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Let’s discuss continued ableism towards Britney Spears on Exhale


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I’m not reading all that because I’m on my way to see Titanic but I agree xoxo

But no really why can’t some people just let Britney do whatever she wants? She’s not a child so stop infantilising her :fu_britney_flipping_off_finger_mad:


Also just to add, this GROWN WOMAN has never ever asked anybody for anything other than common decency which is honestly insane? Like she’s never asked for anything other than privacy and the world just can not give it to her.

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I am not sure if this ace of base is the same thing but noticed a WHILE ago implants... accounts that are 100% paid for to sneak around here and post BS.

Can these be blocked somehow? they are fraudulent and we need some kind of monitoring over this. 


JUST FYI this doesn't mean you can't have your opinion about the situation but SOME accounts keep running a certain type of agenda and it is more visible they are not fans. I opened couple of profiles and they never respond to other people, they have around 1-500 comments no more and it is all the same in every thread.

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Well said. I totally agree with you but... I doubt these people will listen to a word you say.

And these posts are gonna be another piece of bait for them to get us annoyed and gaslight us for the fact that we get annoyed. Kinda like what team con is doing to Britney now. They get her angry and say she's 'out of control' and 'manic' when she shows it.

Good thing is that Britney seems unbothered with many of these situations and I think we should ignore them as well. They don't deserve the attention.


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5 minutes ago, Kevney said:

it is in no way ableist to talk about mental health, I suggest you look up what it really is, and not the twitter definition, the real one.

you are just using virtue signaling and using buzzwords.


I really suggest you look into what it means as much of my job relates to disability rights and inclusion. No one is suggesting that it’s ableist to talk about mental health. It is however ableist to suggest someone has mental health issues that they do not have, as a way of putting someone down… and practically villanizing someone for displaying “signs” of the diagnosis you are applying to them. The entirety of taking one’s rights away or suggesting someone needs help and cannot take care of themselves due to their history of struggling with their mental health is at its core, ableist, as it suggests they cannot make decisions properly and need guidance because of their history. And in favour of what, her former team that is pushing these stories out who are labelled as able bodied? 

the fact you’re so passionate about this, in addition to suggesting that Sam is the one calling for some sort of intervention versus actually defending Britney in the face of reports, is a problem and telling of where you stand  


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I found an article from about three weeks ago that pretty much sums up my views on ablelism and Britney Spears on Exhale. 


Haven’t we learned anything at all since the star’s breakdown?

Apologies if someone already posted this link. already Most people who post on exhale are kind, compassionate and understand this, but an unpleasant minority have learned nothing from the past.

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