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Create your ideal Britney duets album ft female artists only


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Game time and less conspiracy time..if you could create a Britney Duets album, what artists would you choose? The only rules are that there can only be 12 tracks and it has to feature ONLY female artists. I’ll start, and this is not based on my personal fav female artists, but which ones I think would most fit with Britney’s vibe/voice/style the best..

1. Britney x Janet (long overdue tbh)

2. Britney x Cher (gay boys of every generation would die)

3. Britney x Dua Lipa (not sure she’s qualified enough, but it’d be a bop and imagine the streams)

4. Britney x Beyonce (a house and RnB infused bop please)

5. Britney x Dolly Parton (she’s a complete legend and a beautiful storyteller in her songwriting/ music).

6. Britney x Missy Elliott (again, overdue, and the only female rapper I feel deserves it)

7. Britney x Mariah Carey (I can totally imagine a reimagining of “Heartbreaker”).

8. Britney x Billie Eilish (for a dark pop bop it was a tossup with her and CharlieXCX but this would def be more successful and they are fans of each other).

9. Britney x Lana Del Rey (Lana’s a mood and always been a stan/one of the few to ever compliment Britney’s voice)

10. Britney x Jess Glynne (only if it’s a cover of “My Love”, one of my fav songs ever).

11. Britney x Shakira (“Beautiful Liar” vibes but I wanna hear Britney sing in Spanish)

12. Britney x Ava Max (just to give a new girl a chance to shine like she did with Tinashe, and she has bops).


So what are your choices for a duets album? You don’t have to explain why, as that took me way longer than I thought it would lol. That said, since it took me a while, please don’t let this flop! 

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1. Britney Spears feat. Lucy Wagner

2. Britney Spears feat. Amber-Louise

3. Britney Spears feat. Abby

4. Britney Spears feat. Matilda, who works in an office

5. Britney Spears feat. Veronica the Witch

6. Britney Spears feat. Anita Dïck

7. Britney Spears feat. “Brooklyn”

8. Britney Spears feat. Britney Jean

9. Britney Spears feat. Lioness

10. Britney Spears feat. Mrs. Asghari 


11. Britney x Janet Jackson

12. Britney x Dua Lipa

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Lead single: Britney ft. Nicki Minaj and another female rapper.  

2nd single: Britney ft. Taylor Swift only for the sales tbh. 


Britney ft Blackpink (Something close to Pretty Savage, or How You Like That)

Britney ft. Miley Cyrus (a dream, they owe us something better than SMS)

Britney ft. Rosalía (:shaking_shake_gold_yellow:)

And that would be it for female collabs tbh I don't think I care for many of them. If I had to pick more collabs I'd pick The Weeknd which I'll think we're getting anyway, and Bad Bunny 

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