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My response to the Group Chat about myself

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Dear Exhale, 

I am well aware of your community group message regarding myself. I want you to know that even though I was not invited to this group chat, I have heard you loud and clear. There are two sides to everything and I do understand your need to feel heard. I also have that right, which is why I have decided to post this and fully intend on being heard. Becoming a mod on Exhale was such an accomplishment for me because contrary to what others might suggest, I wanted to create a positive environment for pop culture lovers and of course, the Britney Spears community. I felt that Exhale needed a stricter approach to how mods were moderating and it is very evident that there has been a mixed reaction to me becoming a mod. Mainly coming from the users who in my opinion, cause the most issues. 

I do want the users who enjoy having me as a mod and have said the most kind things to me, to know that I appreciate you and I do not intent on going anywheres. Know that this post is not a farewell. I am letting you all know that I know that you do not like me or how I moderate and that is your prerogative. It’s actually pretty hard being the one who nobody likes or is labeled as the bad guy always. Having a group of people who deliberately try to incite hate against you on the daily while you are trying to do your role and create engagement while ensuring of a safe space can be pretty exhausting. The amount of hate and harassment that I receive weekly is so beyond and if you think for a second that someone is going to just sit and take being someone’s punching bag, you are absolutely wrong. I certainly will not be tolerating it. It’s ok to not like me but to deliberately incite hate and rally up negativity to try and bring someone down, is unacceptable. There was an agenda with that group message, especially by the OP who grasps at straws to try and cause drama. 

I have already received confirmation of the deliberate attempts to get any of my threads off the first page, users  being removed from said group chat who didn’t want to incite hate and also that users were making up over the top narratives against myself. The fact that users wanted to deliberately try to shut me out of Exhale is very bizarre behaviour to me. 


Warning points: The warning points are there to be given when necessary. All mods are going to think differently in situations but the premise of warning points is that you are to receive them when you have acted out in a manner that does not coincide with Exhale’s community guidelines. They keep track and if you get to a certain number you are unable to post for a period or time. Or you are banned. If you post disrespectful or offensive comments, incite hate, derail threads, harass users or deliberately spam the forum you absolutely deserve warning points. This feature is there for a reason. 


Locking threads: If your thread has gotten locked, it was due to its original intentions, it not being respectful/appropriate or it harassing someone deliberately with intentions on inciting hate. The lock feature is there for a reason. It is also used when threads have spiralled out of control and has lost it’s purpose. I don’t lock threads that I simply don’t like, which is what is being said. 


Hiding comments: If your comment has ever been hidden, it was due to it derailing the thread or it incited hate. There is no need for those type of comments to remain up for others to quote, which is why the feature is there. Regardless if it was myself or another mod/user, I would hide the comment and deal with the comment if it was offensive or malicious. 


Banned from threads: If you were banned from a thread it is due to you choosing to derail, incite hate or engage in a manner that was not appropriate. I was instructed to do this, just so you are all aware! Just a reminder that you are responsible for your own actions and there are consequences sometimes. 


I am strict and I specifically made that known to Jordan when applying. That was my intention because of the bullying that happens and I felt that I could help navigate some of it… It only ended up making it so I was the one that was actually bullied and ganged up on. With that being said, I will not step down as a mod, so if that is what the intensions were it will not work. 


I have heard you and have tried my best to tone it down. Doing this does not mean that I will permit any sort of harassment or incitement of hate towards myself or anyone on Exhale. I will continue to monitor the way users engage on here while creating engaging topics. That is my role and what I was brought on for and you can stomp your feet and have your meltdowns but it is time to grow up. We are adults here and this is an online forum but lately it’s getting to the point where I do feel the need to stand up for myself. 


Everyone is certainly entitled to making threads. If you are so tired of seeing my threads in particular, perhaps attempt in making some of your own? I would love to see your threads! Or you can simply just not view my threads? I apologize that some do not like my threads.


I apologize to those who feel that I’ve been too strict or are unhappy with my moderation style. Please follow the guidelines, engage with others respectfully and you should have zero issues with any sort of moderation! You can disagree and have different beliefs but it’s not rocket science when it comes to knowing what’s appropriate or not when engaging on here. I will also engage with you all positively and have tried but there are users who deliberately try to cause issues with myself and think that I will not respond. 

Glitter 🤍

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