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If Britney announced that she is pregnant...

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I would destroy all theories immediately.

She could say that she has been hidden for months and sharing old material since this time she wanted to keep it private to experience a better gestation. And that would destroy the career of all the tiktokers who are gaining fame and perez hilton right now.


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1 minute ago, Style. said:

Would you care? After all of the disgusting things you’ve said yesterday, returning with such a sensitive topic is just embarrassing.:mcwave_mariah_Carey_kiss_bye_goodbye_wave:


I’ve tried to ban this person so many times only for it to always be reversed. Unsure why trolls are favoured here and are able to get away with it. One of the reasons I stepped down.

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Again, there is no verified information about whether Britney is pregnant or not. We are not entitled to that information until she decides to share. If that is even the case. :cackling_cackle_lol_what_unbelievable_disbelief_glasses_meme:

Publicly theorizing a PR strategy around an alleged pregnancy is inappropriate on several different levels, and at the base level, violates her privacy.

Locked. :arianabye_grande_drive_ariana_pull_away_car_van_kiss_wave_goodbye_leave_leaving:

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