writer" said:"me and Karma vibe like that" I do not know what to say. Not saying she does not have good songs, but one of the best writers of all time? Nah. Prolific, for sure.

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