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Why does she say she wasn't allowed to have coffee for 15 years?

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9 minutes ago, GlitterRain said:

I would assume she is speaking about black coffee. I’m not quite sure tbh! We don’t know what was in her cups or drinks. 

so, you are saying the pics are fake and it could have a different liquid in them? that sounds like a literal conspiracy theory.  

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The type of coffee is irrelevant, this low-key made me scream idk why :orangu_orangutan_ape:

These pics would have been taken when she was "allowed" it. What she is referring to is being able to wake up and have a coffee. Or maybe it was just the frappes she wasn't allowed so she wouldn't get fat like Xtinas dancers idk 



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She said it would be removed from her kitchen every time she got it. Britney has always enjoyed coffee and being uppity. I’m guessing they wanted to keep her moderately sedated. Drinking coffee on lithium for example would be pulling you in two different directions. Imagine taking a Xanax and a Red Bull. Kinda defeats the purpose. Seems like they didn’t want her to be able to think and just wanted her zonked. Just my opinion. 

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5 minutes ago, Crazy4BRITNEY3.0 said:

I reckon it had to do with her mental health condition. Caffeine may worsen mood destabilization in bipolar disorder, potentially leading to manic episodes, which might explain her behaviour in 2007 when she was basically financing Starbucks and RedBull…

TeamCon wanted her to be an obedient mindless cashcow, caffeine was to avoid.

Yeah I think it’s probably this, caffeine can exacerbate certain conditions if you consume it habitually. Coming from someone who can’t have caffeine on the daily for the same reason

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