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Oh boy, those were the times

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I miss the times i first saw toxic on mtv. It was all be4 internet, twitter, facebook and others. She was showing amazing dance moves and her face looked radiant like it was not hard thing to do at all. I believe Britney remembers that excitement too. It is just with time and all the competetiveness in music world and cship and everything else in her life she really changed. She still has a lot of talent in that small body. It is just needs a ton of healing.

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23 minutes ago, rebellion_is_the_way said:

I still remember and miss very much the excitement  and proudness I felt for Britney at the first week of the releases of oops, britney and in the zone.

we usually get one or two music videos, cameos, commercials, interviews etc. and it was great times once the album hits. You would see all blue In the zone sections at supermarkets, music stores, her all around the tv. You just could not get enough of this woman who makes great music, look like a literal goddess and gives something you to hope for the future.

Maybe it’s only me, maybe she hated this chain of schedules over and over again but I clearly remember that all that bubble of future and hope etc. went away once she got married to Kevin. 

I don’t wanna sound dramatic, and maybe it’s everything that has changed. Like , politics changed, economy changed, I grew up… people changed.

but I miss those times when you would read the new harry potter book, listen to britney records on your walkman or mp3 player or ipod. 
It really is a crime what this world done to a woman who gave us so much hope when we were kids. 
I don’t want to judge or blame her for not wanting this. But boy, wasn’t she something to call as your childhood. Even though if you were not a person who doesn’t look for a singing or dancing career, Britney was something else. Like a person you would say, she came from a small town. She made it. She show everyone her worth and keep pushing her limits to dance better, sing better, write better, produce better. 
 I know that this a world for gray suited men. I know that they usually ruin cool or great stuff in this world. just wanna say that I’m happy we still have her breathing somewhere under this sky and I miss those feelings that I felt around 99-2004.

anyone feeling the same?

I agree 1 million percent, that was the happiest period in her adult life. For her, everything felt hopeful and promising then, professionally and personally. That’s why she keeps reflecting back on that time.

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Living through her "prime", was AMAZING. Seeing her everywhere, and hearing people always talk about her, was almost otherworldly experience. The world truly was different before smartphones and internet being available at all times. :mcry_mariah_carey_proud_beaming:

Not to sound like a delusional stan, but something tells me that Britney could make a "comeback" with an era that would feel like pre-con. Not necessarily primeney, but she's still young, she's still talented, she's still an icon, and her recent throwbacks on social media suggest that she still got the passion for her art :werk_britney_bw_black_white_dance_sexy_flirt_my_prerogative:

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4 hours ago, Neydelinska Spearsi said:

This is why I wish I was born at least a decade earlier. The world was a different, better place.

-how old are you?




anyways, yeah, even tho I became a fan on the ITZ era (Britney & Madonna equally)... I remember that excitement when her official website (britney dot com) changed the main image and upload the new video so you can watch it (toxic, everytime got me GAGGING cuz I watch it first there) and then, at leat one week after, the music channels from here put the video on rotation and I watched the ranking every single day wishing B was on the #01 spot... and guess what... she did that.

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It’s common knowledge that society peaked in the late 1990s and early 2000s (specifically from 1995-01). That was as good as it was going to get. The Cold War was finally over and the general outlook on life was quite positive. Politically, we were far more stable. Music, media, film, fashion, video games and entertainment were flourishing. The advances in technology were mind-blowing yet convenient enough to not let it dictate and take over lives. The aftermath of 9/11 and rise in social media changed everything. Doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you can look back and sense how euphoric and magical that era truly felt.

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The world was happy and in a better place in the late 90s and early 2000s. It's similar to how the 1950s were with being great and everyone was positive and enjoying life and excited for the future. We should go back to how that was.

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sorry, it's all my fault :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:

jk, but really it feels like all my faves have eventually turned into this (obviously without trying to compare their situation with Britney's)

Most of my faves haven't released an album in almost a decade or more, one of them, Lynda, even had a 16 years hiatus on which nobody knew if she was even alive or where she lived lol (she's been on a joint tour since 2021 at least)

But the point is, to some extent I'm used to life turning like this for most of the things I enjoy. It's like good things just can't last forever, not even long enough to get tired of them.

Or there's always a caveat, for example Shakira or Thalia or other artists that I like that continued releasing stuff over the years, then there's a catch where the music is just not nearly as good as it was before.


So I just try to focus on the good stuff. For example the internet, I just can't thank God enough for having it, for being able to watch videos and old series online, stream my favorite music, etc.

You see, back in the day you had to catch your favorite videos when they were on rotation on MTV, etc, but once the artist released something new, you would hardly get to watch that video again, or listen to that song on the radio. Unless you had all the DVDs and CDs, once your favorite song was out of fashion, you would hardly get to enjoy it again.

So for example by the time Toxic was getting played on MTV as her latest video, it would've been a miracle to get to watch Sometimes or Overportected, or even bigger singles like BOMT or Oops, because they were just too outdated by then. When your favorite series or soap opera came to an end, that was it, there was no way to watch it all over again, unless it was one of those shows that got reruns.

Cartoons would last longer, they would get reruns for several years after their final season, but once they got out of air, that was it. I don't know how many cartoons from Rocko's Modern Life to Hey Arnold I had to mourn growing up, so when years later I was able to watch them again on the internet, it just felt like a dream. We take it for granted now, but I feel fortunate to live in this time, and to have lived those older times too, because it makes me appreciate things more.


So yeah, we can't go back, and we don't get as excited anymore, but at least we can still watch her old performances, her interviews, we can see her pictures, whenever we want to. I too wish some things never changed, and sometimes it's hard to keep going forward with hope and enthusiasm, but whenever you feel like the current state of things suck, just remember that life can always get worse than this, and most likely it will, so let's enjoy this while we're here :blol_britney_2011_ff_femme_fatale_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

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This is what gets me nostalgic. 


And after 30 years soon (in april) this puts a smile on my face. We got new material on a Xmas album last Christmas.  


The Backstreet Boys have done it again! The global musical icons and trendsetters are one of the greatest pop groups in history.


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