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The Beyoncé Praise And Holy-Like Figure Phenomenon

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When I was younger I enjoyed Beyoncé, but I never thought she was spectacular. Until she started having beautiful big impressive performances, for example Superbowl, her own tour etc... I even went to On The Run Tour

I wonder if this has created the effect that Beyoncé is as talented as Michael Jackson or Prince. I disagree with it, because there's one ingredient that seem to be missing with her, and it's soul. I feel no soul in her voice or performances, everything feels robotic and controlled. Even the themes she tackles sometime feel like she's riding the wave of a "trend". Why not speaking up for queer people in the 2000s? Why speak up about things once they are settled in the atmosphere and there's a status quo, an agreement of the "right" opinion about the matter. It feels phony, something about her always made me not go to the other side, where I'm like wow damn she's amazing. I'm stuck in a "wow great performance and use of fire here", but her singing is just singing, vibratos, controlled vocals, no flaws, camera set action.

Now what I find interesting is Beyoncé's strategy. I have a feeling she stopped doing interviews at some point to create a mystique. Have you ever seen Michael Jackson going to Fallon every 4 week? Have u seen Bob Dylan doing it? No icons in the music world do too many interviews. Too many interviews breaks the image that you are on a high pedestal, I have a feeling she knew that so she did it on her own. Only showing herself when she wants to, it controls her image but it most importantly BUILDS it. 

What's interesting was that during cringe tumblr 2010s era, people started praising Beyoncé and making it a personality trait, just like loving pizza was back then. Suddenly u'd see celebrities on red carpets talk about pizza (hello JLaw) or talk about how much they love Beyoncé, how obsessed they are, and how they are crying at the sight of her.

Fast forward to 2020s, now it has become almost logical to praise her, if u don't, you are racist, you hate black women. The grammys last night was the perfect example, everyone surrounds Beyoncé like she's the daughter of Jesus. When you win an award you have to thank Beyoncé. Adèle did it a while back, perhaps for fear of backlash after winning against Queen Bey. She praised her in public, and in turn her speech was praised. 

Now I wonder when this era will ever stop, because I just know and read many people who are annoyed by this, and who think it's overhyped and overrated. Sure Beyoncé has had good performances, but no, she's not the greatest artist that has graced this Earth, and that's a fact, not even an opinion. To be the greatest artist, you'd at least have to be as successful worldwide as you are in your home country. I've never seen many artists who could break barriers of s**, gender, race, language, country, mentality. I mean an artist that was so good and so loved that the entire world enjoyed them and loved them the same amount, that they would go anywhere, a village in Japan or India and they'd be mobbed. That's rare, that's the extreme. I'm just tired of people being extremists when it comes to Beyoncé.

That's it that's my rant.


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