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Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) video turns 21 today 🎉

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On March 26, 2002 Britney Spears released the Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) music video. The album version of the song had already been released outside of the US as the second single off her album Britney in late 2001, while the US got I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman. In early 2002, the singles were released in the opposite regions, but the remix produced by Rodney Jerkins, and described by him as "having an old-school-type rhythm", was the one sent to the American radio stations instead, on April 1st.


The music video was shot at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, the first weekend of March. Chris Applebaum directed it and it was produced under A Band Apart Productions (which also produced Oops!... I Did It Again). According to Applebaum, Britney herself came up with the concept of the video and admired her impressive stamina after a marathon shoot of 23 hours that wrapped up at 5:00 AM on Monday. He also said that "the shoot went so smoothly, the most derailing obstacle was less-than-scrumptious catering".  Brian Friedman was in charge of the choreography.


In 2017, Chris Applebaum shared a clip of the video on his Instagram, revealing he prepped the video while on an IV drip at the hospital due to a stomach ailment, and that production designer Shel Greb drew art sketches for the sets, sitting in the chair by his bed.


In 2021 he talked about it again, sharing some dress rehearsal pics



In 2022, he also posted the video on his Instagram and some thoughts about its meaning in relation to Britney's life


The Overprotected Darkchild Remix full video for @britneyspears ️ by request from all the #britneyspears fans. Directed by me. ️ I’ve often thought about the concept of this video: she’s trapped in a hotel room, she’s got a bodyguard waiting outside her door, and Britney just wants to get out to have some fun but she can’t because there’s paparazzi everywhere. Ironic? This was the only music video concept (out of 400) that I didn’t write. It came from Britney & her team, but I really wanted to work with her so I agreed to shoot it. Years later, while on set with her again to shoot Candie’s, as she was surrounded by her dad, that Jody woman, and various minders, I reflected back on this concept & wondered who actually authored it & the underlying message. Irregardless, what’s clear is that no one could control the level of talent, the quality of performances, and the undeniable star power Brit exudes in Darkchild Remix.





Joe D'Angelo from MTV News considered that the Darkchild Remix video "furthers her "I'm Not a Girl" crusade to shirk her adolescent image":


Britney Spears will do as she pleases no matter who's watching. Even the protective gaze of a burly bodyguard or a sudden downpour isn't enough to stand between her and a night of fun.

The clip furthers her "I'm Not a Girl" crusade to shirk her adolescent image, as she and five friends outsmart her bodyguard with the old "you're wanted elsewhere" trick and sneak out of a hotel and into an underground dance club.


The videoclip starts with Britney and her friends at a hotel room, where they're watching a reporter on the TV criticizing Britney's revealing outfits. Britney turns off the TV and convinces her friends to go outside, tricking the security guard that was watching her door to leave after calling him on the phone, disguising her voice with a towel. We then see them walking through the hallway of the hotel, in a shot that resembles Janet Jackson's Son of a Gun video, which was released a few months earlier and that was also filmed at the same hotel.



A group of guys arrives at the hotel, and Britney and her pals steal their car which was parked at the entrance. Her friends are driving her to some place, when they push a button that turns the car into a limo with a dancefloor and a DJ turntable. After that, we see them back at the hotel, this time with a different outfit, for the dance break of the song.



In the end we see the group of girls sneaking through an alley to get to the "Sugardawg", but they get caught by a sudden rain before they make it. They perform there the final part of the choreography, as the paparazzi that were waiting at the entrance of the club notice them, and the video finishes with now the picture of a wet Britney making the news with the same TV news reporter from the beginning.



We also see some intercalated shots of Britney wearing a lime green dress, dancing by herself, throughout the videoclip.



The Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) remains the only official video of Britney (not counting alternative cuts) that hasn't been uploaded to her official YouTube channel since its creation in 2009.







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Thanks for sharing, I haven’t seen some of these pics before. One of her most underrated music videos, imo. The outfit with the blue top is probably one of my favorite looks of hers ever. She looks absolutely beautiful in every scene, like God, how can one person be so flawless?spacer.png

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Nostalgia can do funny things to a person, but I’m sure I’m not the only person to think that the whole aesthetic in this video is just timeless.

We had moments before and certainly after where Britney was exceptional, but her energy and drive at this point was just on fire.


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This was and always will be the best video ever for me.

I remember it being a US release only at first. I remember watching TRL just to see this video, and then they showed like 30 sec of it and I was super frustrated. I was obsessed with everything in this video.

When the Britney limited edition cd with the bonus dvd was released I bought that AND a freaking DVD player, just so I could watch the video that was on the bonus dvd. 

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2 hours ago, Propagandalf said:

To this day I still can decipher what the news anchor says both at the beginning and the end of the video... :britdrown_britney_tears_crying_drown_ink_black:

What about you guys? 

That Britney appeared at an awardshow wearing what the reporter thinks is "well, hardly anything" and that she "declined to comment on her halfnaked..." and then Britney switches the TV off.

And in the end she just says "this is Meredith Paltry for entertainment news"

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16 hours ago, ElToxico said:

I dont know whats more upsetting for me - that these anniversaries only make me feel super old, or the fact that with each of them it becomes less likely we'll ever see something like this from Britney again. In both instances it's just a distant nostalgic memory.


Its Been A Long Time Waiting GIF


16 hours ago, Emil87 said:

Also, 21 years?!spacer.png

The video is older now than Britney was when she shot it :dead_falling_wig_dying:


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