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We SHOULD be able to publicly report mods & have conversations about power abuse

No Seas Cortes

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I don't C A R E we can't talk sh/t about mods on Exhale, what a dumb rule. We will have this conversation HERE on EXHALE or I'm opening a thread about it on ATRL and Twitter where people will finally be able to freely express their concerns about the site. Your choice :whitney_houston_huh_oh_really_well_look_stare_welp:

It's not a secret Exhale has a LONG history of mods abusing their power :whitney_houston_huh_oh_really_well_look_stare_welp: And the fact we can't even report it cause Jordan doesn't read DMs, is absolutely unacceptable. @Jordan Miller I don't know, choose someone to do it for you if you don't have time for it. 

The list of mods abusing their powers is insanely long ONLY when it comes to my experience but I will give you a little example. Yesterday some mod that doesn't like me cause I'm that b/tch literally banned me from chat for NO REASON at all. I sent 2 messages there that didn't break the rules or anything. No explanation, nothing and she thinks she will get away with it :shadelaugh_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao: No honey Henry is too powerful now that he became an IT girl on ATRL :urite_wendy_williams_red_yes_earrings_nod_proud_wow_impressed: Some mod unbanned me today and guess what this chick banned me AGAIN for nothing. This behavior is insanely disgusting and insanely alarming. This mod should be OUT long time ago cause he's known for abusing his power, being a bully and being extremely unfair. This is what Exhale represents? 

This is going on for way too long and I'm sick of mods abusing their powers and getting away with it and other people are sick of it as well, no wonder why Exhale is literally dying. 

Closing, deleting this thread or banning me will clearly mean I will have to start this conversation with people somewhere else where u don't have the power to punish us :emma: And trust me I expect a huge punishment for this because I will clearly hit a nerve cause truth hurts. But thank God I can create threads on ATRL now, Henry won't be silenced anymore & he will be an advocate for other users. Thank u. 


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Not you putting this in the Entertainment section :orangu_orangutan_ape: To me that indicates you’d rather have this thread be about drama rather than an actual discussion on what you think could improve in terms of moderation.

I won’t claim to speak for everyone, especially since this thread is now locked and there’s no point in continuing a conversation here, but my DMs are always open to hear feedback on what can be improved. That’s always been the case despite what you may think now. :brityes_britney_yes_nodding:

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