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Why do fans hate on Radar?

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4 hours ago, Cyberia said:

I know the fans hate on it because it was released as a single during the Circus era because of the Bloodshy & Avant deal, but I think it's still a great song

I'm glad that it was released as a single and i don't think Circus had stronger single material apart from Blur and Lace and Leather... Radar was better imo 


Unusual you far better and should've been a single. Why not make it a single now lol

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Radar is cute in it's own way, mostly just because of the silliness of it. But, Radar, especially after the success of Piece of Me, just felt redundant. The beat borders on annoying, the lyrics are lazy and clunky, and the vocals just aren't it for me. She's speaking through most of it and pitched and processed for the rest.

I do think it fits better on Blackout than Circus though, but overall I always just found it as a sub-par filler track. I usually skip it which breaks my heart :tiffanycries_ny_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_crying_tears_sobbing_sad:


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It's not that I hate it, because I like the song.

-The main problem was the lack of promotion of Blackout. Break the Ice in anime wasn't supposed to be the last video.

-The single was sent to the radios; there were strong rumors of a video being shot to promote it and at that time we only got dust.

-Britney was forced to release it as a single and to do so, they had to include the track again on the Circus album and of course fans got confused. A good part of the fanbase was expecting Unusual You to be released as a single since it was rumoured to be released in Australia during the tour if I am not wrong, so it broke our expectations.

-Besides the song is uptempo, but the video is very weak to represent it. It seems that was done to make the song flop. The story of the video is Britney leaving a relationship with a rich man to live with a men who take care of the horses.


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On 3/17/2023 at 5:27 AM, Cyberia said:

It just sounds very 2007 but i wouldn't call it messy 

A good example of messy production is Britney Jean which sounds cheap and corny, the production is all over the place on that album and sounded dated on arrival

Radar sounds lush like every other Bloodshy & Avant production imo

I think the issue with Radar was how poorly promoted it was, she should have done more promo like TV performances or a remix or something 

Oh man i remember the day when we finally got BJ and i was so disappointed. maybe would have been less disappointed (at least initially) if there were moar songs...

but then i grew to like it (i know one would say "delusionally" but i formed memories with it.

all in all, - yet - i will never forget how disappointed i was at the beginning

but on the opposite, i have even good recent memories with Perfume..... i like the song! i even like the video a lil. plus, she looks good in Perfume video, at least to my eyez

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