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A Fan Favorite Hit?

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So, my best friend and I were headed to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. I had my music on shuffle (I'm a bluetooth king) and "What It's Like To Be Me" came on. Mind you, she's NEVER heard the song before. She says "Damn, whoever that is sounds like Britney Spears. They definitely could bring this sound back out and truly give these pop girls a run". I said bestie -- that IS Britney Spears. She goes "WAIT WHAT?!! HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD THIS?!" I said YES! This is from her album "Britney", the same album that has "I'm A Slave 4 U" and I'm Not A Girl. She goes "How have I never heard this album in full?! Wtf. No, seriously. Could you imagine if Britney came back out with music like today?! She would break EVERY streaming platform!!"

That only leaves me to ask you guys. Could "What It's Like To Be Me" have been a huge hit? I mean, we know that album is a BOP HOAGIE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM! However, were we robbed of some massive hits from that album?

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tbh any of Britney's album tracks could have a second chance if they were featured in some movie or Netflix series. I mean, it's always 50/50 that it works or flops, but with enough luck, they could be part of something really popular and finally reach out to all the people that have never heard anything besides the singles.

It doesn't even have to be actually featured in the series, but it could be something like a viral trend like it happened to Bloody Mary recently. 

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