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Gwyneth Paltrow uses Ozone enema for Rectal Ozone Therapy

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Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Rectal Ozone Therapy Claim Backed By Any Evidence?


''On a recent podcast, when the host asked actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow what’s the “weirdest wellness thing” that she's done, Paltrow responded, “I have used ozone therapy, rectally.” Now, the word “rectally” isn’t something that you typically add on to the end of sentences, such as, “Here’s your order, rectally,” or “How are you doing, rectally?” But that’s the word that Paltrow added at the end. She also added, “It's pretty weird. But it's been very helpful,” but didn’t really specify exactly how rectal ozone therapy has been helpful. That comment got a lot of “buts”, “whats”, and other skeptical comments on social media.


Just look at how folks responded to a video clip of Paltrow’s response posted @DearMedia on TikTok. That post got a whole lot of responses such as “Forget about ‘hole in the ozone’ have u heard about ‘ozone in the hole’” and “Tell me you’re rich without telling me you’re rich” and people wondering whether there was any evidence that she was healthier or doing better in any way from such a practice. A Twitterer named Kate Bevan called rectal ozone therapy “basically a reverse fart.” Clement Lee, MD, MSc, a pediatric hospitalist at Boston Children’s Hospital, tweeted, “My weekly reminder to you to stop putting weird things in your butt, including oxidizing atmospheric gases.” And Eric Burnett, MD, a hospitalist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, posted the following on Twitter in hindsight: “Thought this went without saying but: Friendly reminder to NOT put ozone up your rectum.”


Paltrow claimed to chiropractor Will Cole on a podcast that rectal ozone therapy has "been very helpful.” Here's the reaction.


the goop lab Special Screening, Los Angeles

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